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Limiting Negative

Why buy into limiting negative beliefs?

Many people still believe that persons living within the Autism Spectrum are not entirely capable. That limiting negative belief is then picked up and internalised on the child. Resulting in a slip sliding away effect where it now is compounded further. In late October

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When limiting negative fears are not your driving force… what is?

In late October 2015 the internet began to talk about employers who were now speaking out and employing the “Autistic disabled peoples”. Correct me if I am wrong here: exploitation is exploitation no matter what people want to think.

For years, the people working their way up in the world had a secret that they could not speak out about. To some extent the knowledge of a difference between them and the others out there’ was kept a secret. A guilty secret where one would recognise the similarities of other.

The sharper the mind the easier it would have been to manipulate the other. One extra job to be done leads to an additional shift. Suddenly there is one less day to follow your real passion.

However now times and limiting negative beliefs are changing. 

So too are the workplaces becoming more flexible for people wanting a work for someone else. To be constantly Just Over Broke [aka a JOB].

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Believe to act. Act to believe. Just make the decision and take action today to achieve your dream. Step by step

Yes, the employers enjoy people who have no self-worth. Many finding that while a autistic person may have days off here and there this is because of the focused energy spent trying to be loyal to the employer who has ‘dared to engage’ their services.

This workplace may be new and sparkling. The people are well trained. Over time others come in, and the system needs to retain your not to adapt. Possibly like “Ground Hog day” and over and over the loop is replayed.

Unless the employer is there in some form to keep the environment devoid of limiting negative concepts how will employees cope?  Will there be constant upgrades of behaviour management for everyone?

So how do you get off the merry-go-round

“Elementary my dear Watson”… you build your own destiny!  That will take guts, determination, stepping out boldly where no man has been before. Cause it’s yours and yours alone.  No-one can do this for you.

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Welcome to this ever-increasing 24 /7 x 354 days a year developing community.

What they can do is be there for you as a support ground crew.  Mentors, Business

Consultants, Trainers A terrific Circle of Influence.  A community where you can only

emulate the positive aspects of what is going on around you.

Therefore, what is there to FEAR?

The shedding of your own limiting negative mindsets means owning up and recognising

you have them  in the first place.  Secondly  being prepared to get rid of the limiting negative fears. Thirdly to proactively build your Alternative Digital Reality by failing

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Make a decision.

forward and making mistakes.

Are you ready yet?  Good.  Then this is the button to push that gets you through to a complimentary phase one resource.  What every steps you next choose are up to you.

Where else would you have been considering what the limitation of ‘working in a ‘Just Over Broke’ employee situation have got you through to?

I will catch up on the other side. Cheers.


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