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Overwhelm I know

Bravely moving forward through the overwhelm… I know that well.

Yet to beat back the overwhelm I know what was most helpful was to relook at what caught the attention in the first place! What caused the ‘trigger’ point of curiosity to trip?  It was something bout using the apps and the tools in a way through to achieving part of a dream plan!?

Then to follow that downwards and sort out which things that would need to have sorted out and do along the way. Cross looking at what  was a) already being done [had a little blogging experience [and  though the thought of finances being restricted]] b) what other one tool or process  could be included.dreams-dontworkunlessyoudo Overwhelm I know

With overwhelm know that the state of panic brings a loss of self.

Although a person gets to the point of not recognising their gifts and talents are just that.  Gifts and talents making them unique.  So the physical tools that become indispensable are ‘indispensable’. Be they humans, property and or education or workplace.  The list is extensive.  Now the person gives up themselves. One makes their feel good chemical release [ like the hormone dopamine] propel themselves forward.  And the other [ their ‘selves’] get hidden from view and ignored.

When working with overwhelm people become aware that once a tool or a process

connecting to an  achievement was made, then that tool becomes indispensable.  Find the balance.  It is not “look what this tools does for ‘me’… but a tool or an application is the same as a business.  The opposite is more truth.  More like “With this tool at ‘my’ disposal I can and have done this.  Made that. Created this card. Written this blog. Added a picture here and downloaded  a video there.”

With the DBL apps and tools came overwhelm. Know and  experiment through it.

The Digital Business Lounge [ DBL] has all sorts of integrative apps and tools.  This is the

Zazzle-your-hot-card-jpeg Overwhelm I know
Share a Smile Practice Times Are H.O.T.

link through to the TidyURL.  A link shortener that anyone may use for nothing. You write a post and use the link shortener.  Unlike computer bots people like reading things that are shortened.

From that point other conceptual integrations are made. These became a few more. Challenges were approached in a slightly different way as well. As in The video challenge was approached with not to be perfect. A major step that was hard thought as members, like myself, kept falling behind. That is where everyone had an opportunity to just explore. Learn and complete one thing at a time.

At that point beta testing of the Graphix Creator and YourTubePlayer happened. Personally,  a terrific time was had. There was a statement about testers needed to see who could break the systems. Guess what is now repaired. Believe me, having worked these apps and tools mercifully there was a lot of fun to be had while learning so much.

In fact people in your circle of influence now can receive email cards, e-books and  even newsletters for things that they like.  The events in life are even having a lead capture page.  That way messages are  sent direct and no one needs miss out on relevant information. The added advantage you even see, at a glance, who has opened their email messages. Or who needs a reminder on sent.  Plus who has the best ‘the dog ate my homework  story’ as with these tools range tracking one for tracking there to be included.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

contact-me-1000-x-200 Overwhelm I know
When learning was a chore and something to fear…. overwhelm I know about


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Welcome the me I had forgotten about


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