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bridge of knowledge had

The bridge of knowledge had come close the gap finally.¬†Note the Simple Lead Capture application is absolutely fantastic. Should you not hold a mindset of “shooting yourself in the foot”. It took me another twenty-four hours, and I realised again I was delaying things
. What I should have done was contact the Gold Level Digital Experts Academy mentoring coaches months ago. Have them assist me and then get going with building a list. Drive traffic though to the Digital Experts Academy list. And let the people decide if they wanted to participate in some of the best educational training and upskilling methods out there. My own decision was to work through to creating a business support syetme= that could be run anywhere in the world. Okay as long as there was an internet connection. Otherwise, there would just be massive uploads when and where there were the internet connections.

Instead, I quietly and firmly informed the other person of a financial restraint that I had. And I watch the pity within their eyes come forth for that split second On that Sunday Afternoon. Five minutes after walking away, the realization that I no longer had to be quiet had been removed just two days earlier on the Friday afternoon at four pm. The pattern brake was so new the feeling of surreally living between two worlds was happening again.

I sat down in a bus shelter with head in the palms of my hands and nearly cried. The pity within the other person eyes made sense now. Once again send best had come to the forefront. This had acceptance attitude to stop. At that moment in my life, a decision was made. You reading this post is reflective of that decision. When I was reviewing and replacing a vastly different scenarios within my mind. On my seventh birthday, something had caused me immense pain. In my right ear, I was told effectively to be quiet. And since that day I have kept quiet. Similataniusly accepting second best along the way.

That was very nearly seven times the seven years away. And soon is my eight times that seven years restarting within my own life again