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transform your marketing

Do you want to transform your marketing to show be your most authentic and best self? As an entrepreneur, your mind is your greatest asset ( which is why most leaders include the personal bucket list creation) Success depends on being creative and keeping ahead of the game – declutter –  to transform your marketing training from the personal approach into the business capacity …..

The subliminal belief seems to be that time is running out and that could be a problem because how can a person be creative with a time clock ticking away.
Crossing off things on your bucket list makes people feel better. In this post Susan Lewis shows you how each step of the way takes another step from the closets comfort zone door as you open up..

However, as an entrepreneur your bucket list becomes value packed with extra extensions. Each activity being perfectly positioned as an inclusive addition to life in whichever lane you most desire. For instance 2014 the Inaugural Sydney Momentum Day included more than rocking up and attending.  The fact that from the moment the thought appeared a virtual time machine button was pushed.

Lists transform your marketing training

Bucket lists transform your marketing training to life experiences because each item has to be actioned to become true experiences.  Make the 101 Bucket list today.

Later today:

Now that you have made the bucket list… short list it. Visualise the  one that is the pivotal point. The oner everything else works towards. That pivotal point date of expiry is three years from now! Think of building a house.  Land is purchased, plans are drawn and submitted. Materials brought, Tenders received or do it yourself courses taken.  Finally the house is built.

Do you activate every step of the way or leave your vision up in the clouds.  Be here to celebrate beginning of a new bucket list as you’ve begun to move in!

doorsopen transform your marketing
Open the doors for transition

Everything else is in that bucket list involves your ‘ your life experiences and achievements ‘ What has a house to do with marketing.  This house analogy involves marketing.  Someone sells you the block of land .. and then you make the plans… Your fulfilling their dream by developing your future around their dream.  Like a job is.

Option two… you know what you want look for the land until its the right one found. Right now you know in your gut instinct that this is it.  The garage goes there, the granny flat out the back.  The kitchen faces the … master bedroom looks out on… Your vision formed around the bucket list pivotal item.  Your future lifestyle.  That part of you that needed to be found, explored and possibly dug out. That front door opens into…

Seeing this list created may transform your marketing angle

SusanLewisandLogo transform your marketingVisualize how to create business success  as you transform your marketing from a place of inspired strength and calm. Be committed to help other build their own ‘house ‘ of their future by joining the only private community I finally found that understands how much joy there is in completing just that.

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One of the best things to transform your marketing outcomes is the belief that  bucket list number one was all about creating extraordinary shifts in your mindset so you could blaze a trail of personal and business success.