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Guidelines for creativity

Online and lost, looking for guidelines to creativity... be prepared to move forward and create your own.  Not so scary when the tools, support and like minded people are all uniquely moving forward.

In this post are the steps through finding that everyday inspiration and moving into seeing the interconnections being with a group of like minded people brings forward.

Susan’s passion is to introduce people  to this simple fact – you CAN be who you want to be. You CAN create the life you love with the  unique inspirational style training and tools available. Susan will help you realize you already have everything you need inside to success with reaching your goals. We’re taking a pivotal guides for creativity motivation booster that rocket fuels your actions, your dream your vision and your life. Simple as that. .

Visualize the Guide lines for creativity.

Its so like there are marketing guidelines for creativity. When for  many people to rush into do everything all at once.  Not remembering there are  none .  And there is confusion. Learn how to do these creations. Even if when compared to professionals the end result is ammatrutish.. What you are learning are the pitfalls. The creation of checklists for either.

To be an affiliate marketer used to be a downplayable profession. Thankfully change came. These marketers found pockets of like minded people. Joined together and created an out of the box express purpose platform. Some years down the track even the large social media platforms that cause havoc to campaigns run through members sites and landing pages requirements constant changes. What was thought to be a bunch of amateurs became a tiger chomping at the bit.
neverbeafraidtitry-remember Guidelines for creativity


One of the Guidelines for creativity

Isolated and in a lonely place shrunk any growth within guidelines for creativity.  Now people are looking  a life where there is less day to day worry. That special place that has a special social value. Something that is premade, easy to connect with and  there to share. A place where should the boss come its at your invitation, your pace and benefits you.

Better yet add in with the tools and know how to get there and create your own as that email list grows. The idea is the social value draw cards are there. People receive it, share it through sales funnels triggered.  But where to find this information. Besides through the actual online training and actions there is other pace where

Create one giveaway for the neich

Knowing what and who your niche is means identifying someone that the avatar… actually feels like they know intimately.  What toothpaste they use, the hair color, favourite foods and ways of eating.  Some cultural norms, Number in the family and their interests.

In some ways what this avatar is reaching out to is an exact science.    Where synergistic people [ on the Autism Spectrum  who see / do/ hear/ smell etc] say hear one thing and see another simultaneously. ]have an advantage is that when that person is in their minds eye they already know them.  These people appear.  As though one person is calling out to another for a solution to a problem.

Explore_this_virtual_house_framed Guidelines for creativityReconnect with your dreams and your personal transformation as. Visualize being invited to come inside a private company to look around. One that bravely lead the way through a mire of confusing external alogarithms of various platforms. Listened to its members and stepped in with a suggested solution to the need for a platform that did more than just host web pages and check their security levels.

Members who had utilized the training in  the new member modules.  The first part to find and set up the ultimate vision in their life.

So you ever have a feeling that you’re drifting through life, and not going where you want to go? Make the decision that will impact the lives around you. And enjoy the results that come forward. 

Take a look at the platform that has all the tools and applications, along with a specific community access.   A place where interaction moves forward everything that is marketing orientated.  Actually a blogger or marketers dream.

Between the virtual floors is a virtual set of steps, escalator or lift system  The choice is yours.  The levels of this floor of learning are brilliant and self discovery becomes a rich part of every day life.

Through another virtual floor are  the choices of training.  What the dream entails the training is supplied for.

Momentum day where every member is invited to go to.

And that next Momentum day is always fast approaching! In person with people met online or on demand while your at work, in front of the children and family members.

Have you ever wondered how leaders in our Community and in the industry at large seem to generate
major success with such relaxed grance? What are their tricks and secrets?
Here’s one secret.

Leaders keep that inner fire burning and never let it die down!

The reason why people fly in from all over the world to attend these Momentum Day events is we get that
fire blazing to new heights.

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Internet And Marketing

The growth of the internet and marketing run parallel

In the not to distant past people needed smart internet and marketing ‘online’ strategies. Partially as the greater the workload they were left  with many folders backed up in the computer choking the memory of affiliate connections and sales. Backtracking with comparisons of data time and time again.  Just in case, someone had forgotten something somewhere. If not checked, then double checked, often the affiliate marketer felt they would lose out on hard earned commission. Things were worse when there were quill and

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