Daily Archives: January 29, 2016

Great Discord

When there is a great discord within one area of your life, other things become affected. How can you be like a walking zombie and look after other people’s children? Drive a car or operate other big forms of machinery.

Even being affected by the closeness of the external problems both during and after the huge Black Friday fire time that raged over Eastern Victoria in 2009. [Australia]


Another area that did have massive discord within was a working situation.


Mental health – post traumatic shock syndrome


I mentioned before about finding something creative to fo that filled my unspoken requirement needs. Welcome to my very first PDF. This is why I consider Autism as a gift. Once you being to make progress past the factors that cause the ‘Dis-ease’ of the mind or physical things that place you into stress.. the things you thought were nothing in the past. That since you can do them everyone else can too. Well, the news is that in part one of the things that employers are looking out for is your ability to tune out and focus. For this they will pay yu a wage.