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say sensible people

As grandma used to say, “sensible people are status quo! Why be as they say?” Sensible people believe that creative people are leaders. That logical thinking people are leaders. The difference is the intrinsic lateral thinking method of leadership each individual person is capable of, needs to be brought out. Utilized and then magnified in order to obtain the needed results desired.

Is total focus a feature of sensible people?
Okay! Yesterday the completion of what is to be the very first PDF ever created, by me, was achieved. Once everything was in place it only took a few pushes of a button.

Having seen many PDF’s, downloaded them, read them and stored them away at times, the PDF idea seemed so complex. In a way frightening. One more cost to be absorbed on a low income as i am workingtowards an alternative digital lifestyle.

Over the last year one thing that kept intriguing me was what seemed like the possibility of writing an e-book may just becoming true. Now this was becoming much more of a reality. The simple explanation is that through this community the examples of blogging were being explained. Seems strange and yet quite true. Members of this communiy share. That sharing helps propel other members who are ready to gain ground, and be moving forward. Which is quite anazing say sensable people. In total disbelief these same people cast double and after a while they too have fallen by the wayside


There were unexpected sink holes all over the place.

Coming into the support business behind the community there were level options. I chose the one that allowed me to find my ME. Thankfully through this training level chosen a group of us went through.


[look into our own selves]


*With regards to analysing everything to find out the commonality of success.

Went into autistic meltdowns and overloads. Nothing I was reading was written the same. Therefore, how could you duplicate the success others were having? What was the use of focusing on the written word system blogging was creating.. Typically to say sensible people do not have an autistic focused activity coming through.maybe that was true. However, one that ended up being useful was a strategy towards the creating of the Autism network. This network is reaching out through the Autism communities the world over. Initially through the online networks.

Knowing what it is to be lost within a world that is just there. Involves yet alone and moving past you at a fat rate is a speciality of mine. How do I express this so that people can understand? Some of the criterium were : Without causing direct pain. Must be viewable all over the broadbands. Must be short enough for people to time manage at a glimpse. Still working on this aspect though.

Yet there were other things about the writing

Yes as to be expected there are words out of place. It’sd funny looking back ion this as the OCD perfection part of m had always been let down through the inability to spell. Grammar came a second best in this area.



dyslexic has

It’s a toss from having to choose was it the platinum level I wanted to go though or the black level.