Daily Archives: January 30, 2016

dyslexic has

Being dyslexic has brought forward some challengers. Having a friend share with me the Grammarly ap helped. When I saw what was in that application going babansas was easily to achieve. I purchased a pro version on the spot. That purchase save me wastage of time management opportunity. Over all yes there are millions of people all over the world who pop over to Grammarly and take advantage of the everyday one as a free one. This I truely thought of doing as well.

Then I weighted the fact that the inconvenience of the dyslexia had broght for me over the last fifty-five years. Checked the bank account, gritted my teeth. And thought “WoW the most productive and best-used thing every brought for my birthday’ is using this app. And hay love the end effect as this has meant a sense of freedom. A nearly unsurpassed, unequalled freedom.