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why mistakes and learning

If you’re wondering why mistakes and learning are so serious to have in your life, consider this: each and every one of them helps develop your character. The two extremes are a person who just gives up and walks away. Or they grit and grind the teeth while digging their heals in. In both cases – and somewhere in between- all the while listening to no one as the other people do not understand what they thinking, achieving and just “not getting them”. Welcome to the silent abilities of the Autistic Spectrum world.

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Employers keep you busy. Are you being self-productive ?

Many crave a something somewhere existence, just so that they can have the JOB and pay the bills. Life is too short to miss the independence gold nuggets scattered all throughout. From the growing up years. Through the caring of the other years. Somewhere between here and the time where others take on the care. Since most may have been missed what will happen now?

Why Mistakes and Learning may be intensely rewarding?

Being desperate enough to really listen to the need to learn rather than the want to do something perfect … well when the time is ready the teacher will come. Now the pupil will have less choice and more options.  The choices to make are ones that have been, and are proven.  And this restriction in choice sees results that may become intensely rewarding.

To some level attaining why mistakes and learning happen is good

And, at other times, people really do not want to know.  The need to know in order to change a few things here and there will be there.

Just waiting in the wings.  As we all know… change can be a fearsome thing. Belief factors alter and then so do we have to follow through.

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Tight now this may be where you are up too. What is your push button for you to make that change.

 Limiting negative beliefs are a positive with why mistakes and learning happen.

Again the adoption of another procedure for life experiences had to be learned. And quickly. Slowly, once again you either overcompensated or simply began to hide you skills and talents away, just to be the same as someone else limiting negative FEAR beliefs may begin to take hold.

And of course, to be kept ‘safe’ within your independent chosen group. Many of us are artistic in some manner. As technology has taken over the time and the paint has been stored in the corner, the creation of digital art programmes is what some of this extended family are into. While most of us just like sharing things on the net. Having the upskilling to make our own visuals is complimentary to each person’s individual dream

How to repurpose a lifetime of mistakes and learning.

Many countries seem to have BootCamp for this or that on their cable television program

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This Link will get your through to the information.

selections. A BootCamp for weight Loss.  A survivor’s BootCamp. A raising the children BootCamp. How to act like a Gentleman or a Lady BootCamp. The lists go on.

This BootCamp is via a video resource.  There are seven videos. View them.  Through the one that fires your belief, while grabbing hold of your imagination, follow the lead.

Other people may state” as simple as that”.  However, with my autism flaring up that imagination took hold and I watched every video, checked every piece of document and finally got to the BootCamp.  Only to go back and do this all over again.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 why mistakes and learningMy suggestion to you is restrain yourself.  Follow your gut instinct.  Build on that belief.

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