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defined acceptable

Increased knowledge based through learning how to cope with a strong supportive community behind you, shows there are increasing defined acceptable levels of connected learning patterns happening. After several failed attempts improving the quality of the WordPress101 onto user friendly base for both the viewers and the user allows for a better knowledge base to develop.

Digial Business Lounges hosts the WordPress101 sites. The support, and the technical team, behind the simple set of integrated tools have suppprt, a fotum platform and a trainingg library available.
Twice since the beginning of the WordPress101 susanlewismarketing, the site hosted on the Digital Business lounge the site has been wiped clean. Thus causing a load of 404 messages that after a year are still being dealt with. And a tonne of mental anguish. At that point knowing how to check 404 errors page was something quite new. Over time the fact that would grow with familiarity as time went by was unthought iof as well. What has become apparent was the need to have a support team that knew how affiliate marketing worked as well as the requiremnents an Affiliate marketing site would need as a foundational support infrastructure mechanism. Secondly to learn how to cope with these issues has raised its head several times between then and now. Progressivly knowing that when certain signals, or signs, of increased prevalence where 404 references are showing up as people are digging through the analytics is picking up traffic the time is right there and then to correct things. Be they through social media sites or certain blog posts are seen on the search engine, or in the tools widgets.

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And this is where the frustrating thing is. There are many 404’s out there. Messages that when someone would like to read the content they click on the page or posts URL and there is no page or post! Instead there is a 404 notice

The platforms allow you to share the posts . To do this effectively people write a piece of descriptive content that is attached to the posts link.