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helping a less experienced

Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship which involves a more experienced person, or group of people, helping a less experienced person to achieve their goals.

Having a mentor is a two edge sword. To being with a mentor is more experienced in a field than one person is currently. To have got into the mentoring position the mentor has to have survived the ‘hard knocks’ where others have not.  Also, the mentored has to be amenable to being, not so much taught, but shown on several different levels at once.

Which makes this somewhat of a challenge if the one being taught has some knowledge of who they think they are, what they are capable off. And where they are going to go with whatever they are being mentored in. A challenge as the old ways need to be cleaned out. New ones installed, engaged along with proactive actions established..

Need helping? A less experienced person will not do then will it?

Being in the receiving end of mentoring is uncomfortable. Confusing. Terrifying.  Feels like you are constantly walking an electrified tightrope that every time the ‘mentored’ person gets comfortable someone either turns up the voltage or yanks the cord from under the feet.  And this never seems to change so get comfortable with it now… or book an appointment and wait your turn.

Why willingly accept  this does happen? A mentor gets to know you.  Well.

Probably better than you know yourself.  Besides stretching the boundaries Your primary mentor will encourage you to step up to the mark and dive right in. Or they will know that is what you will do and then be there on the sidelines watching your reactions. Either, to other people they have sent in, or know what they others will do. Or, just to see of you remember what you have been outright shown, or absorbed with periphery and ongoing explorations.

Mentoring involves helping the less experienced person with direction

Where you get to know one layer of them they get to see many layers of yourself that you are unaware of.  It’s those layers that  the mentor helps you deal with.  Compared to a coach who sets a task, a mentor sets a way of approach.  At whatever level you do the work. The mentor watch’s the developments and what is happening.

Helping a less experienced person may just be an invitation to attend …

What this Mentor  did was challenge me. To achieve that challenge would involve travel half ay across this world we live in for a one-day event. Seems silly. Maybe it is not so silly. To do this, the system would have to be proven to have worked. How can you argue with facts? So far it seems to be working. Right to the point of that discord.

In order to achieve that, with the intention of getting it all fixed up by my birthday twenty-four hours after the appointment with the trainers Gregg and Fiona the realisation that there was more to achieve hit home.  A lot more.

How did mentoring help?

At that time , knowing there was more to do one big thing that came out was organisation, time mangement and scheduling.  Lots of scheduling.  And hay this was achieved.  It worked.  By scheduling things many other things were freed up on.  Time being a primary factor. Now working on the effiecent use of time while building an alternative digital lifestyle is not so foreign nore so scary.

Being on the Autism Spectrum change factors take some getting use to.  Implementation of change was a horrific experience. Usually resulting in Autism Meltdowns or that dreaded overload switch. Do not get me wrong – these did occur. Each time I arrived ‘back’  there was a lull.  New ground explored and then ‘back into the thick of things again’.

Thankfully have spent the $11,000 [US] on becoming an Elite plus member,  as well as accepting the Planarium Incubator Workshop level of training, upskilling and education this helped me with facing, acting on and literally standing near the top of the “I’ve conquered it” Mountain view.  Yes, everys o often I hear the words “Avalanche” and I know the safety ropes are still intact. Having learned to reach out and accept [ thsat was hard] assistance and company things are looking pretty good at the moment. So…. Holding on for dear life being

Come with me on this journey of discoverey.  Quite literally If I can get this far… then why stay introverted and overlook a good challenge?