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Limiting Negative

Why buy into limiting negative beliefs?

Many people still believe that persons living within the Autism Spectrum are not entirely capable. That limiting negative belief is then picked up and internalised on the child. Resulting in a slip sliding away effect where it now is compounded further. In late October

fearcannotbethedrivingforce-160x200 Limiting Negative
When limiting negative fears are not your driving force… what is?

In late October 2015 the internet began to talk about employers who were now speaking out and employing the “Autistic disabled peoples”. Correct me if I am wrong here: exploitation is exploitation no matter what people want to think.

For years, the people working their way up in the world had a secret that they could not speak out about. To some extent the knowledge of a difference between them and the others out there’ was kept a secret. A guilty secret where one would recognise the similarities of other.

The sharper the mind the easier it would have been to manipulate the other. One extra job to be done leads to an additional shift. Suddenly there is one less day to follow your real passion.

However now times and limiting negative beliefs are changing. 

So too are the workplaces becoming more flexible for people wanting a work for someone else. To be constantly Just Over Broke [aka a JOB].

onceyoumake-adecisiontheuniverseconspirestomakeithappenyes-160x200 Limiting Negative
Believe to act. Act to believe. Just make the decision and take action today to achieve your dream. Step by step

Yes, the employers enjoy people who have no self-worth. Many finding that while a autistic person may have days off here and there this is because of the focused energy spent trying to be loyal to the employer who has ‘dared to engage’ their services.

This workplace may be new and sparkling. The people are well trained. Over time others come in, and the system needs to retain your not to adapt. Possibly like “Ground Hog day” and over and over the loop is replayed.

Unless the employer is there in some form to keep the environment devoid of limiting negative concepts how will employees cope?  Will there be constant upgrades of behaviour management for everyone?

So how do you get off the merry-go-round

“Elementary my dear Watson”… you build your own destiny!  That will take guts, determination, stepping out boldly where no man has been before. Cause it’s yours and yours alone.  No-one can do this for you.

TheSixFigureMentorsCommunityTV-200x138 Limiting Negative
Welcome to this ever-increasing 24 /7 x 354 days a year developing community.

What they can do is be there for you as a support ground crew.  Mentors, Business

Consultants, Trainers A terrific Circle of Influence.  A community where you can only

emulate the positive aspects of what is going on around you.

Therefore, what is there to FEAR?

The shedding of your own limiting negative mindsets means owning up and recognising

you have them  in the first place.  Secondly  being prepared to get rid of the limiting negative fears. Thirdly to proactively build your Alternative Digital Reality by failing

JOINTODAYSFM-200x200 Limiting Negative
Make a decision.

forward and making mistakes.

Are you ready yet?  Good.  Then this is the button to push that gets you through to a complimentary phase one resource.  What every steps you next choose are up to you.

Where else would you have been considering what the limitation of ‘working in a ‘Just Over Broke’ employee situation have got you through to?

I will catch up on the other side. Cheers.


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Intensely Rewarding

What happens when we are prepared to research ideas before starting things up? Many people find that deep feeling of working on their own intensely rewarding. A major thing to become overly passionate about.

While some people set out to let everyone and their dog know what they are up too and when- along with all the little bits and pieces included. Others are more reserved.

Decidewhatyoureallywant-200x150 Intensely Rewarding
Decide what you really want , more than you are afraid of it. Then do it.

Appearing gruff or snobbish. When infact they simply need to be shown how to assimilate. Processing the steps one by one. Like a squirrel stocking up for a winter like no other.

Still there are far more people out there who will share this intensely rewarding time, the camaraderie and other indirect results as they respond to the proactive results from effort expended.

Finding introducing Justin Woolf Intensely rewarding

This is where Justin Woolf comes in handy. Justin’s a been there and done that kinda guy. A person who set out to achieve, has done so. One who finds an intensely rewarding satisfaction of knowing that what he shares will be used and utilized often.

Now as an essential part of the Elite’s and upwards leadership team training and support people. There for members to join and be guided with.

Justin’s role in joining the team behind the team is in a leadership role. Justin leadership lends itself to teach essential marketing and sales know-how plus the entrepreneurial mindset that results in resourceful innovation and effectively monetizing your passions.


While on the webinars with Justin there are included interactive Q & A [Questions and Answer] sessions to overcome specific challenges. Masterminds where Justin will interview top performer affiliates.  Therefore, the inside scoop is able to be got.

SixFigureMentorsthreenugetsframe-200x160 Intensely Rewarding
. The inside scoop is  gotten.

What an intensely rewarding scoop it is too.

The Elite Mastermind webinars currently occur twice a month. The second Tuesday and the last Tuesday of the month. Are you prepared for a turbocharged ride yet?  This intensely rewarding experience is open to people who have dared to take on the pre-training processes.  Further choosing  to go for a different level mindset challenge. Stepping into the monthly introduction subscription of $29.95 [US] with a 30-day review for everything! What is there to loose as there is a FULL 100% REFUND?

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Welcome Being proactive is Intensely rewarding

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some level attain

To some level attain your dream focus

Life is too short not to use it to the highest capacity. In a family care situation for most woman to find out whether they are capable of running a small business the a challenge beyond belief. Those that succeed to some level attain a degree of happiness that is their happiness level.

framedinpurplehowmybrainworks-200x162 some level attain
Make your mind up. There is no grey area between points with many people on the Autism Spectrum. We understand within our own concepts.

Broadly speaking where males see success in facts and figures… females view the world differently. A common held belief is that this difference is brought about through the females nesting instinct.  Another belief by partners after the child is born is “where did her brain go”? and ” When will she go back to normal?”

Well the simple answer is not matter how far advanced this new digital age is rushing forward to greet us. the biological components will overtake the ‘female’ parent. And logically the male components are learned and developed as well.  Both surfacing at odd times throughout the next parenting cycle years.

Sanity, at some level, attains a place in life again.

Whatever happens biologically will happen at some level. Attaining this understanding is a given fact of being human.

knowyourstory-liveyourstory-143x200 some level attain
“Know your story. Live your story & share your story’

What and how to protect, feed, clothe, educate  and have a family unit at some level show themselves in the choices made.  This influences the income methods chosen.  Like many people just to get all the basic survival needs satisfied ‘parents’ dreams often go by the wayside.  This self-sacrifice method is also passed down the generations.  Each one repeating the same as the others previous.

Will that ‘some level attainment’ be gotten only with a JOB?

Many jobs need people to be ‘sexual’ in their judgments and logically to follow the path one hop at a time. However when they are their own boss, some things are vastly different. Others the boss is locked into. Look at taxation time for instance. Either the books are logical, or there are services of a bookkeeper are engaged before the books go to an accountant.

At some level attainment in building a nest egg is aimed for.  Its about then that we found life was not as you ‘found it”. Life began when you went out and met “lifes full force” head on.

How often have you heard ” I needed a working computer and the drive to put what I wanted all together?” To take my life on. To create life on my own terms. Pick my old life up. Throw that old saggy life out. To step up. Action the drive to create the resources within. Make new memories.

prepareme-rightnow-400x75 some level attain
Up for a challenge?Prepare yourself.. Just Hit the link  –>

And Now. Right now, step out of that status quo. Start Here.  Next step are the four modules involving moving forward, making decisions while proactively putting into place your dream  Does this not sound familiar?

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Take advantage of the 30 day free trial. Honestly, I do not know how long this Free 30 Day Trial will be offered for.

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With Your Emails Apply What You Have Learned In Life

With Your Emails Apply What You Have learned In Life

If your were to truly want to communication, you would know it is a two-way process. So apply what you have learned in life. That is Politeness and presentation goes hand in hand with the integration of  trust levels.

Along with today’s fast developing technology and net-savy audience, people are looking for a charisma that begins before the other people ‘opens their mouth’.

Their search time may be drastically lessened when you have the information they are searching for. Yet, curiously people tend to be shy about sharing their email address. Wanting the information and updates without entering into a funnel.  Particularly a sales funnel

You might notice that people used to using the internet are more aware that that particular piece of information is out there on the net – somewhere! All that has to happen is the want to take the time to sift through and look for information without getting lost. Even if, what you have learned in life is that: with the internet research and social media sites combination things get in the way. Good intentions have had as much of a chance as an ice  cube staying in shape in the desert sun’. When they contact you and the automated response to that email response sent out their journey undertaken has now been lessened.

emails have a greater

cube staying in shape in the desert sun’. When they contact you and the automated response to that email response sent out their journey undertaken has now been lessened.

emails have a greater

Good manners and presentations still apply

Have a little bit more manners than others. People notice the difference.

When greeting people use what you have learned in life concerning the ‘getting to know you approach.’ People want to know that they can, and do, trust you. That the person individual, they know you as is actually who they say they are.

Untitled emails have a greater


To the point where to obtain a verified email is just the beginning of creating a person to person online relationship. Life teaches us that a verified email arriving into the inbox, and the speed of response, is important.  That means rather than be redirected by the bots tastes, and marketing trends, the emails have a greater chance to reach the reader. Again the user receiving what you have stated strengthens the “I am who I said I am” belief in you.

It’s the little things that count towards this development as well. Firstly, what you have learned in life is when the person received initially connects with you to have pop into the inbox, or a ‘ting’ sound on the mobile, signals someone cares enough to acknowledge you. Even if it is in the format of a preloaded instant reply. That verified Email Autoresponder is preset to send this out. When the receiver scans the email, they see your verified domain name signoff. Something that they may feel comfortable sending an emails response back to.

Now the report through the initial contact actions

Having an Email Autoresponder in with an associated domain name has become a useful tool in your apps and tool box. In reality being seen to be using an Email, Autoresponder has become an acceptable, necessary professional platform communication stepping stone recognized as a politeness long forgotten within the younger social media platforms.


no copy then

The second time was in late March / early April 2015. A friends husband is a technition. Neither of us really knew what we were doing as this was out of the experiene of both of us. that I knew was assisting me to understand the braodband compliance issues. Encouragesd to clear the site and start again I was slowly copying and pasting the Text script back into the files of the computer. Then the brilliant idea was to place things straight into the trash can. The next step was to go to the trash can and with what was there delete after the copy and pasting saves were completed.

Slight problem with working online is a small matter of instructional change verses a pattern brake. The previous working instructions were changed before the second person has been informed. Meanwhile a new action procedure was being followed. The results were many 404 pages and posts when the post and pages go into the trash can they will be deleted. Okay so they got deleted slightly earlier that I would have chosen them to be as the other person was now online. Seeing the posts and pages there decided to assist so was then deleting them for me!

Needless to say there was no copy then of those posts and pages

takes one to know one

My own sentiments are similar to Amy Mahoney in that takes one to know one. Amys, son, is a non-verbal autistic person. Me, I am in the High Functioning end. Somewhere. Yet where ever this spot is in the quicksand of thought these sentiments are familiar to me. About as usual as pink elastic in a frying pan at times though!  You see a challenge was what to do for employment.  At fifty-five there I was healing from a massive work related overload.  I was female and over 40.  Now that handle is over thirty-five years of age.  Under-employed and unemployable. After all who in their right mind would higher someone with more attitude than most passive, disillusioned broken employees?

Although sometimes  I really struggle with things others simply pick up on, and away they go…  Well, those subconscious mind blockages are daunting.

So too is the sheer determination that at 55 years learning something like affiliate marketing is just not going to beat me.

Amy’s statement, by the way, is that ‘Once you ‘live the life’ you pick up on things. Amy is in part a participatory onlooker. Yet often it takes one to know one. That deep inner connection is there somewhere. For why else would someone connect within something like this. The simple logic is that diabetics understand some of the issues of diabetics. Alcoholics with alcoholics. E-commerce entrepreneurs know what it takes and who’s got what it takes to engage and activate an e-commerce platform.

Oh yes I truly understand the need to constantly be relearning what was familar to you last time you used the process.  In other words it takes one to know one!

And yet there I was with the belief that I was incomplete and not good enough. A ‘B/Shit’ mindset trap.  >>> Learning by mistakes

Over the weekend just past I was at a Momentum day in Melbourne. The Six Figure Mentors run this once a year and those within the DownUnder group turning up. Have a blast and just kick Arse! Anyway, Stuart, one of the co-founders came out with a ‘new’ term. “B/shit” Whatever holds you back is now termed “B/Shit.” For myself it’s taken a while to get to where I am now. Cognitively joining the dots.<<<<< a double check to see other posts  Keeping focuses on one step at a time.


LINK>>> how far along that learning curve

That my friends are where when Autism is seen as a gift, things go forward. These steps may to many seem insignificant. However, the next cycles first meltdowns, and then the overwhelms of learning an entirely new field. Where with some help others within the community threw lifelines. While others literally put themselves in the water and swam life a life-guard does. Right near you, but not smothering you. And sometimes even then In other words it takes one to know one!

The strange thing is that with these people, they have past your safety blockades. They are within your inner circle and often they do not even know it. And you trust them explicitly.

My own sentiments to whatever excuse you have today for not coming and checking out the digital training many people [ myself included] are using to gain traction within their alternative digital lifestyle e-commerce situation would be “B/shit.”


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

contact-me-1000-x-200 takes one to know one
Introduce yourself and contact me


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digital disaster

A Confidence And The Courage To Choose To Make The Choice

With a confidence and the courage to know to say no that came from life lesson, one more  digital disaster was averted.


With a little background knowledge  mixed with the upskilling and training modules opening up a twenty-four hour 24 hours  based training and communumity ibarary and forum,

Simply by following all the previous instructions, it took me a while managing to make a screenshot video. Having the video then enabled the Digital Business Lounge technicians no time at all to pinpoint where I was going off track.

Return screenshots



One of the challenges that are present with my form of autism is a learning gap. Where you learn, see and do. It’s fine for a while. Then the information hits a bottleneck period. Information gets all jumbled around. And finally one little thing lets the flood of information through to the long term memory database. While the mass sorting and memory bank filing is going on the overwhelm has been and gone.

Thankfully, through learning from mistakes, the vast gap had incredibly shortened in its time of need. Indeed, the situation had then become a three-way win situation. No one had to fix much. What needed to be fixed I had learned and was aware that the back office knew me well enough to explain should any further explanation be needed.

Should you have, any questions reach out through this contact page.


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What Quality Of Commitment Is

What Quality of Commitment ?

Everything all depends on what quality of commitment level are you on. Commitment is the most critical step as we get out of something only what we put into it.

How hard we work. How late we stay up working on money producing ideas means there is an extension to what we will endure. What frustrations and road blocks are we placing in front of our own journey if the pathway we choose to take uses the distant world says that have little [ or no] relevance for what is happening now in our lives. How can the inability to turn on a switch have an impact of what we are doing with writing a blog post or posting a video?

A lot of what quality if commitment is….

The simple answer is “A Lot” At some stage the computer battery will run down. That is a given factor in the life of any battery. When this battery is you ‘life’ battery then there is a greater stress situation. Not to recharge is a ‘no life’ with what you are doing.

howmybrainswitchesbetweenthings-200x129 What Quality Of Commitment Is
With Autistic poeple – such as myself – it seems that everything is ON or OFF. Little grey areas as possible

Here to help you find added education value packages that are known to assist people with their journey road.  They definitely have been a ‘life saver’ within my own knowledge base. My social media had become a flatline.  And not knowing what to do about it after years of researching in came an email.  I clicked and not having any fundamental basis got swamped with all the information that had been looked for.  My suggestion is that take things one bite at a time.  Information digests better that way.

When the need is there, people seek them out. Going on to enjoy the training of what is used. By asking questions and gradually integrating the use of that education platform with the training they have received.

knowing what quality of commitment is expected…

Something very similar to the circle of life. You too can pass the DEA upskilling, training and knowledge links on. In the form of funnies, emails, visuals including video creations, basic training concepts. Even places of interest for your readers. And a series of resources along the way.

Once your emails bot has received and placed the first email in the correct inbox the email messages will arrive ever four days. Now that you have received, opened and shared the first one, just carry on as this is a terrific help for the smiles who need to escape.

begin-an-alternative-digital-lifestyle-133x200 What Quality Of Commitment Is
Start Silver Level training with the Digital Experts Academy Right Here!

Register here:

 Start here with the

 Digital  Skills

Platform for



When there is that quality of commitment at both ends:

The preliminary video series will arrive in your email box after you have read the information outlining what it is you are signing through for. Plese do this step. The resources you receive are a complementary video series. Again this outlines the basics of the topic used as an example. That of marketing. Primarily sales funnels. Although considered a necessary evil to understand everything, you want people to read, see or do in fact is a sales funnel. The results sort all depends on the quality of commitment from yourself reflecting on the interest and commitment to following through of the viewer.

Why what a quality of comment works for people.

Firstly there is the pricing that works for you. When you get all the Marketing and sales funnel tools you need for one price under one roof, you get the most for your money – really. From any training. Education, and the upskilling company that raises the usability bar in the level of commitment being offered to you and anyone else.

In case you missed the link above :

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As always perform due diligence before buying any goods and services from anyone before you purchase offline or through the internet.

Your results will differ from Susan Lewis’s disclosures as the hard work, and your effort that you put in will be different from Susan’s. Therefore, no guarantees of your results will be made.


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say sensible people

As grandma used to say, “sensible people are status quo! Why be as they say?” Sensible people believe that creative people are leaders. That logical thinking people are leaders. The difference is the intrinsic lateral thinking method of leadership each individual person is capable of, needs to be brought out. Utilized and then magnified in order to obtain the needed results desired.

Is total focus a feature of sensible people?
Okay! Yesterday the completion of what is to be the very first PDF ever created, by me, was achieved. Once everything was in place it only took a few pushes of a button.

Having seen many PDF’s, downloaded them, read them and stored them away at times, the PDF idea seemed so complex. In a way frightening. One more cost to be absorbed on a low income as i am workingtowards an alternative digital lifestyle.

Over the last year one thing that kept intriguing me was what seemed like the possibility of writing an e-book may just becoming true. Now this was becoming much more of a reality. The simple explanation is that through this community the examples of blogging were being explained. Seems strange and yet quite true. Members of this communiy share. That sharing helps propel other members who are ready to gain ground, and be moving forward. Which is quite anazing say sensable people. In total disbelief these same people cast double and after a while they too have fallen by the wayside


There were unexpected sink holes all over the place.

Coming into the support business behind the community there were level options. I chose the one that allowed me to find my ME. Thankfully through this training level chosen a group of us went through.


[look into our own selves]


*With regards to analysing everything to find out the commonality of success.

Went into autistic meltdowns and overloads. Nothing I was reading was written the same. Therefore, how could you duplicate the success others were having? What was the use of focusing on the written word system blogging was creating.. Typically to say sensible people do not have an autistic focused activity coming through.maybe that was true. However, one that ended up being useful was a strategy towards the creating of the Autism network. This network is reaching out through the Autism communities the world over. Initially through the online networks.

Knowing what it is to be lost within a world that is just there. Involves yet alone and moving past you at a fat rate is a speciality of mine. How do I express this so that people can understand? Some of the criterium were : Without causing direct pain. Must be viewable all over the broadbands. Must be short enough for people to time manage at a glimpse. Still working on this aspect though.

Yet there were other things about the writing

Yes as to be expected there are words out of place. It’sd funny looking back ion this as the OCD perfection part of m had always been let down through the inability to spell. Grammar came a second best in this area.



dyslexic has

It’s a toss from having to choose was it the platinum level I wanted to go though or the black level.