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a dream creation

In early life we were allowed to dream and create a dream creation.  People would ask “what will you be when you grow up?”  Once someone asked that  to a friends child and the answer was so straight forward and simple it was hard to keep a straight face.

onceyoumake-adecisiontheuniverseconspirestomakeithappenyes-160x200 a dream creation
Believe to act. Act to believe. Just make the decision and take action today to achieve your dream. Step by step

“Older”  was the answer.  So glad it was not ‘wiser’ as that would have been a big ask.  Although as the computers are fast surpassing even Artificial Intelligence I am no longer trying hard not to smile. Older may well be the only thing left to be when our grandchildren have grown into adulthood.

Or the other answer could be “Unemployed”.  And this too seems to be a more truthful answer than a few years ago.

A dream creation of independence

What about being “Independent”.  Now this has a certain appeal. During 2005 parents were already preparing their children’s social media profile.  ‘Babies tweeting’ tweets.  Creating followers. The idea behind that was to give these budding entrepreneurs a head start in their parents financial  dream creations for that child.

Sometimes A Dream Creation starts years before the apps and Tools are ready to be designed and built.

In a local preschool and child care centre  in the early 2000’s computers with child programs were being used by the children under care.  How to color in. Drawing basic pictures.  Nothing like the tools and apps that these same children are using on their phone apps now.

Ageism is not a consideration with a dream creation

For many people in their late forties to sixties, children are finally living way from home. Leaveing the older computers and other caste off equipment there.

All the homework help triumphs and tragidiges your children required you came out thinking you know nothing. Techinology has changed so rapidly.

How do people make their own e-cards?  So many photos and so little uses for them. How to write an ebook?  What to write in the ebook?  Achieve a dream in totality and still need to have some delicious fun.

The internet just reaches past time and date and even county borders.  Where sometimes this is an inconvenience  as people are asleep whenever I needed their help.  To achieve my dream in totality I still needed to have some delicious fun Marketing-tools-200x160 a dream creationwith the Digital Business Lounge tools.  Live the GraphixCreator.  Now that I have begun mastering the SimplyTrakk, the tidyURL and even having fun with the GraphixCreator going forward seems strange. Satisfying and supported.

Like I referred to having that 6figurementors community, and back office support has given me tremendous social value.  So I am using their tools.  Some of which have been mentioned. Definitely seen as they are marketing apps and tools used within this posts visuals.It seems strange as I never wanted to trust direct debts occurring.

It seems strange as I never wanted to trust direct debts occurring.    And yet here I am spending $97.00 [US] a month and a set of tools that are getting results in that they are easy to create. Just in repurposing the photos taken some time ago, right up to now, means the tools are easy to use and there is a lot of fun in creating, tracking, using, writing and even sending out to family on my family list.  And those  special occasions are less forgotten about as  the family and friends  individually have  a card and other things sent out on an auto-responder.  Family and friends just get an email letter .

And those  special occasions are less forgotten about as  the family and friends  individually have  a card and other things sent out on an auto-responder.  Family and friends just get a email letter .

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A bit obvious I want your attention just then right?.

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Your life moving forward


Live Your life moving forward
There is more to life than being happy. Yet sometimes to live your life moving forward means learning from life experience.

Childhood experiences and personality are just some of the basis of how each and every one of us adapt our behaviour management challenges. Challenging life experiences A passion project for every one involved. Social Worth.

You may agree or disagree with the statement : There most inportanting thing within life is to gain a foothold of continuium of excelence, influence and change

* Simple steps in moving forward how to transform life Create a list 10 real life experiences to accumplish . Call this list the begining of your bucket list if you so desire.

steps in moving forward


*how to transform your marketing from the personal into the business capacity


On the off chance that your personal bucket list has more life, energy and radiance than the what you see in the business you own you have two choices. Get out or the second is change. Bring new life within the business. These two reflective states happen often enough during the objective reviews people are surprised at the this developmental facet.

Now there is a passion project for everyone involved. One that has both your personality and life force behind it. Because it is an extended part of you what now is the social worth value? Once again you are moving forward.