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Why Dream about Someone Else

Why dream about someone else walking along the Port Albert foreshore early in the morning… when it could be your there with a friend why people dream of working long hours in a JOB. The weather was misty, and the misty fog entirely covered this piece of Australia. So much so that until the sun comes up and there is the catamaran seen in this picture. As the sunlight rays began to spread out that fog begins to go. Now people could see where they were… down by the sea. The pathways now visible People who dream of things they want day by day to live in their own reality may have these odd flashes of an alternative reality. And alternative lifestyle built around this reality to be.

Old patterns are hard to brake. So to is living someone elses dream.

There are many people who are on the Autism Spectrum whose eyes light up, and they will talk for hours not understanding that what you asked in a simple statement of “How are you?” or “what is your dream with this project?” will simply talk on and on about around and through every single intimate detail of that endeavour. Not even noticing the listeners eyes glaze over.

Let alone even attempt to change when you are the autistic person being asked that often innocent question. When you are tired of being out of time, out of sync with what you want to achieve. Put on your thinking cap. Turn that thinking cap on. Set about sorting out a method that concentrates on being less confused or frustrated. Think and dream your way into action Use the skills of thinking you have to connect with your inner child. Know that most people have goals. What is it that is so important about yours though is they are yours. Now, why not create the life of your dreams. To free run with the parts that have dropped off from the main focus you are working may be a fun thing to do during the brake times. Make a note of them. And place this note to yourself somewhere for those down and lost times. Reconnect yourself with what it is that your dream is taking you through today. This minute does one more thing towards that dream. Being autistic its probably not questions of how often, or why dream of someone else doing something else.

Trust : Why Dream about Someone Else s when you do not have any?

Trust is an enormous factor to have factored in when you are expecting change. Although not always there to the same degree when that change is unexpected. There are self-doubts, limiting beliefs and everyone else’s negatives to out aside just enabling the tip of an iceberg to come to the attention of its owner. Yet people condition tells us that should we go anywhere near that tip of the icebergs the whole of everything will be exposed as the iceberg topped over. Last I hear the tip of the iceberg made up about 5 % of the floating mass. Argue with me as much as you can. In fact leave comments below. Would love to hear your versions as to how someone dealing with the top five percent of something so deeply under the tide line will flip the iceberg trapping them under!

Fear is the number one thing to understand. 

fearhas2meanings-400x300 Why Dream about Someone Else
Look into the mirror of your mind. Fear dissipates when you see what there is to understand and see.

Not so much as fear of change. Something that will stretch those boundaries as you join in with others? A way that possibly connects the dots – one dot at a time. One idea into user-friendly another idea where a gradual user-friendly concepts are engaged. So that right now you have a few talents such as you have a camera and take photos. With a selection of tools and the knowledge that collection of graphics has grown. Add these personalized graphix created a range of cards forms a few clicks of a template button onto to a simple letter, newsletter. When you are ready eventually onto a pdf and later creating a small e-book that is shared amongst friends, family and an interest group of two.-
That is where the tools, the upskilling and the community within the DBL came into being. As an example, there is a PDF that has cards. The small story behind that links the cards together has the theme of bullying. This PDF is one of a series of things given away to members of a select group. Those interested in Autism as A Gift. The link is here.

However when you are ready and really wanting to have access to an integrative range of tools this link is the one for you.