Daily Archives: January 7, 2016

So Like Marketing

Waiting for the rain to come in a dry spell is so like marketing.

Understanding the weather pattern creations is so like marketing when it comes to  laying the seed until the shipping to market time. And the money’s in the bank.

In the air an updraft is upwardly moving air. A downdraft is downward moving air. The upward air is generally the warmer air. The downward the cooler air. Were lift between the two is produced by the warm and cool fronts. That is the warm rising and the cool proving the ‘way to go’. The warm air not being able to go straight ahead is channelled upwards.

What have these air fronts got to do with your marketing processes?

The first has a weak updraft with a strong down draft microburst of rain may occur. A initial humble beginnings of a campaign are usually the same. Either the first one or one that is being developed while a second is running.

Build an effective social network by connecting the dots.

Build the pieces to a marketing foundation one at a time. Then connect the integrating pieces. Test the procedures. Evaluated, Correct and share recoveryandlossovercompeterchallengers So Like Marketingagain.

Effectively when the first campaign has many of the parts joining together all the coordinated processes will have been tested out. There will have been the sharing of the tracked posts. The monitoring of the tracking and click-through rates with the autoresponder list. Keep in mind to check for the open and click-through rates on the Autoresponder listings.

It’s so like marketing that during these microbursts of activity many small and complete actions will come together. As the pieces that have been in development are activated the pdfs created will have come into being. VWideos will be tagged and connected. Landing pages, pictures, gifs, podcasts, radio blogging. The list is endless. A light micro shower here and there of goodies the viewer becomes use too receiving. A thank you most will on share your message. Especially with a request the viewers through a call to action. Again there is a development  towards the building of an effective social network