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the giving and taking

The giving and taking of love are the most powerful magic in the world. It transforms people; it redeems them, and it saves people. Programs that are out there that foster love goes beyond the most immediate recognition just the scratching of the surface benefits.

To many people, this may sound like a load of ‘bollocks’.  Who else would have just the time to be there for these hurt and angry with the world strays.

Where some of the programs were in response to a comfort need for humans others started because of cost and animal humane needs.  As a life-line for both the person and the animals, these programs are a win-win effect.  When the social worth is added from the possible reduction in future medical, mental health costs, and a possible reduction in work related time-off through stress these cause and effect situations have lower long-term consequences.

How the giving and taking of love came into the prison cells

After the hurricane, Catrina ripped apart some of America people called out to be all hands on deck helping with the clean up. Consequently, there were many prisoners working for the ‘man’ with those clean up duties.  Then there was the stray dog needing help, assistance and comfort.The animals trust that all was well had been shattered.  The animals trusted the inmates enough to step forward for the giving and taking a little bit of love.  Even it this could only occur for a few seconds as a temporary measure.  Suddenly an avenue was seen.  What if the dogs were placed with the prison is enabling the inmates and dog to connect.

Pattern brakes would possibly occur further than was seen in the first instance. Similar programs were also working with returning vets from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.   Right through to comfort dogs who are among the first responders in hurricanes, school shoots, and earthquakes.

Recording all this giving and taking.  

In Australia, each year there are floods, and then there are the fires. The end effects are the ones of anger, frustration and ‘black dog’ of blankness.[ aka depression].  And there is an increase of needing to relearn the things that should be already known now

Today something happened that highlighted this  A friend was showing me how to communicate with people like yourself, while online. Years ago a truck had impacted my vehicle.  Memories were lost.  Or locked down so severely that nothing was going in and nothing was coming out.  Relearning to learn had gone on for years.  People would explain things sop painstaking that was watching them take me over and over again along the same learning path was frustrating.

Yesterday having reached out to a friend in England and asking him to proofread something and assist with an honest opinion he came back with an honest opinion.  Meanwhile, a few days ago while upskilling on a micro-learning training topic called Digital Silver platform  – Silver Level something had clicked.  A couch is not the same as a mentor.  Might seem strange but the coaching things were trapped within the locked down memories.  I had been swimming for over year and had seen kids getting coached. Until three ways of writing were suggested and I related them to the facilitation, Mentoring and coaching of these lessons there was a conceptual disconnection.

With the giving and taking of thanks, today was a day that could be marked for  “when attitude becomes action.”

There is a saying that goes like this ” A great attitude becomes a great mood, which becomes a great day. Which becomes a great year, which become a great life.

The prisoners attitude to having a dog in the jail changed them.  The dog learned obedience and trust.  Having this DEA program education program where the micro-learning is fun, quick and 24/07 through the year means that the memory recall has signs of progress.  Now that the new and updated information has a foundation with which to anchor itself onto new concepts are emerging.  The terminology may not be the same.  There may still be gaps and overlaps occurring. But when people ask was spending $2,400 US worth what is happening within the memory I can honestly say that like the inmates and the dogs this education is a beautiful program. The second chance for myself to be someone who is a work with a moving forward progress.

And that understanding gives peace of mind.

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