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not on the autism spectrum

So I ask you to help your person within the Autism Spectrum to know that as they experience the perfectly natural balance to enjoy the experience. People who are neuro-

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea not on the autism spectrum
Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve?  That is after you have come out of sensory protection mode!

typical need to feel the power, the energy, appreciate that maybe, just maybe they have not caused distress. In fact, the tightrope has become a perfect balance within the life path. Just to wait and enjoy the peace that if they realise what is happening will surround each person involved and carry them somewhere beautiful.

Whichever you are, a neuro-typical or an Autistic, if you can accept this as happened then there is no stopping you as the world is your oyster.

However, if the neuro-typical does not realise the reaction for what it is and is hanging on for the autistic person to have a neuro-typical gush response, then there is something not being understood.  It is easier maybe when not online.  Online sucks as there is no touch involved.  One cannot just hold the other person and share the experience of inclusive peace.  Of the world being right.  Both inside and outside.  Every sense, every sound, every movement is not so much dead end.  It more a feeling of total calmed ness.  Total awareness.  The world and the smallest of particles just shimmers and glows. Lighting up the world within like the Aurora Australis.  Or, if you’re in the northern hemisphere the Aurora Borealis.  So what the other person is actually witnessing is the ethereal show within. An electric performance that  like the external counterparts that people once thought were portents of doom the right  balance combination  and these become  for them a remarkable maybe even an everyday phenomena. As though the Universal Laws  electrons flow between in order for the energy to be gained that that unlocks  and removes that final door from the hinges.  Leaving the door to do what it may while the walls of resistance fall away.