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a disconnect was

When a disconnect was made

That a disconnect was there is time to ask yourself “Why did it happen?” Yet you knew that that disconnect was about to happen.  All the warning signs were screaming  their heads off. And you are  foolish enough to allow it?  These are an example of the voices in peoples heads.  The end result is what will that people allow to happen?

To best describe the situation with some authority at all this is something that happenend to myself.

After a lunch and an afternoon spent with a most intriguing person  a simple question was asked. In 50 days time would I be at at the London Momentum day?  And there it was “the voice of someone else’s realism… Are you really ready? In order to achieve this would your mindset allow you to get a move on?  Come on …prove it!”

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-400x240 a disconnect wasAfter one and a half years was I ready to put into use what was being shown?  All that would have to be done is share  and allow people to make a connection with myself and the same wonderful digital products that I was using. Effectively allowing people to purchase a simple educational digital product. A High-Class Commission item ranging between $20,000 right the way down to an initial $29.95 [US] package. Simple right? Connect a person to a landing page and allow the auto-responder to do its work.

As there was something that had not done. I knew a disconnect was there  The two days ago there I was again in the same situation. The simple thing was place links within the posts. Then bring people to the post.   That disconnect  needed to be sorted. Time was running out.  Something was not working.  I knew that it was myself.

All the tools were there.  Just as the company had promised.  In the biggest tools of the tools the disconnect was myself.  The foundation of who was I and where was I journeying too needed to be dealt with.

In the early modules before entering this private community there is an open discussion that clearly states until the foundations are created the things on top will eventually fall apart.  I did not want to fall apart again.  The rational was If I do not connect the links now then there was a waiting time until something clicked. Until then, when I was ready I would then connect the links.  The unspoken question was “would she last?” Would distraction and the inability to change track and focus on new concepts is a given with Autistic people. For over quarter of a century the mindset was survival.  

Often overlooked is another guiding principle of many on the Autism Spectrum. Once fixed on an end goal there is stick-a-bility.  There may be a few loops and diversions along the way and suddenly “Hi Folks I’m back… where is everybody?” 

Correct a disconnect and clarity comes forth. By not following through as I intended to do that missing links situation was going to be exposed. I  Definitely there were key steps, little  yet important ones, missing.  The product is fantastic. I have not found better. So the challenge was not the product nor the company.  The missing piece of the puzzle was myself.

People often find that they blame the product while not looking into why they themselves are holding themselves back.  While looking a choice had to be now made. Time with this most intriguing person was missed, purely as other diversions were easier to be busy at .        

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 a disconnect was
Welcome .

Belief and Mindset Connections make life interesting… again. Changing the mindset is an amazing thing. Extending yourself, your skills and putting the talents to use  in creating a firm foundation  is …. terrific.

Take the first steps ….

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