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Dealing With Learning Overwhelm

To market while dealing with learning overwhelm is challenging

Life dealing with learning overwhelm is a situation that people from all walks of life know well.  This is especially so from  someone lucky enough to have an Autism perspective on

life. Knowing this has made dealing with learning overwhelm a big influence with any marketing approach taken.

What many people stuck in the “I’m at home looking after…” situations  have found most helpful is the access to the internet. Consider the calendar of events each family have.

Flipping through and catching up with a relative, or a friend here, and an acquaintance there, is a temporary way out of feeling trapped. Instead there is that imaginary journey

dreams-dontworkunlessyoudo-285x400 Dealing With Learning Overwhelm
Looking for proactive leaders that are feeling ‘trapped’ behind washing piles

through other people’s lives. Along the way there have been posts about some video series somewhere – doing something, other than be behind four walls and a mile high laundry pile. As soon as the children arrive back the sound of  anther lot of incoming clothing and other chores arrive as well. Time to start again.

Dealing with learning overwhelm needs to be repetitive and boring?

In this continuous loop situation people have found a helpful thing was to relook what caught the attention. Something that was a ‘trigger’ to a curiosity. Next is to check into  the dream plan.  And escape plan. To get out from the cleaning of a toilet bowl.

Then to follow that trigger backwards. Sort out which things need to be sorted out.What then is there left to do as you go out the door for that holiday! And at this point the dream stays where it is?  Just a dream! Until a ‘what if this’ change was factored into the situation  Hands in the dish water, or dancing to the radio with the children and later the grandchildren the wonder of when had

Until a ‘what if this’ change was factored into the situation  Hands in the dish water, or dancing to the radio with  children the wonder of when had learning something new, something ‘adult-ish’ become so hard to do.

When did learning go from hard to easy again?

Look what is already being done with communicating with family online. Interlinking these with other tools and process  how would dealing with ‘learning overwhelm’ be coped with? People share things they write or read. Answered an email.  Texted and messaged someone.  Received responses. Followed up on the process and sent the next family photos and birthday cards out.

With this basic knowledge that now leaves dealing with the finances, along with the next laundry pile and bed making extreme action packed day to fill in.

listbuilding-for-profits Dealing With Learning Overwhelm
Special Report:a Fast way to grow yourself the list to start YOUR digital life

In these situations one of the best-kept secrets is that fact that with everything people are doing online they are creating a list or a series of lists.  How to combine the two

Click through here for the List Building for profit special report.

Break the process up when dealing with learning overwhelm

now the basics were alredy learned in the busy day to day life before the list building report was read what do you do with them.  The next thing is to use this link shortner. Know all those links you have scattered throughout the computer. Use the link shortener to easily save, organise and share those links.

All that has happened is that you have joined two things together with your previous capabilities and are now on the way towards anther part of the Moving Forwards journey within your life.

To people dealing with learning overwhelm this is suggested.

SixFigureMentorsthreenugetsframe-200x160 Dealing With Learning Overwhelm
This Link will get you through to the Six Figure Mentors information.

Approach each new task as a family inclusive idea. More and more family orientated people are realising that by slowly including people on the Autism Spectrum at the beginning of any project there are less hassles in the middle. What one person may be achieving  another can do something else with similar opportunities to so as well.

Try these two tests The first involves  qualitative or quantitive approach measure of performance. The second is the measure of transparency test.

The Six Figure  Mentors has a *straight talk system in place.   Part of that straight talk is to be transparent. What can be more transparent than the giving of one tool and a list building repore that compliments what you are already doing as you  communicate with people around you?

Or do you know of anyone else you communicate with, in the same situation as yourself,

checkyouremailboxin2weekstime-200x158 Dealing With Learning Overwhelm who’d love a sneak peak at the link shortener and List Building Report or in case you missed the link before

Click ‘right here

and then follow up in all the emails incoming inbox’s.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day


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BEFORE you’re at the point of knowing you’re dealing with learning overwhelm.. reach out


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Many times there has been learn with difficulties situations’.


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