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Time for recovery and loss review

The Recovery and Loss es Within Life  give us cause to review and be thankful

I do not know about you but the recovery and loss review times of what I am that I am trying to put out into the net-is-there is such a frustrating time.

For instance making just a simple lead capture page leads to so many possibilities.    Especially as this one is about and for ‘Autism As A Gift’.  As I have Autism and have gone through much to get to the point where I now see this as a gift that is what is going to be shared.   Not my view so much.  Although it will start that way.

recoveryandlossovercompeterchallengers-200x167 Time for recovery and loss review

As the campaign associated gradually reaches people with Autism, anywhere on the spectrum, either their own or people that they are caring for, in some capacity respond to this call more will be shared through the Autism As A Gift site.

Which of course makes the recovery and loss of information factor and even great importance.

Why be thankful for recover and loss?

With every up, there is a down.  Okay, this is a given. There is also the fact that with every moment there is a learning time as well.  This learning time is called an experience.  Add experiences together and gradually there are life experiences built upon.

The same goes for ideas.   Have one idea.  Work with that idea.  Experiment and flounder.  Then add to that idea with wonder.  Now review and evaluate the whole thing.  Note that no matter how horrible things are looking.  That you may think you are going backwards, or around in circles, just do not panic.  Take a moment out in time and just think… recover and loss.    What can you recover from the time you have ‘lost’ gaining experience.  Your own personal experience.

That personal experience will replace other people’s stories and even all the book learning you have ever experienced and services.

Key Objectives – component of the process to bring vision to reality
Market Development Process Goods / services People development
Keep on top of things * Training of Susan

Okay they have not transferred over


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