Daily Archives: January 28, 2016

Bullying is out

Bullying is out in the open. Yet people with Autism are being channeled through into giving their gifts and talents over for a funded workplace environment.

In Australia, employers have the ability to go to Center Link. Become accredited work places. These businesses then go through an agency to have people funneled through their workplaces. Strangely enough, the people not familiar with this¬†devastating process suddenly find themselves in the downside of centerline. Why. Because one day this work has finished. Then that person is told “thank you. Your presence is no longer required.”

On the flip side, there are only a few days to inform Centrelink of being fired. And you must fo this before the employer does this.

Its a first in first response basis. What is not widely known is the fact that placed in writing your story handled to Center link must go on that employer’s records. Was informed that there is four strikes and your out of the system for these employers.

Something else to ponder about. People in this ‘Your fired’ situation do not realise just how much power they actually have. Especially during the first three months. Bulling is not tolerated in the workplace. Not from workers, yourself when you retaliate nor from customers. AND not from management. One form of bulling is not meeting the work safety requirements and yet demanding you work that piece of equipment or not come in for the shift. Mean while the employer contacts the work placement area. Tell other members on staff that you are a trouble maker and lets them gang up on you. You either love, But your lip and keep quiet and work with the faulty, or undersupplied, equipment. Mind you if when something happens of course, it’s your fault. Usually, it is in a legal sense as well.

This I found out when I walked away from driving a local firms taxi. Thinking that I had to wait three months, I waited things out. Near ran out of food. Relied on some handouts and the well stocked vegetable garden towards the end of that time.

Had I known to go into Centrelink and report what was happening, which I did when I finally went to Centrelink, they would have been able to assist me in some way. Like maybe a temprary cash flow while things were being sorted out.

How the systematic bullying over the 12 years there was really flaring up the Autism, then things may, just may, have been different. Just maybe I would not have been sleeping through the next six months of my life. That is once I stopped waking up thinking I heard the radio ring. Even the tick tock clock at the other end of the house was thown out in the end. I could hear it ticking in my head. Light sensativites became a nightmare.

When there is discord this great within your life other things become affected. How can you be like a walking zombie and look after other people’s children. Thankfully that too was having external problems after a huge Black Friday fire time that raged over eastern Victoria in 2009.

Now after just over three years since walking away from the taxi base -things some things have finally begun to settle down.