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Online Strategies reflect your “U”

People have their own sense of style. Even towards communication, your online system, along with your online strategies will vary greatly from anyone else. So many places will state they will teach you this strategy or that one. Stating that only one, maybe at a stretch two, is ” the perfect way to fo this or achieve that”. One question that came to mind was that if everyone was adopting the same process would that not become spam?

For many years there was no answer  to this one little online strategies question. people also avoided other issues as soon as they heard the word “Autism’ or Autistic”. However, there was one company that agreed with me.  In essence stated that if I was one of those then not to bother with progressing out of the BootCamp. I could finish the BootCamp just not go through the modules. To get back to them, should I want more questions answered.

However, there was one company that agreed with me and the spam question.  In essence stated that if I wanted to be a clone of someone else and ignore my own uniqueness then  not to bother with progressing out of the BootCamp. I could finish the BootCamp just not go through the modules. To get back to them, should I want more questions answered.

With learning, there is noise.  Mental brain cogs are slowly rolling into gear. As it’s been a while since new mental tasks were performed, they’re grinding away, out of the latest learning lubricants. The noise of choosing to be a student means communication is necessary.

Why differing results for the same online strategies

Does it matter that when you give two people the same tools, set of instructions and working thinking environment there will be different results?  This end effect starts out with a mindset. It is how the mind responses to the need for change that generates ‘change in the processes that bind the persons ability to move on’. Remembering that where the onlooker may have a need for that person to meet a certain standard the actual person involved may well be dealing with other unseen needs.

For instance, with a beginner affiliate marketer, the need of a mentor may be for someone to ‘make a sale’ where the actual need of the person is to work out how to communicate within their own mind.  Both may be safety issues perceived from different aspects of their own life experiences.

Broadly speaking the age, experience, home responsibilities and even the sex of the two people do to a large degree influence the result. Now add the cultural environment.

Online strategies looking for gold nuggets

For this post, let’s look at how people are shown how to find gold nuggets through their own upskilling, relearning and also the training they are given. For example, take the writing and online strategies involved around the writing as an online communication form.

If the person’s passion for freedom  is such that they want more to life than they already have, and are prepared to do the work involved- would knowing that they already know where to find gold nuggets towards effective communication be so far fetched? Further that it is a particular state of mind that is needed to have the patience and drive to learn online strategies of marketing.

When they have a need, a deep-seated need, to begin to make a change of something  already in their life what happens?  For instance written communication systems. Knowing that when many people begin to step out towards a changed  communication level there are stretching points of their comfort zone should be familiar to them. Habits, directives or just plain misunderstanding of transmitted directives, statements and body language may cause them to take quickly a figurative ‘toe’ out of the water, leap backwards and forever avoid the spot again.

Many autistics are actually like this. To change things that change, and the need for change has got to be accepted. Change though causes a meltdown in many cases. These meltdowns cause information blockages. And there are time delays most everyday trainers do not understand. Particularly with many online strategies. What you are about to be introduced to is not textbook knowledge. It’s on the floor and working proven* system knowledge.