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gap in your belief system


Allowing someone else to close the gap in your belief system For myself I learned early that second best was what I would have. Be content you are a girl. And then the feminist movement came along. Something that was already there was an understanding of equality. Feminism was about equality, therefore, absorbing that became a big part of my everyday existence.

Did the acceptance of being a second class citizen remain? Yes. Has this now changed? Yes. Is it hard to change? At this point of my life, I would say Why do you ask. Yesterday I would has started a Yes to this question. Why?

After a lunch and an afternoon spent with the most intriguing person I know, I was asked a simple question. Unfortunately. there was a personal internal disconnect occurring.  Mostly because of the Autism super awareness of new situations happening.  And that sure makes known huge shows any gap in your belief system.  Only it tends to take a while to process the information.

There was something not working. By not following through as I did in the first one [ which is working] and finding out what I had forgotten to do I was literally setting the thing up so I would fail again. That my friend is the acceptance of being a second class citizen once again. And that I finally got angry with.

What I am doing though may be classed as an expensive hobby. Well, I am on an Australian disability pension. Many people I know are using the smokes, the alcohol, illicit drugs or the gambling. None of these I do.
What I am doing is creating social worth that backs up the transitional changes in attitudes towards those with Autism.
The bridge of knowledge had***************

With the things that have been brought to the front of mind, I no longer will accept second best. Besides, there is no one perfect. And strangely enough,, this post is not even written in the prescribed way. Just straight form the heart, the mind and my being. Which is funny in a way as being autistic why am I following everyone else’s path. The answer is simple their path works. People purchase the Digital Experts Academy product line through this prescribed way of affiliate marketing. I know that for a fact as I did.


Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship AHELPING A LESS EXPERIENCED PERSON


The next step is for me to share this post. Then go back and connect all the other posts into the Simple LeadCapture pages. Yes, I am about to hit the publish buttin on all of them. Now to close the gap between knowing they are not perfect and getting the job done. Knowing they are not yet alive is driving this determinaton. How can I drive traffic to anything that is not connected to a page or a post? Next after that is the connectons into the Autroresonder.

Looks to be a very interesting few weeks. Just to close the gap it only takes three days to obtain a passport you just pay extra for it. Tomorrow I am getting my photo ID taken. Asking friends to cosign the documents tomorrow evening.

Come with me on the alternative digital lifestyle that is happening through these blog posts. Now what a way to close the gap.