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change the attitude

Can an employer change the attitude with a financial incentive.

Hello. My name is Susan Lewis. Each day I am both online, marketing and Autistic. Things are as simple as that. One thing that becomes obvious is that there are many people who have struggled to be wanted, let alone understood, within the world. It has been as though employers did not want you contaminating their consumers air space.  Business after all are made to keep the shareholders happy. And you would have heard the saying “The customer is always right”.

Why do the employers “Change the Attitude” Ring alarm bells?

Late in 2009 the diagnosis that I was somewhere on the Autism Spectrum came through. Followed soon after with You are a High Functioning Autistic.  Right now.  These are the first

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Looking towards the Autistic person’s skills and talents, only to better the bottom line, causes a disconnect within the real world.

time that I have ever placed these sentences together as such. Considering I had part-time work during high school. It has meant that there has now been over forty years of being an employee or a micro-business employer. So many of the ups and usually the downs have made themselves apparent over this time. The question on my mind is this :

Is the employment of an  Autistic person an unseen online strategy or just an about time for many to change the attitude towards other people?

Employers are starting to change the attitude of their workers towards people who have this silent disability. The tedious and mundane things are being left to people who enjoy the doing of them. At the other end though, these same employers are happy to exploit the need for a ‘focus on the work’. This may be a case of ‘give one set of instructions slowly’. Over time and the process is memorized. Harmonised. Meanwhile, the Autistic spectrum worker has now begun to defend and focus on the process.

Doesn’t change the attitude slogan sound just terrific

Admit it “Change the attitude” sounds great for an employer does it not? But what about you. If there were some gold nugget along the way, that you identified with.And of course recognized! The question would then be: Would you to want to swap your freedom for an ‘on the cards meltdown’. One where you can have a few days off once the job is completed to rest and recuperate before you start back again on that same treadmill? Closely followed by:

Oh and expect a phone call sometime cause I may just need you for another thing. So do not turn your phone off.  

These were the words that one small company owner would throw me when I was about to go to sleep having been working non-stop for sixteen hours. The reason was that he needed his sleep.

Now it was imperative for me to have a Change the Attitude time

A would be change factor came from a friend. It started with myself recognising there were

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Are you game enough to risk your a change with your comfort zone? Change the attitude as you find all the tools needed.

skills that I had so how could a transition from just an employee into having an alternative digital lifestyle – at your own pace occur?

Many people have been there. Although these situations would be different from yours, the end effect may be similar. Broken sleep patterns, frustration, anxiety, weight gain and general loss of contact through mind manipulation games.  All things that once the Autistic safety barrier is breached many of those on the Autism Spectrum get manipulated into being.

The steps towards communication are truly needed to be understood here. Except the reasons as to why ‘communicate effectively’ was needed were usually never explained.  So ensured a one-way bottleneck of loyalty to the authority became in situ.

A significant change the attitude factor arrived 

Near the end of the actual BootCamp The Digital Business Lounge tools were introduced.  in real time the visuals that I always wanted to be creating were there.  Understanding how to effectively utilize the WordPress 101 themes for a website and bog where I could embed a video without the lag time of the upload dragging out and therefore slowing down the mobile upload page speed.  And this was just the beginning.

The need for the knowledge of how this stuff worked was strong.  Having been places before where the tools are there.. you just have to go offline and work out how this integrates with that… The fact that the tools in the Digital Business Lounge are all under one roof, plus they are integrated meant so much.

Once the Overwhelming stuff of the BootCamp is effectively behind now there are the

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Look for solutions RIGHT here

modules of the WeSkill -the DEA Silver training to progress through. Modules that are in the  format of recorded and tracked small one to two minute videos, a few questions and move into another one or three. Or more areas of interest over the next twelve months.

Just the  change of attitude that came through, and into, using the tools and applications with more confidence  was simply beautiful.

Yes! business are changing their minds about people with Autism.  Some provide you the tools with which to be creative. Others provide the space where your creativity is owned and processed for them to use.  Which would you be choosing?

Should there be any way that I may be of assistance then please just contact and I will be happy to assist you further.
 Have a terrifically uplifting day


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When you’re looking at an integrated workforce why not include the integrated apps and tools?


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Totally love the Digital Business Lounges integrated apps and tool set.


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