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dyslexic has

Being dyslexic has brought forward some challengers. Having a friend share with me the Grammarly ap helped. When I saw what was in that application going babansas was easily to achieve. I purchased a pro version on the spot. That purchase save me wastage of time management opportunity. Over all yes there are millions of people all over the world who pop over to Grammarly and take advantage of the everyday one as a free one. This I truely thought of doing as well.

Then I weighted the fact that the inconvenience of the dyslexia had broght for me over the last fifty-five years. Checked the bank account, gritted my teeth. And thought “WoW the most productive and best-used thing every brought for my birthday’ is using this app. And hay love the end effect as this has meant a sense of freedom. A nearly unsurpassed, unequalled freedom.

Great Discord

When there is a great discord within one area of your life, other things become affected. How can you be like a walking zombie and look after other people’s children? Drive a car or operate other big forms of machinery.

Even being affected by the closeness of the external problems both during and after the huge Black Friday fire time that raged over Eastern Victoria in 2009. [Australia]


Another area that did have massive discord within was a working situation.


Mental health – post traumatic shock syndrome


I mentioned before about finding something creative to fo that filled my unspoken requirement needs. Welcome to my very first PDF. This is why I consider Autism as a gift. Once you being to make progress past the factors that cause the ‘Dis-ease’ of the mind or physical things that place you into stress.. the things you thought were nothing in the past. That since you can do them everyone else can too. Well, the news is that in part one of the things that employers are looking out for is your ability to tune out and focus. For this they will pay yu a wage.

Bullying is out

Bullying is out in the open. Yet people with Autism are being channeled through into giving their gifts and talents over for a funded workplace environment.

In Australia, employers have the ability to go to Center Link. Become accredited work places. These businesses then go through an agency to have people funneled through their workplaces. Strangely enough, the people not familiar with this devastating process suddenly find themselves in the downside of centerline. Why. Because one day this work has finished. Then that person is told “thank you. Your presence is no longer required.”

On the flip side, there are only a few days to inform Centrelink of being fired. And you must fo this before the employer does this.

Its a first in first response basis. What is not widely known is the fact that placed in writing your story handled to Center link must go on that employer’s records. Was informed that there is four strikes and your out of the system for these employers.

Something else to ponder about. People in this ‘Your fired’ situation do not realise just how much power they actually have. Especially during the first three months. Bulling is not tolerated in the workplace. Not from workers, yourself when you retaliate nor from customers. AND not from management. One form of bulling is not meeting the work safety requirements and yet demanding you work that piece of equipment or not come in for the shift. Mean while the employer contacts the work placement area. Tell other members on staff that you are a trouble maker and lets them gang up on you. You either love, But your lip and keep quiet and work with the faulty, or undersupplied, equipment. Mind you if when something happens of course, it’s your fault. Usually, it is in a legal sense as well.

This I found out when I walked away from driving a local firms taxi. Thinking that I had to wait three months, I waited things out. Near ran out of food. Relied on some handouts and the well stocked vegetable garden towards the end of that time.

Had I known to go into Centrelink and report what was happening, which I did when I finally went to Centrelink, they would have been able to assist me in some way. Like maybe a temprary cash flow while things were being sorted out.

How the systematic bullying over the 12 years there was really flaring up the Autism, then things may, just may, have been different. Just maybe I would not have been sleeping through the next six months of my life. That is once I stopped waking up thinking I heard the radio ring. Even the tick tock clock at the other end of the house was thown out in the end. I could hear it ticking in my head. Light sensativites became a nightmare.

When there is discord this great within your life other things become affected. How can you be like a walking zombie and look after other people’s children. Thankfully that too was having external problems after a huge Black Friday fire time that raged over eastern Victoria in 2009.

Now after just over three years since walking away from the taxi base -things some things have finally begun to settle down.

Mental Health Discord

My situation was assisted in that I was still going through Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome as well. Before 1991, all I had to deal with was that in some things I was either a little weird or just chose not to fit in. To remove myself from the situations and find something more interesting to do. Something that did not cause the quiet unfelt at that moment pain.

Massive discord

Another area that did have massive discord within was a working situation. Now after just over three years since walking away from the taxi base -things. Some things, have finally begun to settle down.

In that time though I found a place that I could be creative. Without the mess. There was enough clutter here in the physical spaces, let alone in my mind. No more mess was needed. What was needed was a change of pace, place, and mindset.  As I had no money to move and no energy to pack the place this meant staying too and changing things around.  The office space was altered over ten times within the three years. There are photos taken to prove this transition as well. Now the water paints, the paint brushes, and other art things are in the old caravan.

Many things from the closure of the voluntary children’s area were dumped in my lounge room, dining room and external sheds. And the caravan. These were leftovers from that stuff that went into the opportunity shops. Hay! We filled so many trailers that went to the dump. That cost us. Then the voluntary goods bins were taken away. That left the place where I ‘slept’ during the on-call working hours!

The mental clutter began to sport itself gradually out over time. With help from people online. Being a person active within the physical community was a fearful experience. Noises, sounds, smells, and just people had me closing off just for protection. If I had continued to push myself out there, medications would have been required. Now that was not going to happen… Many people on the Autism spectrum will know what it is like to get to this point of overload. Yet they are at a point where to af=dmit that this is what it is like is more frightening than not speaking about it.

if your boss came

If your boss came today believing

What would happen if your boss came along tomorrow and insisted you did something you know is not only against the law, But should you do this thing then that boss will simply say “I Know Nothin.”

Happens so often and in many different  scenarios.

Drivers  driving taxi cabs the cab for hours on end until the driver  considered it unsafe and gives up a shift to sleep..Suddenly finds there was no work for over three weeks. Loss of  income hurts financially. The driver begins to  despise themselves for being in that hand to mouth begging situation. painful situation to be in.

Look at other professions an traditional training and education systems. A new be in the country being s retraining in a different  nursing system. Arriving in an accredited Aged care facility and not having enough gloves, having to halve blues just to save money. What dies this person do? Accept the lower standard or leave the training owning a large debt. These unacceptable and continually growing  lists go on growing. Speaking out cost the nursing retraining.

Somewhere in all these hours was motherhood.

Again the writing was on the wall. To fix the situation the taxis were again driven.

Now if your boss came and banged on the bedroom window in the middle of the night you having just got to sleep after an eighteen hour shift….

Once again the writing was on the wall. So I fixed the situation as speaking out. Repetitive superior behaviour  did not stop there. Instead the Autism Spectrum behaviour mode of action flared up into a full uproar. How dare people do this not only their contracted workers. But to endanger the clients and other  people who are in a situation of trust that was intollerable.

Narcissism wants you to be effective and efficient while abiding to your sense of rights and ethics. Go against it and the stress and anxiety from hiding from it begins to eat away inside. Placing you at “dis-ease” with yourself. Then the rest of the Autism traits take over. Now an overwhelming  meltdown occurs and six months later finally you become ‘awake’. It’s up to you now to close the gap.

Reward yourself with a life if your own making! The question still stands. Have you hunted for a life of your own making ?

More over are you living that life? Starting form the moment you wake up until you retire and finally fall asleep at night!

Equality with freedom to move. Breath in the fresh air. Maximise the extended hours within your day. Gain more choices that you are even aware of.

Be brave enough to start, carry on through til today’s to-do list is completed. Finally to complete each day with a smile. A feeling of gratitude and a hunger for tomorrow.

Be fearless in the hunt for your dream. Take that dream by the horns . Shake it for all it’s worth to you.

Old fashioned forfullment means action starts today. Know your action now. Reaching for a sense of accumplishment each day.

If one day at a time is your way then hurry up and come out to play. That means getting out there with friends and family and enjoying what you are doing on your own terms with your life.

SusanLewisandLogo if your boss cameHere at Susan Lewis Marketing, we love sharing blog posts that put that smile on your face: We hope you enjoy reading this blog post as we did writing it.

If your old boss came back today to your front door – tell us what you think in the comments section below after feeling the gratitude for escaping that environment.

Geographical Freedom

Geographical Freedom – Believe Geographical Freedom Has Moved Through To the Age Of Compassion That Brings Even Greater Freedoms And You Are Half Way There.

Real compassion comes from the heart region.  A heart that connects to the head.  The intellect. When The Head Connects To The Heart The Universe Opens Up Wider Than Ever Before.

People need to go the whole distance though. The assumption because one person does something one way another wants to explore that aspect and follow suit makes the world once again into a very narrow robotic mindset.

Contrary to popular belief the geographical freedom  found in this world we live in has multiplied exponentially. First early man found fire. Transportation. Discovery. Industrial age. Now this world  is just opening up to the digital age.  Even that has moved through the RoboAge and in to the next phase.  Essentially moving from the head and into the heart….The age of compassion.

Real compassion comes from the heart region.  A heart that connects to the head.  The intellect. People need to go the whole distance though. The assumption because one person does something one way another wants to explore that aspect and follow suit makes the world once again into a very narrow robotic mindset.

susan-lewis-05-160x200 Geographical Freedom
Susan Lewis

In this post Susan Lewis walks you through something that she herself found when first really seeking, and finding, self-secrets. For most people we learn to cover over the inner-self.  For Susan this came with a bang.  A truck impacted through the front passenger side of the van Susan was driving.  Continuing through as the van top corner crumpled around Susan’s head.

What occurred was a very deep memory loss.  Actually thirty-one years of memory was trapped within the brain.  Add that to the Autism Spectrum that no-one knew was even there are the recipe for zombie hood had just been thrown in.   Susan was alive.  Just the memories had to resurface.  Then be recognised for something – other than painful. Pain we are taught from early years to avoid. Susan’s mind dealt with pain periods by closing down the body.  So Susan slept. For the next twenty-five odd years while trying to learn new things, or relearn other things Susan hit time where she just slept.

And one day this changed. The next part of this post is a  part of Susan’s story.

With the Six Figure Mentors Bootcamp training, becoming an affiliate and reaching out for a financial and geographical freedom has been a steady up hill and down dale road to journey upon.  Sometimes  wondering if the map was the right one and the compass was working there have been so many changes.

Sometimes I rally begin to wonder what challenge is just hiding around the corner. Then I remember “Energy Flows where the attention Goes” That was from Jay Kubassek, a co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors and a leading light of this private invitation only community.

 Today was one of ‘those’ days.

Yet it was not as bad as  I thought it would be at one frightful stage.  Yes, the computer had a meltdown with the voice and sounds being played.

Yes!  today was all planned out and that plan did not go according to plan!

Knowing that the 90-day challenge is meant to be a video per day all I can say is: So sorry folks this video is one from a few days ago that was not released yet.

This morning when everything crashed here  was Susan just listening to someone’s video where they had had a ‘hat trick’. And just after they spoke about the difference between a ‘belief ‘mode and a ‘know’ mode I knew what it was like to suddenly have no sound coming in.

As a continuance, the next few hours brought forward a friend who assisted in the time of need. Lesson of the day. Crash and think all things are possible …cause they are. Know it is time to take a deep breath. Remember your dream. Face that dream and know, just know, that is what you are going to have. Feel it as it is as real as you feel.

Last year at a friends place Susan spoke about 1 subset of an overall dream that got them thinking. They altered the way they spent, thought and lived. This year the money they saved has gone into replacing things. However their dream is once again on track.That was the man who came and fixed my computer.

Three things… the first was I had not realised I had had a dream. It was a wish. There is a big difference between the two.  This dream has a knowledge of completion.  You already know that is what you will have.    dreams completion

The second is that in order to finish Susan’s personal dream recognised need to join SFM. That also was just a little BIG step in the right direction.

There Susan found that a vision was more than just a dream.  In fact there were now several dreams. Each with a date attached.

Looking For Answers To Your Internet Struggles… Susan defiantly as!

Third thing: You never know who, how, what, when and why you are in that place at that time. Nor do you know the power of influence your words have on someone else.

Associated to these was the fact that Susan had to be prepared to challenge herself . Then to act and change.  Change was not easy. To morph into what was the beginning of realising the true potential within “self” took lots of energy and tones of focus.  Admittedly the wheel is turning slowly.  And yet this is the most satisfying journey to discovery that Susan has ever been upon.

Would Susan Do This Again.  You beta ya.

Hence why Susan recommends to all the readers of this post Check this link out.  Watch the videos.  Yes they are about marketing.  Business marketing.

One thing not mentioned here is the brain does not like change.  Especially a brain already coping with change.  Massive everyday challenges on everyday things.  To relearn to learn things need to be connected.  So change in one brain hemisphere did alter the perceptions on the brain as a whole. Misdirected zapps between brain synaps had caused short circuits. Loops resulted in misfiling of information.  What a mess.

So by learning about marketing for family based businesses and communities the brain was open to relearn to learn. Please tell which people you know do not like spending money? To have extra food in the cupboards in case someone called in.

What was found out was the best person to market change to is yourself.  Without change occurring then people stay in the same hemisphere. Therefore to really reap the rewards the mind needs to reach out for geographic freedoms.

what_if_you_fly_my_darling-194x200 Geographical Freedom
Dream Big. Aim High. Fly Higher Than Ever Thought Before.


For Susan this meant flying to Sydney and seeing places she had seen before the truck impact.  Revisiting mentally things that had happened  as she and the first child landed off the plane.  The next year meeting a man who Susan had known for ages. The following year flying to Brisbane and then the next year flying to Perth.

In between learning more about affiliate marketing. The steps and process of life that most people have learned are finally just coming together. The most wonderful thing is that Susan can now laugh and smile.  Seems so simple to many people.  Except that Susan is on the Autism Spectrum.

To freely just have the facial muscles unknowingly in a smile is something so precious is worth everything that has gone on in the last four years and more.

Sure the wheel seems to still turn slowly.  Yet this is the most satisfying journey to discovery that people, including Susan, will ever introduce too others.

Every_morning_now_we_are_born_again-200x150 Geographical Freedom
Tap the iPad to connect in.

Tap the phone above for more help with your en-devours.

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gap in your belief system


Allowing someone else to close the gap in your belief system For myself I learned early that second best was what I would have. Be content you are a girl. And then the feminist movement came along. Something that was already there was an understanding of equality. Feminism was about equality, therefore, absorbing that became a big part of my everyday existence.

Did the acceptance of being a second class citizen remain? Yes. Has this now changed? Yes. Is it hard to change? At this point of my life, I would say Why do you ask. Yesterday I would has started a Yes to this question. Why?

After a lunch and an afternoon spent with the most intriguing person I know, I was asked a simple question. Unfortunately. there was a personal internal disconnect occurring.  Mostly because of the Autism super awareness of new situations happening.  And that sure makes known huge shows any gap in your belief system.  Only it tends to take a while to process the information.

There was something not working. By not following through as I did in the first one [ which is working] and finding out what I had forgotten to do I was literally setting the thing up so I would fail again. That my friend is the acceptance of being a second class citizen once again. And that I finally got angry with.

What I am doing though may be classed as an expensive hobby. Well, I am on an Australian disability pension. Many people I know are using the smokes, the alcohol, illicit drugs or the gambling. None of these I do.
What I am doing is creating social worth that backs up the transitional changes in attitudes towards those with Autism.
The bridge of knowledge had***************

With the things that have been brought to the front of mind, I no longer will accept second best. Besides, there is no one perfect. And strangely enough,, this post is not even written in the prescribed way. Just straight form the heart, the mind and my being. Which is funny in a way as being autistic why am I following everyone else’s path. The answer is simple their path works. People purchase the Digital Experts Academy product line through this prescribed way of affiliate marketing. I know that for a fact as I did.


Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship AHELPING A LESS EXPERIENCED PERSON


The next step is for me to share this post. Then go back and connect all the other posts into the Simple LeadCapture pages. Yes, I am about to hit the publish buttin on all of them. Now to close the gap between knowing they are not perfect and getting the job done. Knowing they are not yet alive is driving this determinaton. How can I drive traffic to anything that is not connected to a page or a post? Next after that is the connectons into the Autroresonder.

Looks to be a very interesting few weeks. Just to close the gap it only takes three days to obtain a passport you just pay extra for it. Tomorrow I am getting my photo ID taken. Asking friends to cosign the documents tomorrow evening.

Come with me on the alternative digital lifestyle that is happening through these blog posts. Now what a way to close the gap.

Close the gap

So many people are jumping on board the Autism boat that the figurative boat itself looks like it is imploding. With the aim to close the gap between those within the Autism Spectrum and the atypical person.

   Which makes sense. People such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson, have told their story years ago. The difference between you, me and those who have had the drive, focus and attention they so rightly  recognise as being theirs is just that. A mindset that focuses on their inner need first. Everything else then revolves around this need.  Therefore that is what they are getting. They live it, breath it and define it again and again. But you define yours too you say. That may be true within its self except for one thing. Maybe two. People who live their dream look back and know they were carried through from creating a circle of influence around them reflective of what it is they knew they were achieving. Then they set about to close the gap between their now and their “I have this situation.” under control attitude.Everything else is a want.  Wants are strategies created in order to achieve their singular few needs. Those needs complete their dream.  These wants are the are called stepping stones as what they want is

Everything else is a want.  Wants are strategies created in order to achieve their singular few needs. Those needs complete their dream.  These wants are the are called stepping stones as what they want is organised into doable actions that take then out of a comfort zone and into another level. The needs are the focus objectives. The dream is alive even before having sorted out the other parts.

Sometimes completing only one stepping stone at a time.  Other times as they complete on learning phase completely they smash that stepping stone into pieces.

One decade or two. The effort, word, blood sweat and swears carried them through. That primary focus was there all the time.

ALLOWING someone else to close the gap in your belief system

Throughout people’s lives, there are many influences. Every single person that I know has been raised with something they consider as a challenge to them during their childhood. Adulthood is nothing different. The sense of style may replicate those around you.  Yet you yearn for a different comfort zone within your dress type. Maybe wanting a different body style or clothing cloth. Rushing home just to change from a synthetic into nothing more than a silk or cotton throw on.
What would happen if your boss came along tomorrow and insisted you did something you know is not only against the law. But should you do this thing then that boss will simply say “I Know Nothin.” This happened to me in different scenarios. Each time the  Autism traits took over. Then a meltdown occurred.  Believe me, after a few you start to make a connection. It’s up to you now to close the gap.

Look into building an alternative digital lifestyle and close the gap
One and a half generations since finding blog the connections between writing posts online and building an alternative digital lifestyle still had not connected.  tidy URL this . The soon to released Autism As A Gift Campaign is now here. [1st Jan 2016]

Should you want more information on how to come into the fluid online parenting systems the reach out to me through In fact why not just close the gap between your needs and the bosses wants. Be proactive and let him have the link after you have experienced it firsthand first!

bridge of knowledge had

The bridge of knowledge had come close the gap finally. Note the Simple Lead Capture application is absolutely fantastic. Should you not hold a mindset of “shooting yourself in the foot”. It took me another twenty-four hours, and I realised again I was delaying things
. What I should have done was contact the Gold Level Digital Experts Academy mentoring coaches months ago. Have them assist me and then get going with building a list. Drive traffic though to the Digital Experts Academy list. And let the people decide if they wanted to participate in some of the best educational training and upskilling methods out there. My own decision was to work through to creating a business support syetme= that could be run anywhere in the world. Okay as long as there was an internet connection. Otherwise, there would just be massive uploads when and where there were the internet connections.

Instead, I quietly and firmly informed the other person of a financial restraint that I had. And I watch the pity within their eyes come forth for that split second On that Sunday Afternoon. Five minutes after walking away, the realization that I no longer had to be quiet had been removed just two days earlier on the Friday afternoon at four pm. The pattern brake was so new the feeling of surreally living between two worlds was happening again.

I sat down in a bus shelter with head in the palms of my hands and nearly cried. The pity within the other person eyes made sense now. Once again send best had come to the forefront. This had acceptance attitude to stop. At that moment in my life, a decision was made. You reading this post is reflective of that decision. When I was reviewing and replacing a vastly different scenarios within my mind. On my seventh birthday, something had caused me immense pain. In my right ear, I was told effectively to be quiet. And since that day I have kept quiet. Similataniusly accepting second best along the way.

That was very nearly seven times the seven years away. And soon is my eight times that seven years restarting within my own life again