Daily Archives: February 2, 2016

Pieces Fallen Together


How have the pieces fallen together?

Having a brain injury in 1991 what had not actually been comprehended by myself was there are billions of people in the world. That no two people are alike. Definitely no two people on the Autism Spectrum anyway. Therefore, the concept of different people approaching the same task jsut in a multitude of ways was known, seen and not comprehended nor connected to. Ignoring this was not the issue.
Understanding the concept of individuality and being art peace with who you actually are, was the issue.

When the invitation came to come into the community I literally took everything I read to pieces. Annalysed everything. It’s likely to say that sensible people would know not to do this. Eighteen months, and two momentum days, later what the community have been patiently explaining has finally clicked. Like pieces of an invisible jig saw slotting into place. CHristinga video of nail polish**********

Be yourself. Write about your story. Find who you are and write about that persons view of this world. Thing is that the truck impacting into the vehicle I was driving had taken away those memories of the first thirty-one years of ME [My Experiences]. Then there has been the next twenty-five years added to that void. A very unstable void that meant no solid foundation for grown was going to be stable once built upon.