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Autism’s Legacy

“NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the future of Neurodiversity” is a book written by Steve Silberman filed under the heading of ‘Popular Psychology History’. Oliver Sacks has written the Forward

You want to read a book grounded in science yet read one that has profile of people already living within the Autism Spectrum then Steve Silberman is your writer.

The looking forward focus is a strong catalysis for greater explorations based around the view point that ‘Autism is just a natural variation in the human genome’. Since this Autism is a natural variation like hair color, smiles and laughter and the whole human race has uniquely different combinations of the hair color, smiles and laughter  then to be part of the human race we all are different!~ WOW Welcome in ‘neuro-diversity’.  Therefore to be different form other people to be expected based on the difference degree. That stated to view “Autism As A Gift” is to be ‘differently’ the same!

The world is finally breaking free of the negative labels. Besides a great social change occurring. Observe and analyses the community you are in. Right down to the family members. The extended family members.

When the neurotypicals realise there is no threat until the combined negative put downs trigger the release then just accept this precious gift and move forward.

Makes you wonder why there was a covert campaign led by child psychologist Leo Kenner occurring. With over fifty years of Autism Spectrum knowledge suppressed where would the world be now if this information was available years ago. The tools and application, the inventions and even the community developments. Instead of having to mimic the Autistic person could have been supported. Not drugged.

Moving through into the tail end of 1984 Dr Greens book about ADD and ADHD hit the shelves.  Soon after it seemed that every kid was being prescribed Ritalin.  Thirty years later the internet is definitely  here.  Used everywhere enabling people to find out the facts. With facts people tend to question more until they find their equilibrium of difference measure.

Why then do they insist on believing their child is a text book.  Is it easier to tick off the boxes and allow the family dynamics to kill off the mind that some in society want to control?  There are fewer people at the top of the news,  such as Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson who openly admit they are on the Autism Spectrum.  Just two autistic people  who ‘made it’.  Now are sharing the wealth of how too knowledge.  How to make a life you dream about.

Grab hold of that dream.  Hang on tight.  Focus.  Zero in. Chase your dream. Chase that dream big time. Change the circle of influence you are in when you find your scared of letting the negative people around you go.

Easier said then done to engage in the growing movement of ‘neurodiverstity’. Yes I agree in some part. The best place I found this was through Boot Camp. The key to the Bootcamp was being ready to explore a change option.

Through that BootCamp was a further eyeopener. What was needed was a more practical evidence that I was not a broken alien in a human form. I was ME. A sum of My Experiences. No matter how much I read or knew on the topic here was an avenue through which I could go further. Not only recreate a dream.. but create that dream.

Something with which there was an anchor formed to connect through to. My anchor, My Dream. Not something that had to be mimicked and looked for for approval. Although the doubts still ripped through on my side causing ups and downs. The support within the community behind all this change and realization was for coming, positive and moving forward with their moving on.

Besides there was access to technological innovations. Accommodations within my own workplace… where ever there was an internet connection that could be utilized. Further education and upskilling that came in chosen levels. Beta testing.

Could you turn this down?

trial-650x310 Autism's Legacy

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drilled narrow, yet deep

Explain drill narrow, drill deep.

The Six Figure Mentors community know the effect of drill narrow, drill deep with the  Universal Laws in action.  What you really think in your mindset will come to the top.  And that is what your brain will register first.  As children our brains are taught through both love and pain.  Love brings forth happiness and belief.  Pain even well hidden for survival modes will lie there and attempt to always turn things sour. Often seen as a spiteful nature.  What is worse is that that spite will turn your “Y” factor against your “X” factor.  “X” Factor mindsets are not born.  “X” factor mindsets are made.

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discuss SimpleTrakk


Having removed the confusion and now let’s discuss SimpleTrakk

Once the sensory level is sorted out the needs of the other levels are “so what’ everything is safe in safe mode me on through. The laughter is because most trainers would have explained about the beginning of the funnel first. The application, and landing page, the thank you page or sales page difference. Through to the review part. This, of course, means the SimpleTrakk would be discussed last along with the autoresponder somewhere in between.

Add b) the double ended funnel explaining what happens at the other end of the sales funnel

In fact, sort out the Autoresponder. With the Six Figure Mentors there is the typical expectation that with the High Commission conversion rate of sale commission they may have wanted to have all the leads themselves. No! This is not the case. Both Jay Kubassak and Stuart Ross have been through the school of hard knocks. So the cookies [ pixrels] allocation life is for the life of your SFM membership.

f) Then compliance rules of engagement are different for who hostess or hosts the visitor. The pages and post are basically adds when you are doing content marketing. Theses posts and pages are

g) Either was the ‘advertisements’ URL gets placed into the Funnel. Come back to this is a minute.
As the content marketer writes their advertising copy [post or page, ] the tidyURL unique application is applied. The post and page are now allocated to you.

h) Now back to the funnel. The MY funnel is used to track the visitors to the content on that page or post

i) The My Advertising Link Generator is used for the activity after the landing page.

j) Landing pages are a bit different when you are creating your own.

K) SimpleTrakk shows you a global picture of all your advertising through the Six Figure Mentors system.

rules of engagement

Then compliance rules of engagement are different for who hostess or hosts the visitor. The pages and post are basically adds when you are doing content marketing. Theses posts and pages are advert when doing paid marketing. The difference is that of placing yourself in front of the viewers. You do the donkey work of creating the pull for your content through pushing things out there. One the viewer chooses to come to you. That of content marketing.

Paid advertising is different. You are paying for the use of someone else pull effect. Therefore you are going up to peoples places. Effectively door knocking

MY funnel

Now back to the funnel. The MY funnel is used to track the visitors to the content on that page or post

What you are tracking us the content of the posts and pages. Are people responding to what it is you have written about? Is that content congruent with the landing page? For visual people, this includes colors setting out, pictures and the general vibrancy and energy flow of the pages. An example is say everything is effectively Pink. A placing restful pink. Then when the option happens, and they land on the brilliantly psychotic line green and black, there will be a shock. People do not respond well to shock. The landing page is a page to take action, and that means not to be confused. This is the type of tracking that M<y Funnel will get you results for.

Also the grammar and spelling. The use of the age and quality of English used. Through the use of the Kincade – Fisher scale, this tool will read the work and give you a rating. Most of the worlds population is not fluent with English . Therefore using university language for the mass es you lost them before you start.

Back to the steps. Take the link you generate through the choice of landing page, thank you page and Autoresponder list and this is the link that you use in the third part application tracking area. Also the link s that you use through the content . When someone hits on this link the tracking is stimulated. Now the tracking of that Universal Energy flow has begun with the aim to track the visitors pathways. Simultaneously the Google tracking system will also show the visual ‘drop off = rate’ along the pathways of where any flow tends to stop.