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30 day test drive Affiliate Access

30 day test drive Affiliate Access Affiliate Access

30 day test drive Affiliate Access is the name for the often overlooked fun into the Affiliate Marketing world.   Mistakenly thought of as a Free Membership status the word free to many means things are given to you.  SFM gave your the tools, not the results.  This disclaimer everyone sees even before  they go through the initial video series.

30 day test drive Affiliate Access has many people wondering what they have to have in order to get a move on. Often people have come through different streams and opened the door into SFM wondering is what they are seeing is actually what they are getting.

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Evaluate Your Strengths

You can evaluate your strengths

What is interesting about re-learning an important self-presvalution strategy is what happens when you re- evaluate your strengths. Then observe the weaknesses. paying particular note of what you are allowing to hold you back.  This is what my mum told me as a young teenager and also when I knew I could not lie to my own self any longer- howmybrainswitchesbetweenthings-400x258 Evaluate Your Strengthswithout knowing about it.

After reading this in one of the Dea Silver modules “Without a concerted effort to identify your strengths and weaknesses, you won’t be able to improve upon them in your professional life. Fortunately, there are techniques you can compliment to find these traits so you can align your actions accordingly.” something positive had to be done.

Every one of us develops things that they are good at. Sometimes there are bits that are not understood. Usually people ignore these bits .. avoid them like a plague. Managing to do without the use of them for years. Then an awareness creeps in. That “action what you have learned” step would be the next logical sequence in events. Time to face the fear of not understanding the jargon used within the instructions . Open the platform and get on with putting it to use.

Holding onto that fear is not a great way of building on your strengths.

In order to build on the skills and then evaluate your strengths, you need to open up the platform and work out what and how and where things go. To ask a friend means interrupting their daily life and routines. Sorting out all the questions needing to be asked when the topic is not known to you these days means lots of research. Taking hours out of the week.

There have been too many times where the confusion of data and information has occurred. That there was little opportunity of going over things one more time without confusion, of other words being used. With this training though the supplied video transcript made it easier to find the ‘gap’ while following along. No more trying to choose an optimal time to discuss the topic as the timetables clashed and sometimes it was hard to wake up for that local time 3 am appointment. The topics of these videos are 24/7 350 days a week for the DEA Silver members.

To evaluate your strengths look at your weaknesses.

Where are the opportunities to evaluate your strengths on?  What is missing from the workflow? What is hindering the reaching of a goal? Is there an automation process available able to be utilized like the micro-learning step by step ‘playback-able’ Hootsuit modules. Simultaneously play that lesson micro-video through. Stop and starting where the process need working on.

Having a friends say to you “lets try to find something special in your own field” was different from having a mentor bring the conversation around so that you are wanting to ” find something special in your own field”. It’s harder then to ignore the obvious tools that are out there enabling people to learn how to use the tool that will move the project forward towards the goal

These few things were revealed when progressing through the DEA’s Silver platform training “Identify your strengths and weaknesses’ micro-learning topic.

Now the tackling of the Hootsweet is something that is looked forward too. By the end of the working out, implementation and setting up, the redefining and  strenghening of the weakness will be a strength.

The background setup maybe missing something

Front of house verse’s background setup

Background setup in any new venture mean regrouping, training and upskilling of staff.  Yet what about the management and backers of a venture.  They’re quietly running things in the background? The ones holding a venture together. Include background venture capital idealists well and suddenly that training budget gets a hammering..

Are there measures specifically integrated within the education and upskilling of the staff and the management? Do  people know, understand and take action to fill in systematic training gaps.  And is there an across the board answer?

Is the training team is an overlooked part of the background set up

People have talents. Some paint. Others create graphix. Admisinstraion and social networking may be obvious to some. And overlooked by others.  “The training department takes care of that…”. Small business have little say. Their training staff are not on call twenty-four hours a day.

In mass and working together there are amazing objectives achieved. not matter what the age of the participants , the skills levels and even if the participants have a wide gap of knowledge, skills and talents in mass pooling of sometimes superhuman efforts new avenues may appear. Right where no one else has thought to go.

Recognition that the outcomes quietly developing may be missed is a middle step. Let’s start at the beginning with Eddie and Mike.  Two Autistic men needing something to do.

This of how the talents you possess always need upskilling.

The love of drawing are what Eddie and Mike possess in abundance. Yet even with these talents the unemployment rate for people within the Autism Spectrum is about ninety percent. Yes there are companies out there who are finally wiring out the focus and the eye for analytical and other details are what many Autistic people have in abundance. So new employment schemes are getting underway.

Meeting challenges are a change factor that learning relies on. With the positive recognition of these talents, then the upward support of family and community members, Eddie and Mikes parents saw a gap to be filled. The opportunity to have their dond gainfully employed. As it turned out they began a business. Now the playful festive artistic creations are printed onto wrapping paper and sold at ten dollars a roll.

roll The background setup maybe missing something

The recognition of many hands make light work also carries through into  this small business  venture.  From wrapping paper to novities, and gradually into a wider field who is to know.  As the business gains momentum there will be  an ongoing need for an online  micro-education.

When you have been looking for a something that will help bring the answers forward from within you.  This invitation to a BootCamp may be what you are looking for. The invitation to view may not be as well. Only you, the participant, knows what it is that affects you right now.

That said, the BootCamp invitation helped me with the background setup. With the ability to accept updated methods, along with background set up integrated systems there was now a greater amount of another valuable resource.  Time.  Time that I was able to include time management systems into as the alternative digital lifestyle is being created..To really begin to focus on my upskilling towards gaining dream.  Where does this leave you?

The steps it would take to make that dream even have a lift off. 

Even though the seven videos sent out to you are complimentary there was a lot of information within them. Being of a curious nature the BootCamp made sense. For a basic application to Travel through the BootCamp the cost is $29.95 [US] money back guarantee.

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Use the time to  go back to that bookmarked page and write out your progress, frustrations.  Thoughts and feelings.


What could online communities offer with extra business support and knowledge as this business grows and a larger skills ranges beings to develop.  This one has a 24/7/365 days a year basis backup forum, various levels of upskilling on training module and the list goes on. Specific training formated to be bite sized and doable within minutes. In the future these talents in mass needing to be. And better yet a training package that involves no training staff wages while carried in the pocket! or the ipad… any internet connected device

It is not a futuristic view of continued training. The future these talents in mass needing to be upskilled  is right HERE and now.

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