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takes one to know one

My own sentiments are similar to Amy Mahoney in that takes one to know one. Amys, son, is a non-verbal autistic person. Me, I am in the High Functioning end. Somewhere. Yet where ever this spot is in the quicksand of thought these sentiments are familiar to me. About as usual as pink elastic in a frying pan at times though!  You see a challenge was what to do for employment.  At fifty-five there I was healing from a massive work related overload.  I was female and over 40.  Now that handle is over thirty-five years of age.  Under-employed and unemployable. After all who in their right mind would higher someone with more attitude than most passive, disillusioned broken employees?

Although sometimes  I really struggle with things others simply pick up on, and away they go…  Well, those subconscious mind blockages are daunting.

So too is the sheer determination that at 55 years learning something like affiliate marketing is just not going to beat me.

Amy’s statement, by the way, is that ‘Once you ‘live the life’ you pick up on things. Amy is in part a participatory onlooker. Yet often it takes one to know one. That deep inner connection is there somewhere. For why else would someone connect within something like this. The simple logic is that diabetics understand some of the issues of diabetics. Alcoholics with alcoholics. E-commerce entrepreneurs know what it takes and who’s got what it takes to engage and activate an e-commerce platform.

Oh yes I truly understand the need to constantly be relearning what was familar to you last time you used the process.  In other words it takes one to know one!

And yet there I was with the belief that I was incomplete and not good enough. A ‘B/Shit’ mindset trap.  >>> Learning by mistakes

Over the weekend just past I was at a Momentum day in Melbourne. The Six Figure Mentors run this once a year and those within the DownUnder group turning up. Have a blast and just kick Arse! Anyway, Stuart, one of the co-founders came out with a ‘new’ term. “B/shit” Whatever holds you back is now termed “B/Shit.” For myself it’s taken a while to get to where I am now. Cognitively joining the dots.<<<<< a double check to see other posts  Keeping focuses on one step at a time.


LINK>>> how far along that learning curve

That my friends are where when Autism is seen as a gift, things go forward. These steps may to many seem insignificant. However, the next cycles first meltdowns, and then the overwhelms of learning an entirely new field. Where with some help others within the community threw lifelines. While others literally put themselves in the water and swam life a life-guard does. Right near you, but not smothering you. And sometimes even then In other words it takes one to know one!

The strange thing is that with these people, they have past your safety blockades. They are within your inner circle and often they do not even know it. And you trust them explicitly.

My own sentiments to whatever excuse you have today for not coming and checking out the digital training many people [ myself included] are using to gain traction within their alternative digital lifestyle e-commerce situation would be “B/shit.”


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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