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look into our own selves

look into our own selves

There were unexpected sink holes all over the place.

Coming into the support business behind the community there were level options. I chose the one that allowed me to find my ME. Thankfully through this training level chosen a group of us went through.
Taking the necessary time. Looking deep into our ownselves. That hurt. Really hurt. To annayse myself had been easy previously. My me simply was falling through the sink holes in time. There were thin layers covering layers. To go deep and then deal with what was realsed was fearful. Suring???????????? which the result was like turning around and finding another you within you. A stalking stranger that had been dogging your shadow in the mists of time. One perminently attached sucking up your energy to feed itself.

I spoke about the want that turned in to a need. Creating pictures. Something all people can feel the textures of . Even with the discription with the picture descrin box havingas detailed explaination within as the people viewing the descriotion either are blind and are wanting to experiene the picture through you w=eyes. It some braid bands not loaded the oictyre very well. The peson reading your post may want to reach out and click the descriotion shouldf they be intregued in what lay behind the words.

Actually the need that arose from the need to create different visuals started the reconnection. Simply by taking a photo of myself in a bathroon mirrror I was looking into the eyes of a very lost soul. My reflection. Shortly after that came the realisation that I was 25 years older than I remembered me being. Click the “Welcome home party was now going on in full in full swing!”