Daily Archives: March 3, 2016

the negative vacuum

The other end is like the negative vacuum. The only way to get out of this is to have dealth with everything from within. A hard slog and yet doable with enough drive and gumption. Your circle of influence has a lot to do with getting through to the other side. That positiveness of like a two sided magnet. People who are too negatively geared will suck the climber dry. Of one of the positives hang around a negative geared person for too long that will attract others. The weight will pull the positive person back down into the negative area. To counter act this community support is offered. So the climber now has the option to enter the area and defeat their negatives. Sheading them with the support and cheering on of the positives. With the challengers, education, skills, actions, assistance, learning and just shear shine of their own personalities the positive guide those who action the changes through the small doors and through to the holding stalls. Now those holding stalls become familiar. Slowly the as the gladiator earns their lessons they also know the way to that holding stall. The comfort level in knowing the way to go has become established. Two things happen . To go forward or to stay or return back to where they have come from. Each day the choice is up to that gladiator. The door ways are there. As one closes the other opens. The eyes must become sensitive to the light and close therefor the familiar backward path is chosen. Or they eyes and other sentences see what is on the other side and take the steps towards opening that door themselves. For many left behind in the time they will see the gladiator moving forward. Either filled with glee or relief they may follow. The gladiator want to be the person on the other side . So they learn that only actions that get them through are being taken. Their ME’s are refilled with positive outcomes. Sometimes what initially seems hard to be lived with and sorted through are the real nuggets of gold upon the climb upwards.

Conversely, there will be times where the journey enters an oily patch. The vehicle spins out of control. Outcomes may have them teetering on the edge. The Y of the journey may get temporarily misconstrued. Lost, hidden. The community is there waiting to lend a hand. Should your need and want be something that you ask for assistance with? And even if you ask if the hand is not taken then how can they be of assistance. The Universal Energy will not have left you alone. Unless you fully choose to enter the void. Close yourself off from that beautiful effervescence of life beyond what you know if it now. What do you truly desire. Survival or life? A life of abundance starts from within. Close yourself off and that door is locked only by you. How then will you survive without the Universal energy flow now trapped on the outside?