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digital disaster

A Confidence And The Courage To Choose To Make The Choice

With a confidence and the courage to know to say no that came from life lesson, one more  digital disaster was averted.


With a little background knowledge  mixed with the upskilling and training modules opening up a twenty-four hour 24 hours  based training and communumity ibarary and forum,

Simply by following all the previous instructions, it took me a while managing to make a screenshot video. Having the video then enabled the Digital Business Lounge technicians no time at all to pinpoint where I was going off track.

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One of the challenges that are present with my form of autism is a learning gap. Where you learn, see and do. It’s fine for a while. Then the information hits a bottleneck period. Information gets all jumbled around. And finally one little thing lets the flood of information through to the long term memory database. While the mass sorting and memory bank filing is going on the overwhelm has been and gone.

Thankfully, through learning from mistakes, the vast gap had incredibly shortened in its time of need. Indeed, the situation had then become a three-way win situation. No one had to fix much. What needed to be fixed I had learned and was aware that the back office knew me well enough to explain should any further explanation be needed.

Should you have, any questions reach out through this contact page.


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What Quality Of Commitment Is

What Quality of Commitment ?

Everything all depends on what quality of commitment level are you on. Commitment is the most critical step as we get out of something only what we put into it.

How hard we work. How late we stay up working on money producing ideas means there is an extension to what we will endure. What frustrations and road blocks are we placing in front of our own journey if the pathway we choose to take uses the distant world says that have little [ or no] relevance for what is happening now in our lives. How can the inability to turn on a switch have an impact of what we are doing with writing a blog post or posting a video?

A lot of what quality if commitment is….

The simple answer is “A Lot” At some stage the computer battery will run down. That is a given factor in the life of any battery. When this battery is you ‘life’ battery then there is a greater stress situation. Not to recharge is a ‘no life’ with what you are doing.

howmybrainswitchesbetweenthings-200x129 What Quality Of Commitment Is
With Autistic poeple – such as myself – it seems that everything is ON or OFF. Little grey areas as possible

Here to help you find added education value packages that are known to assist people with their journey road.  They definitely have been a ‘life saver’ within my own knowledge base. My social media had become a flatline.  And not knowing what to do about it after years of researching in came an email.  I clicked and not having any fundamental basis got swamped with all the information that had been looked for.  My suggestion is that take things one bite at a time.  Information digests better that way.

When the need is there, people seek them out. Going on to enjoy the training of what is used. By asking questions and gradually integrating the use of that education platform with the training they have received.

knowing what quality of commitment is expected…

Something very similar to the circle of life. You too can pass the DEA upskilling, training and knowledge links on. In the form of funnies, emails, visuals including video creations, basic training concepts. Even places of interest for your readers. And a series of resources along the way.

Once your emails bot has received and placed the first email in the correct inbox the email messages will arrive ever four days. Now that you have received, opened and shared the first one, just carry on as this is a terrific help for the smiles who need to escape.

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Start Silver Level training with the Digital Experts Academy Right Here!

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When there is that quality of commitment at both ends:

The preliminary video series will arrive in your email box after you have read the information outlining what it is you are signing through for. Plese do this step. The resources you receive are a complementary video series. Again this outlines the basics of the topic used as an example. That of marketing. Primarily sales funnels. Although considered a necessary evil to understand everything, you want people to read, see or do in fact is a sales funnel. The results sort all depends on the quality of commitment from yourself reflecting on the interest and commitment to following through of the viewer.

Why what a quality of comment works for people.

Firstly there is the pricing that works for you. When you get all the Marketing and sales funnel tools you need for one price under one roof, you get the most for your money – really. From any training. Education, and the upskilling company that raises the usability bar in the level of commitment being offered to you and anyone else.

In case you missed the link above :

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