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untapped talent pool

That untapped talent pool

Yes! There is an untapped talent pool among the autistic adults. Lacking the social skills and communication abilities critical just to get past the initial interview screening process the workforce closes off from Autistic people.

However, there are places that have programs set aside especially for these on the Autism Spectrum. As growth within their industry provides further enhancement to the established work balance more and more of this untapped talent pool of people are being sort. These people have the abilities these companies look for are happening.

Riches lie within the untapped talent pool.

How is this interview stage suiting the particular individuals communication issues? First the interviewer justs flips the switch. Instead of adding anxiety to an already stressful situation

Santaandsurfboardoutoflego untapped talent pool
Some great things happen when you let the inner child out.

why not settle in at the interest level. Over time different conceptual thinking patterns are brought out in play. Detailed instructions resulting in leggo block creations.

Did you know that Googles first external drive cover was made out of Lego blocks?  There are great thing come in small packages at times this is a surprising result of doing things differently. Like just flipping that switch utilizing untapped talent pool.

Allow comfortability. Let them just ‘play’ around with the equipment. Watch as they become a part of that machines process. Actually, they have probably left the interview way behind while focusing into the hum and energy of the activity.

The caring for the person does not just stop once hired. The company believes in providing social worth. Effectively creating a widening gap between change and meltdown occasions. The result is a smoother transition with the idea of a soft landing amongst the workforce. Pretty impressive really. People from this previously untapped talent pool allowing the mentor and guides through their safety zones also have been known to become faithful employees. Overcoming odds that most would just crumble under.

How many times in the past compared to the present is there?

In all of my years this is one of four places that have managed to accomplish the social worth feat. Two were within my early teenage years.

The other is a community where the social worth beings within the first moments. Now that that was given to me is being returned as an ‘Autism As A Gift’ campaign reaches into the lives of people, communicates and businesses.



 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom untapped talent pool
Live an inspired life today as you go about and measure your journey



“We will never reach a better life until we can imagine it for ourselves and allow other to have it.”  ~ Richard Bach

“Whatever you decide to fo, make sure it makes you happy.”  ~Paulo Coelho


Susan Lewis Marketing with – Untapped Talent pool

Chase your dream

Chase your dream to catch your dream know what that dream is.  Just keep the dream in sight.

Carlos saw a possibility.  Even though diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum Carlos has not let that hinder him achieving his dream.  Sure the steps on the journey

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put ourselves forward

As a family we learned to put ourselves forward

Each one of us has some reasonable excuse that we do not want to put ourselves forward with.

Before 1991 my own life experiences involved talipes as well as congenial dislocating hips. Okay, so I had a little trouble crawling and walking for a few years. Probably due to the big plaster casts fitted with the bar. Personally I cannot think of another child who was swang upside down as often as I was.  There was that bar between my feet.  And my

empahtyistobeabletowalkingsomeelesesboots put ourselves forward
Before you jump the gun think about the other person. Where they have come from, the situation they are within. Would you come in and join in as we all put ourselves forward.

neighbors had big families that dwarfed my mother’s six brothers and sisters.

Turns out I was also born with High Functioning Autism.  Not a problem as every other person in the family had some trace of it so according to us we were all normal!  We just learned different and to learn it meant applying the lessons in a different form work.  One that society today is finally catching up on in their methods of teaching.

To put ourselves forward as the real world existed.

Yes the real world, and our world, had to be learned to be straddled.

Now think about a person who is in the same predicament as myself. Add to this a complete relearning situation that was needed to be overcome. Yes after gravel truck imploded into the van I was driving what happened but a complete clock out and lock down of thirty-one years of memories. Officially this is Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

All I know is that while that was in charge of my brain there was no need to place myself in the path of official relearning through educational institutions. And yet I did. The growing family meant that the need to put ourselves forward meant to lead by example.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom put ourselves forward
Come one .. Join in as we put ourselves forward.

“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation.  Use it!  -Ram Dass

“Don’t change just so people will like you! Like yourself and your relationships will change.  There are people who will love you for – YOU.” ~ Bryant McGill

trial-650x310 put ourselves forward
Susan Lewis Marketing with – Put Ourselves forward – now to go back to the top.

search engines job

Are you aware that the search engines job is to provide search results that satisfy human beings with a question they need answering?  To do this the best sites are selected to present to most relevant results based on a search inquiry. The thing is that when your online systems is all owing the neck of mankind holders out path.

There are now three directional changes influencing these who gets these results. The first is the compliance regulation for operating within the host platforms.  The second is the way

yourclarityabout-you search engines job
When you know… you know the time to start ihas already begun. Activate the switch and let the FuN begin [ *straight talk]
people ask the questions while seeking out the information in the first place.  That is where they are on the buyers scale.  And the third is what theology, app or tool are they using? Underlying all these is the understanding that Robo Technology is right here and it’s knocking though and into everything we humans, think, know and do.

Deep Blue organises the bots and feeds from the knowledge channeled.

Take Deep Blue.  This computer was programmed with a level of human intelligence which

after a few years won a chess game.  Not any chess game.  The Kasparov in 1997.  Now IBMs computer can recognise your facial features as you amble on by.  Olus engage you in a conversation  which definitely is very one sided.  It know everything about you.

The search engines job was to keep this computer updated with places you went to, things you purchased at the shops and may be even what you excreted.   The technology is there.

rethinktraditionalemployment search engines job
Employers keep you busy. But, Are you being self productive while being busy?

Just human-kind has not been fast in coming forward and accepting the changes. Now the problem has been overcome.  The humans need to be trained all their lives from pre-birth.

The program opens the way for teaching students communication and service skills, sales and marketing and leadership.  Seems like a search engines job is to update humans

Today’s children have become so addaped at accepting the computer is like a big Library.  Always on tap though.  Apps like ‘SERI’ are asked for anything and everything.  Knowledge is no longer something for someone else’s child.  Knowledge is like a gathering of gold nuggets.

Simply put: if the people do not know which switch to switch on then it is their personal choice.

Imagine a training system that includes, for your use or a staff members use, an upskilling method complementing the platforms you already use.   And I am talking a program that is designed to lay the foundation for owning your own business, therefore becoming your own boss.

The search engines job is to bring your here.  Your job though is to   Just think of a split second.  Then act.  Act in a way that is for the benefit of mankind

DBLBootCampvert search engines jobThe program opens the way for teaching students communication and service skills, sales and marketing and leadership.

As a student to leverage the most recent, cutting-edge online marketing strategies and solutions  is totally awesome.  Yes as with everything there are minor hiccups in the learning and implementation processes. However, once the system used is ‘flowing through’ to full capacity the results slowly seem over-ordinary.  Actually extraordinary.

So many intersystem being to fall into place leaving the ability to create full-time work for themselves. A transition eagerly looked forward too by many as knowing how things are set to work, seeing the function and the results allows for a greater peace of mind to be allowed to occur.

In a nutshell this is the Digital Experts Academies Silver training platform has the basic level of coordinated atmosphere.

is this appealing too

Who is this site appealing too?

Understandably not everyone will enjoy the posts created or the topics covered. That is the freedom of choice that each and every one of us have. Besides the fact that the internet is so vast.  Timeless material that is generated sends the IBMs Blue Computer  into a spin just reading everything produced.

But we are not machines, let alone computer brains as yet. Even though Emotional Intelligence is well on the cards and even is knocking on our doors and rattling the window panes. Time magazine [ Feb 2015] has a cover and a bold statement that the human mind will become codependent on the computer chip by 2045. The further IBM, Google,Facebook

checkemailboxnow is this appealing too
Are you checking your email box regularly. The computer Bots are!

etc put forth the idea of “Let’s build a smarter planet and thus welcome you to the cognitive area”. Ask yourself who is this appealing to? And then let yourself just geek out right there! And ask what happened to a simple procedure that sent an email from one place to another?

What conditioning is needed to make this virtual life into a real life ?

Preteens are using their Seri apps to locate information. Instant access into the accessing of knowledge and therefore the development of a personal power base. Is this appealing to the younger generations or have they been conditioned to accept big brother with the superior cognitive powers controlling what it is we dream about doing?

Either the schools are sadly lacking resources or anything to do with the internet has

headsofwheatcsiro is this appealing too
And during the hard time was this farmer forgotten Heads of Wheat courtesy of CSIRO

become so diverse they levels of understanding are now extremely particular to that field. Therefore the learning is whole and solely concentrated on that one speciality area all else has to be left behind. With the visitors to this site – is this appealing to their personal ethos in their own life situations?

Very much like a relative who had a flat tyre in 1978. He may have held all the University degrees under the sun the only person who pulled over to help was an old life schooled cow cocky who did not mind the pouring rain. The relative was a psychologist of international renown. The cognitive research had him traveling between England and Germany through well into the 1980s. As such, he recognised the genuine kindness of the old fella. According to the relative both of these men would have been on the Autism Spectrum.  Just in different areas.

No payment was necessary nor asked for. There were, however, a few truckloads of hay prepaid and delivered through some very lean and long years of the draught.

 Is this appealing to your personal ethos resonance?

Does this story ring any bells? The question is what has the Cyber Cognitive Area and the

wonthaggi-fairy-floss-man-susanlewismarketingdotcom is this appealing too
Fairy floss made in an open air Market. Is this appealing to you or would you prefer to have it posted in bulk.

old fella got as a common denominator? Both are there when you need them. One for information and knowledge and the other because of a lack of knowledge and know how.

The internet usage, the power behind what is happening within the internet cycles, How the

e-commerce is fueling the science and the finances through the usage of the apps, tools and constantly changing technologies where will this all take the human race?

Are you looking for the skills needed to transfer some , if not all, your commercial ideas into an e-commerce area?

Now your online situation is this appealing to you still?

Actually where does it leave the micro business person who is just trying to stay connected

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand is this appealing too
Content may be King. But the Queen rules the show through and Contact and Communication. Is this appealing to you?

within their consumer base? Without a list, how do they reach out through the distractions to be found?

On another level where and how do people reach out for training and upskilling. As the world becomes more open and without barriers tapping into skilled workers is increasingly tapping into outsourcing critical, time-sensitive workloads.

People are finding that they need to micromanage their own staff levels. Therefore, outsourcing needs to be with properly recognised and understood certified training packages. Understood by the employer usually meant the employer had to take time off in order to gain the certifications as well.

As a silver lining to the big black clouds coming in before the storm hits the Digital Experts Academy has a variety of training systems. [* Smart Talk Alert] Continue to embrace the learning and what going on. Maybe it would be simply a case of “Eat the Frog” mindset mentality. Make the shift and time to do things that you really do not want to do in order for you to just be ahead of the population struggling to survive and adapt. Like the farmer whose like was tied into the ground. When the conditions were not right the years of providing and helping others slowly began to dry up. Like a stream without any water.

Now to answer the question of  this site is this appealing to you.


Should you be needing a hand with upskilling and training  your staff or yourself…. You’re obviously interested in what is at the end of this post…

prepareme-rightnow is this appealing too
Up for a challenge? Prepare yourself.. —>>> Just Hit the link <<<—-
Up for a challenge? Prepare yourself.. —>>> Just Hit the link <<<—-

and check out the Digital Businesses Lounge’s Silver platform training system.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day


contact-me-1000-x-200 is this appealing too
The Digital Experts Academy Silver Training Platform is truly worthwhile


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

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Now Be Who You Want To Be

Right now you are who you want to be!

There is a twist though. Are you who you want to be? Think about it what will it take to change from who you are into who you want to be. People are often told “You CAN be who

Youcanbethatpersonyouaretobenow Now Be Who You Want To Be
Right now this may be where you are up too. What is your push button for you to make that change.

you want to be. Your CAN create the life you want.” Jay Kubassack. There is a part of you to be, know this, YOU Already ARE.

Your circle of influence has a great deal to do with your mindset. You want change. You need to change. Then what is holding you back? Take away all the excuses. Look for the reason. The answer boils down to three little words. These words are “I am ME”. When your ME is the sum total of all you “My Experiences” make me thus. That is a “B/story”. Simply the steps are a) remove the old, b) insert the new, c) Start taking action on this as if you already simply are who you want to become.

Now be who you want to be!

The second part is that with a unique inspirational style you already have everything you need inside to succeed. Talking about a pivotal motivational booster for the “You CAN be who you want to be” because “You are what you Seek to be”. Now be who you want to be!

Now change the circle of influence. Clean out the house in the head. Change the furniture.

Alter the environment. Drastically ! Find and action the trajectory your life is now taking.

whateverthemindcanconceiveandbelieveitcanachieve-Napoleon-Hill Now Be Who You Want To Be

Something, or someone not right for you comes in… there is a delete button. Use it. With most things a negative energy input makes what you are doing go flat. You want to be who you best can be. Then change the ingredients that currently make up your life patterns. Admittedly some things are DNA embedded. Change how you look at those things. People see Autism as a disease. And inevitable disability. Absorbing the negatives is easily done. There you are going to the medicals with everyone else that is “Sick’ so you take on the sick mentality.

Why waste the energy? Change the mindset. No this may not be a quick fix and bingo wave  a magic wand.

yourclarityabout-you Now Be Who You Want To Be
When you know… you know the time to start ihas already begun. Activate the switch and let the FuN begin [ *straight talk]
Look, yes I have Autism. I also have four grown up children. Does that make me no longer a mother? What it means is that I have gifts, skills, knowledge and talents that life has helped make me unique within. Added to this is the fact that there is an extra-dimensional viewpoint happening. Okay, then what have I done with those gifts? First there was a need to see them as gifts. Then to start believing they were gifts. now I know “Autism as a gift” So the rallying call of ‘Now be who you want to be‘ has been heard and is being acted upon.

The recipe for ‘Now be who you want to be’

Living life on own terms means to now be who you want to be — take action. Massive action. Massive coordinated action. Creating an alternative digital lifestyle involves far more than purchasing the latest whiz-bang computer. Passively turning on a computer switch. Finding a recipe. Sitting there. Watching that recipe will not a cake be baked. Be firm. Define what it is you really need.  Now set the whole process in motion.

Focusanddreamonthebeach Now Be Who You Want To Be

Just reach out and take what it is you have, add who you are, throw in your dream need, sprinkle in the wants, smile. Mix all ingredients together with the glue that forms your “X’,”Y’ and “Z” mix. Bake. Share.

To Now be who you want to be the kick start is ………

While cooking why wait to share. Everyone else would have started sharing at the concept of having the idea. Rallying people around with banter and conversation. Asking people of their disasters, funny bits, success stories and thoughts on the process they would have

listbuilding-for-profits Now Be Who You Want To Be
Special Report with the Fastest way to grow yourself the list you need to start YOUR alternative digital life.

been building their list. Letting people know who and what is there. Where the best buys for the favourite color party hat is to include in the fancy costume idea that the community has agreed upon.

I mean, come on, just one little cake may have been your plan. However when a community, your community, gets hold of an idea, owns that idea, what you initially may have wanted is no longer your to determine. The community you have developed now own the concept. For a while, you are now only the person standing near the rudder offering guidance. And then you’re moving forward once again.

The “Now be who you want to be” attitude is catching.

The community has baked several cakes of their own to share with people they too meet. Reach out and make your dream possible.  Use that list you have been keeping people informed with.

Now be who you want to be … just go out and share


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Now Be Who You Want To Be


Your beliefs don’t make you a better person…
If I quit now, I will be back to where I started, & when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now. – Unknown
If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed. – David Viscott
“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” The Buddha.




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Tweet Jukebox

A new gap filled by Tweet Jukebox

People often tell you to think Outside the box. many people do. However, that certainly left room for the TweerJukebox to fill in a gap.

One of the little things I really love about this application are the quotes. Accompanied by the “Tick and look”. Has this one been posted by me already?

Tweet Jukebox schedules Tweets

However what is most useful are the scheduled tweets. And there are time frames the

TweetJukebox Tweet Jukebox
Love the freedom this application hands back to the users.

tweets can easily be generated. From once every five hours to every five days. Loving this application even more as the use is as simple as pressing buttons and keyboard. Selecting a picture and pushing send.

At the moment, there are not even 300 posts via my autoresponder yet so considering the Advanced or higher version is low in the priority list.

just how handy will Tweet Jukebox be?

That said having been to the SFM MOM Day [ Melbourne Momentum Day] there was an offer of joining into a 90 day DownUnder Challenge. One subgoal under the Business Section compromises of having 300 posts on this blog*[Straight-Talk Alert]. Plus a corresponding emails message on the SFM listing. Add to this the daily posting about Autism on the living with Autism page in Facebook. Plus the community [living with Autism] and one of the communities. Have already noted that there has been a steady increase in likes on theFacebook Page over the

WowIhavetwitterfollowersfromallovertheworld Tweet Jukebox
Reach out in gratitude for Tweet Jukebox everyone

last few days.

With the knowledge that there will have been a 1000 percent increase in Facebook Living with Autism page Likes by the 28th of February 2016 scheduling the tweets through Tweet Jukebox is becoming a must do thing starting tonight.

What will happen next!

Scheduling the three hundred plus  blog posts on the Susan Lewis Marketing site, with the corresponding scheduled Facebook 90 posts. The equivalent Google Communities Updates. The mix of all the platforms posting through the Google + Collections. As it is getting fairly late now in the evening- thinking about these posts – it may well be an option to willingly recheck into 2016 Mid February expectations and making the Autoresponder list a priority share and development project.

All of a sudden that Tweet JukeBox is starting to really appeal and slowly there are more and more ideas to be associated with this little giveaway treasure.

Takeaway Resources for Tweet Jukebox 

Copy and paste these links into your servers browser.  as well as

 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Tweet Jukebox


#CheckTweetJukebox, #NotSpam, #Giveawayinformation

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change the attitude

Can an employer change the attitude with a financial incentive.

Hello. My name is Susan Lewis. Each day I am both online, marketing and Autistic. Things are as simple as that. One thing that becomes obvious is that there are many people who have struggled to be wanted, let alone understood, within the world. It has been as though employers did not want you contaminating their consumers air space.  Business after all are made to keep the shareholders happy. And you would have heard the saying “The customer is always right”.

Why do the employers “Change the Attitude” Ring alarm bells?

Late in 2009 the diagnosis that I was somewhere on the Autism Spectrum came through. Followed soon after with You are a High Functioning Autistic.  Right now.  These are the first

empahtyistobeabletowalkingsomeelesesboots change the attitude
Looking towards the Autistic person’s skills and talents, only to better the bottom line, causes a disconnect within the real world.

time that I have ever placed these sentences together as such. Considering I had part-time work during high school. It has meant that there has now been over forty years of being an employee or a micro-business employer. So many of the ups and usually the downs have made themselves apparent over this time. The question on my mind is this :

Is the employment of an  Autistic person an unseen online strategy or just an about time for many to change the attitude towards other people?

Employers are starting to change the attitude of their workers towards people who have this silent disability. The tedious and mundane things are being left to people who enjoy the doing of them. At the other end though, these same employers are happy to exploit the need for a ‘focus on the work’. This may be a case of ‘give one set of instructions slowly’. Over time and the process is memorized. Harmonised. Meanwhile, the Autistic spectrum worker has now begun to defend and focus on the process.

Doesn’t change the attitude slogan sound just terrific

Admit it “Change the attitude” sounds great for an employer does it not? But what about you. If there were some gold nugget along the way, that you identified with.And of course recognized! The question would then be: Would you to want to swap your freedom for an ‘on the cards meltdown’. One where you can have a few days off once the job is completed to rest and recuperate before you start back again on that same treadmill? Closely followed by:

Oh and expect a phone call sometime cause I may just need you for another thing. So do not turn your phone off.  

These were the words that one small company owner would throw me when I was about to go to sleep having been working non-stop for sixteen hours. The reason was that he needed his sleep.

Now it was imperative for me to have a Change the Attitude time

A would be change factor came from a friend. It started with myself recognising there were

Untitled change the attitude
Are you game enough to risk your a change with your comfort zone? Change the attitude as you find all the tools needed.

skills that I had so how could a transition from just an employee into having an alternative digital lifestyle – at your own pace occur?

Many people have been there. Although these situations would be different from yours, the end effect may be similar. Broken sleep patterns, frustration, anxiety, weight gain and general loss of contact through mind manipulation games.  All things that once the Autistic safety barrier is breached many of those on the Autism Spectrum get manipulated into being.

The steps towards communication are truly needed to be understood here. Except the reasons as to why ‘communicate effectively’ was needed were usually never explained.  So ensured a one-way bottleneck of loyalty to the authority became in situ.

A significant change the attitude factor arrived 

Near the end of the actual BootCamp The Digital Business Lounge tools were introduced.  in real time the visuals that I always wanted to be creating were there.  Understanding how to effectively utilize the WordPress 101 themes for a website and bog where I could embed a video without the lag time of the upload dragging out and therefore slowing down the mobile upload page speed.  And this was just the beginning.

The need for the knowledge of how this stuff worked was strong.  Having been places before where the tools are there.. you just have to go offline and work out how this integrates with that… The fact that the tools in the Digital Business Lounge are all under one roof, plus they are integrated meant so much.

Once the Overwhelming stuff of the BootCamp is effectively behind now there are the

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet change the attitude
Look for solutions RIGHT here

modules of the WeSkill -the DEA Silver training to progress through. Modules that are in the  format of recorded and tracked small one to two minute videos, a few questions and move into another one or three. Or more areas of interest over the next twelve months.

Just the  change of attitude that came through, and into, using the tools and applications with more confidence  was simply beautiful.

Yes! business are changing their minds about people with Autism.  Some provide you the tools with which to be creative. Others provide the space where your creativity is owned and processed for them to use.  Which would you be choosing?

Should there be any way that I may be of assistance then please just contact and I will be happy to assist you further.
 Have a terrifically uplifting day


contact-me-1000-x-200 change the attitude
When you’re looking at an integrated workforce why not include the integrated apps and tools?


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom change the attitude
Totally love the Digital Business Lounges integrated apps and tool set.


Susan Lewis Marketing with – change-the-attitude

4 STEPS STARTING your online system

Setting goals can sometimes be a difficult process so this article from Susan Lewis will bring you 4 steps starting your online system.   We’ll give you some valuable goal setting tips to help you not only set goals but achieve them as well in this post.

If you think about it, we people on the Autism Spectrum have to be brilliant multitaskers – kids, home, work, relationships, being creative, great leaders, and developers. We’re often so busy getting stuff done from the minute we wake up to the time our heads hit the pillow at night that we don’t have any time for ourselves. It took until the children left home, the empty nest syndrome to wean, and my then ex husband stated “I can’t wait to turn sixty-five and get a pension”. Over the coming months I realised just how much I had missed out in life. That I still was alive. And I had dreams and a vision. That vision definitely did not include looking forward to the being an old-age pensioner. There was a need for a lot more.

4 Steps To Starting Your Online System

Everyone has their own unique way of coping with new things so these 4 steps to starting your online system will come in handy. Especially as no two people are alike   Therein lies the challenge that Susan Lewis will cover over the next few posts.

At fourteen I met my husband to be. Years later we met again.  Travelling the world on yachts was his ambition.  Mine was to train as a registered trauma nurse and travel the world.  These dreams altered as we joined forces. And later as the children arrived.  Options of small business ventures came out way ahead.  Some we picked up and ran with.  Always our think patterns were totally different in their approaches.  Neither of us have forgotten the restless feet syndrome.

Are you both aligned on the same path?  With the same dreams?  Where within the dreams may they merge? There is a process. That process involved actioning  four steps.

  • Rough out the focus of your online system! 

dreams-dontworkunlessyoudo-285x400 4 STEPS STARTING  your online systemWork out the focus as the first of four steps to starting your online system. Back this focus up through planning the primary goals. Plan a few loose strategies.

How do you know what these are to be? Have you ever created a bucket list? One personal one and one for a business. Is this not similar to a business proposition? Even when your blog, or website is for private use, currently knowing what you would like to achieve has a different feeling once you actively breathe life into it.

Stands to include and achieve means that there are 101 things to wave something to write and share about. From the idea popping up to get placed on the bucket list in the first place… through to the inclusion, completion while sharing this along the way to being included as an overall part of the actioned plan. Now it is reviewed. Later included as part of the stepping stones concerning the concept compilation within another stepping stone.

  • Bucket list Your Online System.

For instance, the link will take you through to a bucket list written in 2014. A new bucket list  that involved the online system proposal reaching many more autistic peoples, and families and friends.

  • Your online systematic actionlist processes.

Action your way through the steps. Check and evaluated. Honest self-critique is of value. Of yourself. What has this step achieved! Where is it going and how far to go for completion of this sub-step. Considering with this thought step back. Take a look around .

  • Rule 1 : Do not give up.  Rule 2: Refer rule ONE.

One of the things that I have learned over and over again while in SFM was too just keep going.  Along the way revise what is working and what needs to be placed to one side.

Focus on  ‘a very few things’ at one time.  And one step at a time you begin to see what an extraordinary Online Business you have started Up.

As important is that should what you plan to do today overwhelm you then downsize that days expectations. Now take action; Wash rinse and repeat with the belief. then the knowledge that the systematic process has worked.  Is working. Will move your forward.

  • Added bonus that I found incredibly helpful :
    • Something that helped me to start living a joyful life of freedom.  And today as I type these words here the realisation of just how far the community behind this community has helped me through thick and thin…. up. downs and turnarounds as this website template was built upon, and populated, with posts that people do read, feel at home with and take notice of..

Where it took me sixteen years to find a community that was prepared to share, care and be there this community has developed and reaches all around the world, is open 36524/7 and is available as long as you have internet, a device asd are a member.

Reduce the time frame set out 4 STEPS STARTING  your online system the old way would take. !

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May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit with these 4 steps starting your online system

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Come with me into the 4 steps starting your online system


Susan Lewis

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