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Geographical Freedom

Geographical Freedom – Believe Geographical Freedom Has Moved Through To the Age Of Compassion That Brings Even Greater Freedoms And You Are Half Way There.

Real compassion comes from the heart region.  A heart that connects to the head.  The intellect. When The Head Connects To The Heart The Universe Opens Up Wider Than Ever Before.

People need to go the whole distance though. The assumption because one person does something one way another wants to explore that aspect and follow suit makes the world once again into a very narrow robotic mindset.

Contrary to popular belief the geographical freedom  found in this world we live in has multiplied exponentially. First early man found fire. Transportation. Discovery. Industrial age. Now this world  is just opening up to the digital age.  Even that has moved through the RoboAge and in to the next phase.  Essentially moving from the head and into the heart….The age of compassion.

Real compassion comes from the heart region.  A heart that connects to the head.  The intellect. People need to go the whole distance though. The assumption because one person does something one way another wants to explore that aspect and follow suit makes the world once again into a very narrow robotic mindset.

susan-lewis-05-160x200 Geographical Freedom
Susan Lewis

In this post Susan Lewis walks you through something that she herself found when first really seeking, and finding, self-secrets. For most people we learn to cover over the inner-self.  For Susan this came with a bang.  A truck impacted through the front passenger side of the van Susan was driving.  Continuing through as the van top corner crumpled around Susan’s head.

What occurred was a very deep memory loss.  Actually thirty-one years of memory was trapped within the brain.  Add that to the Autism Spectrum that no-one knew was even there are the recipe for zombie hood had just been thrown in.   Susan was alive.  Just the memories had to resurface.  Then be recognised for something – other than painful. Pain we are taught from early years to avoid. Susan’s mind dealt with pain periods by closing down the body.  So Susan slept. For the next twenty-five odd years while trying to learn new things, or relearn other things Susan hit time where she just slept.

And one day this changed. The next part of this post is a  part of Susan’s story.

With the Six Figure Mentors Bootcamp training, becoming an affiliate and reaching out for a financial and geographical freedom has been a steady up hill and down dale road to journey upon.  Sometimes  wondering if the map was the right one and the compass was working there have been so many changes.

Sometimes I rally begin to wonder what challenge is just hiding around the corner. Then I remember “Energy Flows where the attention Goes” That was from Jay Kubassek, a co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors and a leading light of this private invitation only community.

 Today was one of ‘those’ days.

Yet it was not as bad as  I thought it would be at one frightful stage.  Yes, the computer had a meltdown with the voice and sounds being played.

Yes!  today was all planned out and that plan did not go according to plan!

Knowing that the 90-day challenge is meant to be a video per day all I can say is: So sorry folks this video is one from a few days ago that was not released yet.

This morning when everything crashed here  was Susan just listening to someone’s video where they had had a ‘hat trick’. And just after they spoke about the difference between a ‘belief ‘mode and a ‘know’ mode I knew what it was like to suddenly have no sound coming in.

As a continuance, the next few hours brought forward a friend who assisted in the time of need. Lesson of the day. Crash and think all things are possible …cause they are. Know it is time to take a deep breath. Remember your dream. Face that dream and know, just know, that is what you are going to have. Feel it as it is as real as you feel.

Last year at a friends place Susan spoke about 1 subset of an overall dream that got them thinking. They altered the way they spent, thought and lived. This year the money they saved has gone into replacing things. However their dream is once again on track.That was the man who came and fixed my computer.

Three things… the first was I had not realised I had had a dream. It was a wish. There is a big difference between the two.  This dream has a knowledge of completion.  You already know that is what you will have.    dreams completion

The second is that in order to finish Susan’s personal dream recognised need to join SFM. That also was just a little BIG step in the right direction.

There Susan found that a vision was more than just a dream.  In fact there were now several dreams. Each with a date attached.

Looking For Answers To Your Internet Struggles… Susan defiantly as!

Third thing: You never know who, how, what, when and why you are in that place at that time. Nor do you know the power of influence your words have on someone else.

Associated to these was the fact that Susan had to be prepared to challenge herself . Then to act and change.  Change was not easy. To morph into what was the beginning of realising the true potential within “self” took lots of energy and tones of focus.  Admittedly the wheel is turning slowly.  And yet this is the most satisfying journey to discovery that Susan has ever been upon.

Would Susan Do This Again.  You beta ya.

Hence why Susan recommends to all the readers of this post Check this link out.  Watch the videos.  Yes they are about marketing.  Business marketing.

One thing not mentioned here is the brain does not like change.  Especially a brain already coping with change.  Massive everyday challenges on everyday things.  To relearn to learn things need to be connected.  So change in one brain hemisphere did alter the perceptions on the brain as a whole. Misdirected zapps between brain synaps had caused short circuits. Loops resulted in misfiling of information.  What a mess.

So by learning about marketing for family based businesses and communities the brain was open to relearn to learn. Please tell which people you know do not like spending money? To have extra food in the cupboards in case someone called in.

What was found out was the best person to market change to is yourself.  Without change occurring then people stay in the same hemisphere. Therefore to really reap the rewards the mind needs to reach out for geographic freedoms.

what_if_you_fly_my_darling-194x200 Geographical Freedom
Dream Big. Aim High. Fly Higher Than Ever Thought Before.


For Susan this meant flying to Sydney and seeing places she had seen before the truck impact.  Revisiting mentally things that had happened  as she and the first child landed off the plane.  The next year meeting a man who Susan had known for ages. The following year flying to Brisbane and then the next year flying to Perth.

In between learning more about affiliate marketing. The steps and process of life that most people have learned are finally just coming together. The most wonderful thing is that Susan can now laugh and smile.  Seems so simple to many people.  Except that Susan is on the Autism Spectrum.

To freely just have the facial muscles unknowingly in a smile is something so precious is worth everything that has gone on in the last four years and more.

Sure the wheel seems to still turn slowly.  Yet this is the most satisfying journey to discovery that people, including Susan, will ever introduce too others.

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