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learning by mistakes

Learning By Mistakes – Learning By Mistakes Needs Focus! Are You Prepared Yet For What This Life Brings You?

Before you run off – learning by mistakes – put your life on hold for a minute. Time to concentrate on the focus needed to get through the to the better times. Those constant ‘learning by mistakes‘ frustrations before they become too overwhelming.

susan-lewis-05-160x200 learning by mistakes
Susan Lewis

Especially the ones that simply constantly drive people crazy!  Until the time comes when the life that is lived is the life that connects to you.  The life you want!

Be open to learning by mistakes

To run micro-business people know they will be learning by the mistakes of other people.  Reactions to mistakes.  And making just a few more bloopers themself. [ often] Yet they are still prepared to make one after the other to move forward while building out that alternative digital lifestyle?

Once that move is made, and the digital training platform is found  what is stopping those people moving forward that one module at a time. At their own pace. Their own speed. 

PTSS is a life of learning by mistakes 

Now think about a person who is in the same learning by their mistakes predicament. Add to this an entire relearning situation to overcome as happened when a  gravel truck imploded into the van. A full ‘clock out’ and ‘lock down’ into thirty-one years of lost memories occurred. Officially  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome occurred. Which meant while that PTSS was in charge of the brain there was no need to head towards official relearning through educational institutions. Just relearning to do everyday tasks was overwhelming enough.

Learnt was that life is there for more than solely to inform, persuade and become educated. Life is there to live.

Take learning by mistakes a few steps further

Hopefully we’ve all been learning by mistakes that life is here to live, laugh and love with. To have time together as you get older. Especially with a  “make hay while the sun shines” attitude that craves a love of life.  Something that to many people overlook.

I’ve known entire families, siblings, and even rivals, join together to combine their alternative digital life skills and syndication processes.  Effectively reducing the stress, yet spending more time with family socializing and having fun once the initial basis had been formed.

It really is amazing learning by mistakes

How amazing is it going to be proving to yourself that you too can shoot for the best you can be even when learning by mistakes? Then turn towards your next target! Make sure your share this surprise with your family and friends along the way.

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Look back at those learning by mistakes moments of clarity.

Learning by mistakes is an interesting concept.  One that has lead me into many different ways of doing the same thing.  At least life has a positive hum about it!

Looking back often the emphasis has been on three  things.  Yes Firstly to the love for all things.  Which has proven to be a challenge.  Secondly, taking what I did not know I was good at and merging it with something else.  As an instance the love of color, vibrancy and energy seen and experienced  in everyday life.  Remeshing this into the pictures formed in people’s minds.  Both through the graphix and more recently the words communicated.    Thirdly, The picture creations that lead to changes within the graphics spread back through the choices of words used.  particularly noted were how people reacted to words.  Included in this were the different variations of tone and quite attitudes within myself that seeped through the words used.

The community that helped bring these awarenesses out into my daily life where there was room to help others who ‘landed’ into the Post traumatic Shock Syndrome of “Forgotteness” That is people who just simply have no memory of something.  For me what went missing was the first thirty-one years of my life.

Where to now with the learning by mistakes

As was pointed out the World Needs this ” I need to find out who I was! With that piece of the invisible JigSaw put together and new puzzle is created. The Jig-saw puzzle that involves a future is built on who I am now” information.  And so the community stood by and mentored me through into a space where I had clarity of thought.

All the mentoring and the online trainings, educations, as well as the encouragement to take on new challenges, while facing the old ones have worked as well…. To the point where you have continued to read this post.

I’ve attached a link that was the gateway into finding my ME. My Experiences gained through learning by mistakes.