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And those dreams are made

And those dreams are made ….

To be considered “Normal” never entered the equation as everything that ‘I’ ever did was normal my myself and usually by friends as well..

In part the challenge faced was finally recognised. part of me had not groen up. Still childlike the autistic child within had recerted and hidden during a tine of great cricis. As many Autistic adults find this growth may occur later in life. My case not until my early fifties could I begin to sort out why people thought things were weird. I knew it was different biut that was Me and i was notmal!

One of the reguirements in a BootCamp was to sort out a few things. These took time . Not just an hours but several months.

The exercise was a simple one. However, due to the not compling with several compounding external factors what I had moved into was not going ahead. The basics of any venture does need a solid, and at times flexible foundation. With several external pressures something had to give. The ability to sort things out gave in that it had to be dealt with first.

In order to the first thing there needed to be a first to do thing sorted out. The outcomes were that the focus pulled through and helped deleiver the goods. Not on time yet the delivery was smooth and when needed the most.
Then something happened to cause concern. The single line commemt that stated ” list the 10 closest influeces in you life. Answer a few questions. Add up what you believe to be the income. Divide by 10 and there is you circle of influence. ”

Not the people themselves. But the mindset of the people who were accepting what they were given in life. Not what they fort tooth and nail for. Took risks. Calculated or not they took the gut feelings and made “something of the outcome.”

Leave the complacency in such statements as ”

But hey! the last few years have been one treadmill after another for so many people on the wage treadmill.” You want a life? To send the rest of your days as you are now?

Or, have you another busket list yet to be totally filled out and achieved?

Which to choose: Adventure or complacency. Does it really matter once you have sorted out inside the mindset? So many doors open up when you open up, clean out and find that you have grown out of the shell during the clean out. As though your mind had finally expanded beyond your wildest dreams.

Have you the time to hunt for that new you? Or will that happen along the way as those dreams are made >

Check out the video series that helped countless of people come through the mindset aplication changer.