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a dream creation

In early life we were allowed to dream and create a dream creation.  People would ask “what will you be when you grow up?”  Once someone asked that  to a friends child and the answer was so straight forward and simple it was hard to keep a straight face.

onceyoumake-adecisiontheuniverseconspirestomakeithappenyes-160x200 a dream creation
Believe to act. Act to believe. Just make the decision and take action today to achieve your dream. Step by step

“Older”  was the answer.  So glad it was not ‘wiser’ as that would have been a big ask.  Although as the computers are fast surpassing even Artificial Intelligence I am no longer trying hard not to smile. Older may well be the only thing left to be when our grandchildren have grown into adulthood.

Or the other answer could be “Unemployed”.  And this too seems to be a more truthful answer than a few years ago.

A dream creation of independence

What about being “Independent”.  Now this has a certain appeal. During 2005 parents were already preparing their children’s social media profile.  ‘Babies tweeting’ tweets.  Creating followers. The idea behind that was to give these budding entrepreneurs a head start in their parents financial  dream creations for that child.

Sometimes A Dream Creation starts years before the apps and Tools are ready to be designed and built.

In a local preschool and child care centre  in the early 2000’s computers with child programs were being used by the children under care.  How to color in. Drawing basic pictures.  Nothing like the tools and apps that these same children are using on their phone apps now.

Ageism is not a consideration with a dream creation

For many people in their late forties to sixties, children are finally living way from home. Leaveing the older computers and other caste off equipment there.

All the homework help triumphs and tragidiges your children required you came out thinking you know nothing. Techinology has changed so rapidly.

How do people make their own e-cards?  So many photos and so little uses for them. How to write an ebook?  What to write in the ebook?  Achieve a dream in totality and still need to have some delicious fun.

The internet just reaches past time and date and even county borders.  Where sometimes this is an inconvenience  as people are asleep whenever I needed their help.  To achieve my dream in totality I still needed to have some delicious fun Marketing-tools-200x160 a dream creationwith the Digital Business Lounge tools.  Live the GraphixCreator.  Now that I have begun mastering the SimplyTrakk, the tidyURL and even having fun with the GraphixCreator going forward seems strange. Satisfying and supported.

Like I referred to having that 6figurementors community, and back office support has given me tremendous social value.  So I am using their tools.  Some of which have been mentioned. Definitely seen as they are marketing apps and tools used within this posts visuals.It seems strange as I never wanted to trust direct debts occurring.

It seems strange as I never wanted to trust direct debts occurring.    And yet here I am spending $97.00 [US] a month and a set of tools that are getting results in that they are easy to create. Just in repurposing the photos taken some time ago, right up to now, means the tools are easy to use and there is a lot of fun in creating, tracking, using, writing and even sending out to family on my family list.  And those  special occasions are less forgotten about as  the family and friends  individually have  a card and other things sent out on an auto-responder.  Family and friends just get an email letter .

And those  special occasions are less forgotten about as  the family and friends  individually have  a card and other things sent out on an auto-responder.  Family and friends just get a email letter .

Follow this link and check out what you hear right now.

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A bit obvious I want your attention just then right?.

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Your life moving forward

Live Your life moving forward
There is more to life than being happy. Yet sometimes to live your life moving forward means learning from life experience.

Childhood experiences and personality are just some of the basis of how each and every one of us adapt our behaviour management challenges. Challenging life experiences A passion project for every one involved. Social Worth.

You may agree or disagree with the statement : There most inportanting thing within life is to gain a foothold of continuium of excelence, influence and change

* Simple steps in moving forward how to transform life Create a list 10 real life experiences to accumplish . Call this list the begining of your bucket list if you so desire.

steps in moving forward


*how to transform your marketing from the personal into the business capacity


On the off chance that your personal bucket list has more life, energy and radiance than the what you see in the business you own you have two choices. Get out or the second is change. Bring new life within the business. These two reflective states happen often enough during the objective reviews people are surprised at the this developmental facet.

Now there is a passion project for everyone involved. One that has both your personality and life force behind it. Because it is an extended part of you what now is the social worth value? Once again you are moving forward.

put ourselves out there

Why do affiliate marketing people put ourselves out there

It’s interesting how motivation brings determination for affiliate marketers to “put ourselves out there”.  To put yourself out there means that people will find you. Grasping hold of a dream gives the motivation to find a way for people to see you.  hear about what it is that needs to be shared. Adlai Stevenson said ” To the victor belong the spoils”  Communication inline is a business.  The formula to success is to be honest and fair.  To yourself and to others. Therefore social worth is a determining factor of being heard.  The tried and seasoned get through.

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And those dreams are made

And those dreams are made ….

To be considered “Normal” never entered the equation as everything that ‘I’ ever did was normal my myself and usually by friends as well..

In part the challenge faced was finally recognised. part of me had not groen up. Still childlike the autistic child within had recerted and hidden during a tine of great cricis. As many Autistic adults find this growth may occur later in life. My case not until my early fifties could I begin to sort out why people thought things were weird. I knew it was different biut that was Me and i was notmal!

One of the reguirements in a BootCamp was to sort out a few things. These took time . Not just an hours but several months.

The exercise was a simple one. However, due to the not compling with several compounding external factors what I had moved into was not going ahead. The basics of any venture does need a solid, and at times flexible foundation. With several external pressures something had to give. The ability to sort things out gave in that it had to be dealt with first.

In order to the first thing there needed to be a first to do thing sorted out. The outcomes were that the focus pulled through and helped deleiver the goods. Not on time yet the delivery was smooth and when needed the most.
Then something happened to cause concern. The single line commemt that stated ” list the 10 closest influeces in you life. Answer a few questions. Add up what you believe to be the income. Divide by 10 and there is you circle of influence. ”

Not the people themselves. But the mindset of the people who were accepting what they were given in life. Not what they fort tooth and nail for. Took risks. Calculated or not they took the gut feelings and made “something of the outcome.”

Leave the complacency in such statements as ”

But hey! the last few years have been one treadmill after another for so many people on the wage treadmill.” You want a life? To send the rest of your days as you are now?

Or, have you another busket list yet to be totally filled out and achieved?

Which to choose: Adventure or complacency. Does it really matter once you have sorted out inside the mindset? So many doors open up when you open up, clean out and find that you have grown out of the shell during the clean out. As though your mind had finally expanded beyond your wildest dreams.

Have you the time to hunt for that new you? Or will that happen along the way as those dreams are made >

Check out the video series that helped countless of people come through the mindset aplication changer.

why mistakes and learning

If you’re wondering why mistakes and learning are so serious to have in your life, consider this: each and every one of them helps develop your character. The two extremes are a person who just gives up and walks away. Or they grit and grind the teeth while digging their heals in. In both cases – and somewhere in between- all the while listening to no one as the other people do not understand what they thinking, achieving and just “not getting them”. Welcome to the silent abilities of the Autistic Spectrum world.

rethinktraditionalemployment-122x200 why mistakes and learning
Employers keep you busy. Are you being self-productive ?

Many crave a something somewhere existence, just so that they can have the JOB and pay the bills. Life is too short to miss the independence gold nuggets scattered all throughout. From the growing up years. Through the caring of the other years. Somewhere between here and the time where others take on the care. Since most may have been missed what will happen now?

Why Mistakes and Learning may be intensely rewarding?

Being desperate enough to really listen to the need to learn rather than the want to do something perfect … well when the time is ready the teacher will come. Now the pupil will have less choice and more options.  The choices to make are ones that have been, and are proven.  And this restriction in choice sees results that may become intensely rewarding.

To some level attaining why mistakes and learning happen is good

And, at other times, people really do not want to know.  The need to know in order to change a few things here and there will be there.

Just waiting in the wings.  As we all know… change can be a fearsome thing. Belief factors alter and then so do we have to follow through.

Youcanbethatpersonyouaretobenow-165x200 why mistakes and learning
Tight now this may be where you are up too. What is your push button for you to make that change.

 Limiting negative beliefs are a positive with why mistakes and learning happen.

Again the adoption of another procedure for life experiences had to be learned. And quickly. Slowly, once again you either overcompensated or simply began to hide you skills and talents away, just to be the same as someone else limiting negative FEAR beliefs may begin to take hold.

And of course, to be kept ‘safe’ within your independent chosen group. Many of us are artistic in some manner. As technology has taken over the time and the paint has been stored in the corner, the creation of digital art programmes is what some of this extended family are into. While most of us just like sharing things on the net. Having the upskilling to make our own visuals is complimentary to each person’s individual dream

How to repurpose a lifetime of mistakes and learning.

Many countries seem to have BootCamp for this or that on their cable television program

SixFigureMentorsthreenugetsframe-200x160 why mistakes and learning
This Link will get your through to the information.

selections. A BootCamp for weight Loss.  A survivor’s BootCamp. A raising the children BootCamp. How to act like a Gentleman or a Lady BootCamp. The lists go on.

This BootCamp is via a video resource.  There are seven videos. View them.  Through the one that fires your belief, while grabbing hold of your imagination, follow the lead.

Other people may state” as simple as that”.  However, with my autism flaring up that imagination took hold and I watched every video, checked every piece of document and finally got to the BootCamp.  Only to go back and do this all over again.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 why mistakes and learningMy suggestion to you is restrain yourself.  Follow your gut instinct.  Build on that belief.

Drop me a line on  and I will see you on the other side.


Cheers for now


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dreams competition

Three things… the first was I had not realised I had a dream. It was a wish. There is a big difference between the two.  This dream has a knowledge of completion.  You already know that is what you will have.

The second is that to finish my dream the parts between where I was then and the dreams competition were missing.  I joined SFM for the knowledge and learning potential it offered. That also was just a little BIG step in the right direction.


What I had not fully comprehended was the quintessential geographical freedom that you can have while your actioning what you have just learnt.  Now that was powerful shake-up

Looking For Answers To Your Internet Struggles… I Was!

Third thing: You never know who, how, what, when and why you are in that place at that time. Nor do you know the power of influence your words have on someone else.

Associated to these was the fact that I had to be prepared to challenge myself and then to change.  I will not lie here cause it was not easy morphing into what was the beginning of realising the true potential within myself.  Admittedly the wheel is turning slowly.  And yet this is the most satisfying journey to discovery that I have ever been upon.


Associated to these was the fact that I had to be prepared to challenge myself and then to change.  I will not lie here cause it was not easy morphing into what was the beginning of realising the true potential within myself.  Admittedly the wheel is turning slowly.  And yet this is the most satisfying journey to discovery that  have ever been upon.

transform your marketing

Do you want to transform your marketing to show be your most authentic and best self? As an entrepreneur, your mind is your greatest asset ( which is why most leaders include the personal bucket list creation) Success depends on being creative and keeping ahead of the game – declutter –  to transform your marketing training from the personal approach into the business capacity …..

The subliminal belief seems to be that time is running out and that could be a problem because how can a person be creative with a time clock ticking away.
Crossing off things on your bucket list makes people feel better. In this post Susan Lewis shows you how each step of the way takes another step from the closets comfort zone door as you open up..

However, as an entrepreneur your bucket list becomes value packed with extra extensions. Each activity being perfectly positioned as an inclusive addition to life in whichever lane you most desire. For instance 2014 the Inaugural Sydney Momentum Day included more than rocking up and attending.  The fact that from the moment the thought appeared a virtual time machine button was pushed.

Lists transform your marketing training

Bucket lists transform your marketing training to life experiences because each item has to be actioned to become true experiences.  Make the 101 Bucket list today.

Later today:

Now that you have made the bucket list… short list it. Visualise the  one that is the pivotal point. The oner everything else works towards. That pivotal point date of expiry is three years from now! Think of building a house.  Land is purchased, plans are drawn and submitted. Materials brought, Tenders received or do it yourself courses taken.  Finally the house is built.

Do you activate every step of the way or leave your vision up in the clouds.  Be here to celebrate beginning of a new bucket list as you’ve begun to move in!

doorsopen transform your marketing
Open the doors for transition

Everything else is in that bucket list involves your ‘ your life experiences and achievements ‘ What has a house to do with marketing.  This house analogy involves marketing.  Someone sells you the block of land .. and then you make the plans… Your fulfilling their dream by developing your future around their dream.  Like a job is.

Option two… you know what you want look for the land until its the right one found. Right now you know in your gut instinct that this is it.  The garage goes there, the granny flat out the back.  The kitchen faces the … master bedroom looks out on… Your vision formed around the bucket list pivotal item.  Your future lifestyle.  That part of you that needed to be found, explored and possibly dug out. That front door opens into…

Seeing this list created may transform your marketing angle

SusanLewisandLogo transform your marketingVisualize how to create business success  as you transform your marketing from a place of inspired strength and calm. Be committed to help other build their own ‘house ‘ of their future by joining the only private community I finally found that understands how much joy there is in completing just that.

Go right ahead and get registered now

Note: opens in a new tab.

One of the best things to transform your marketing outcomes is the belief that  bucket list number one was all about creating extraordinary shifts in your mindset so you could blaze a trail of personal and business success.





steps in moving forward

Simple steps in moving forward how to transform life Create a list 10 real life experiences to accumplish . Call this list the begining of your bucket list if you so desire.

Right. Now that that is done add to the bucket list another top 10 once in a life time experiences that you personally want to achieve and keep your life moving forward with.

Stop right there. Add some spice to this challenge. There are twelve months in a year. You now have twenty things noted. Is there a pattern already within the list. Are some of the items congruent with other things already in the list? Then amalgamate these.
Look carefully as when creating a list often the stepping stones towards a final goal shifted around. What is happening is a loose structure is being formed. And right now this list is going to be all over the place.

defined acceptable

Increased knowledge based through learning how to cope with a strong supportive community behind you, shows there are increasing defined acceptable levels of connected learning patterns happening. After several failed attempts improving the quality of the WordPress101 onto user friendly base for both the viewers and the user allows for a better knowledge base to develop.

Digial Business Lounges hosts the WordPress101 sites. The support, and the technical team, behind the simple set of integrated tools have suppprt, a fotum platform and a trainingg library available.
Twice since the beginning of the WordPress101 susanlewismarketing, the site hosted on the Digital Business lounge the site has been wiped clean. Thus causing a load of 404 messages that after a year are still being dealt with. And a tonne of mental anguish. At that point knowing how to check 404 errors page was something quite new. Over time the fact that would grow with familiarity as time went by was unthought iof as well. What has become apparent was the need to have a support team that knew how affiliate marketing worked as well as the requiremnents an Affiliate marketing site would need as a foundational support infrastructure mechanism. Secondly to learn how to cope with these issues has raised its head several times between then and now. Progressivly knowing that when certain signals, or signs, of increased prevalence where 404 references are showing up as people are digging through the analytics is picking up traffic the time is right there and then to correct things. Be they through social media sites or certain blog posts are seen on the search engine, or in the tools widgets.

Newly experiencing

.no copy then

And this is where the frustrating thing is. There are many 404’s out there. Messages that when someone would like to read the content they click on the page or posts URL and there is no page or post! Instead there is a 404 notice

The platforms allow you to share the posts . To do this effectively people write a piece of descriptive content that is attached to the posts link.



BootCamp resource

After finishing the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp resource what started to present itself again was the need for being logical in business decisions. That though has taken time.

The non-understanding may have come about through a combination of loss memories-truck impacting vehicle with undisclosed long-term head injuries resulting. Or the reason may have been the High Functioning Autistic meltdown had happened on top of the
Post Traumatic Stress of the vehicle impact. Somewhere in there a combination of the two merged, and that lock down kept happening for over twenty years. Needless to say that the business experiences and lessons learned needed to have them played out all over again.

What’s with this BootCamp resource?

icouldnotfindasolutionthentherealisationthatwiththetoolsihavemanysmallsteppingstonesandapathismade-119x200 BootCamp resource
Need help solving what your dream actually is? Then this BootCamp may be the motivational push forward you need.

Having gone through the BootCamp resource the decision to become an elite member was beginning to pay off. There were so many tools sets and integrated applications waiting to be used. Now the blog posts had tracked pictures, and the YourTubePlayer was waiting to be used.

Many members chose the progression to go through a continuously cycling challenge of the BootCamp resource. While creating a familiarity there is for each one of us one personal specific video that reaches out and seems to stay the most appropriate.  Each person’s part within that video  that trips the switch is totally different  and  the variety of reasons is amazing

What was amazing was that to punch through with the actions gains momentum with the associated ninety-day video challenge. Being determined to finish is an objective to starting. Gaining a foothold into a great big wider world out there is only the beginning of what is able to be achieved when living forward to an Alternative Digital Lifestyle.

Is this e-learning a BootCamp resource tool?

When the answer is of course….

Suddenly the e=learning ‘pearls of wisdom” is carried on as the members of this community just knowingly nod their heads and outsiders [others] wonder why you are laughing your head off with glee. As a global learner experiencing a broadened world

SixFigureMentorsthreenugetsframe-200x160 BootCamp resource
This Link will get your through to the information.

view other things are influenced.

As a global learner experiencing a broadened world view other things are influenced. One definite thing notices is the observation to any missed details tend to become enhanced. All because the members did what was asked of them through the BootCamp resource and found the Gold Nuggets

Yes, life is to short not to miss the Golden Nuggets freely scattered all around and throughout  the whole of the e-learning upskilling, education and training.  Even the updates, founders calls, webinar and e-learning communications have these tit bits through them.

All members have to be is aware of this point.  Then be on the look out for their presence.  Further, to do something with them.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 BootCamp resource
Welcome.  Happy you have found about about the BootCamp Resource?



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