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Stop Overwhelm

To gain control back simply stop overwhelm

If nothing else it makes sense. .. I know that well.  Especially from the view of someone lucky enough to have an Autism perspective on life. Knowing that to stop overwhelm will influence many other decisions is not the point.  There are so many things and more and more information they either  assist , or confuse you totally.

To help stop overwhelm this is suggested.

First breath in.  Second breath out.  At this point this may be what you are most needing in order to stop overwhelm. It’s a simple little one of life’s tricks.  As a baby we learn this.  As fairywithmagicwand Stop Overwhelman adult we forget about remembering the process.   Take the time out just to have a little You time. Even if it is is micro time management slots.  Simple things like creating your own ME moments.

Or even at  make the bed times… breath in and then out. Move onto the next bed. Breath in and then out. Finish the bed making breath in and then out.  You see no one else can fo this for you.  You control this life-giving operation system.  Just the same as you control your mindset.  Through that the control of your time management and your finances. Not just once they are within your had.

So what time-saving measure would you encourage a person looking at replacing their income?  What  about lead generation and knowing that very quickly this can be learnt without breaking your bank account? Needless to mention to stop overwhelm at the thought of what mindset change is going on right now.

Admit that your life may be a mess at the moment.. yet in some odd way you are comfortable in your mess. Instead reach out of your comfort zone and start a new way of learning.

Choose one ‘stop overwhelm process’ and do that one thing for now.

Like all people we can all suggest different methods and levels of learning, or upskilling. One method is learning how to use one tool at a time. Just about everybody people know of have a list.  These days the web is so full of social media sites people are forgetting that at the back of the ‘pretty side’ of sending and receiving messages is the all but forgotten email address. The one where when you filled out the site name you sent added an emails too.

Believe me when I say that the social sites are saying thank you for forgetting this side of their site.  They are utilizing the contacts you have authorized them to have access too.   Yes you did otherwise you would not be able to have that social site access.  A fair swap?  You do all the promotion work for them and in return you get to give them access and ownership of all your pictures and contacts.

>Instead watch this video series.<

For a further $29,95 [US] cost go through the five modules. Absorb what you can.  Ask for time extra time should you know now what you want to explore more carefully.  I did.  Keep in mind any home and family-related financial costs. Some people just time things right.* [straight Talk Alert]  For most people realistically this takes a few years. So do not overcommit yourself. Just take the time to stop overwhelm and proceed to the next step.

I know this system of learning works.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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Introduce yourself and contact me


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

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Susan Lewis Marketing with – Stop Overwhelm

Working backwards to move forwards

With campaigns working backwards to move forwards makes sense

When planning a campaign the ‘goal is usually the cure’. From that point  once you have identified the ‘cure’, or the end result, working backwards to sort out the major stepping stones  comes to many as a relief. When the main stepping stones are alighed  a strategic systematic approach is now worked out.

Using a spread sheat and working backwards to move forwards

How familiar are you with placing  a very basic outline of what you are doing  onto a spreadsheet  Working from the ONE major thing you want to achieve in the next 10 years.  And no I do not mean  a broad statement.  I mean one target thing that is to be achieved in ten years.  Of course then I will simply as for another two spread sheets that will outline the other two target things.    In total I will be receiving three focus points for ten years time.  These three things will come under a very focused [ 1 short sentence] target for 15 years time.
Just work out 1 target thing at a time for now. Then do this on  a seven year level and a five, then a three year level.  Further breaking the three year level down into 12 month goals.

A few gentle words of warning here…

Now place everything you can think of into these sections. Research online international websites. Bookmark and favourite them.
Mind you I ended up with notes all over my floor as I physically moved things around from one section to another.  Took a minimum of three weeks of shear frustration to achieve this.
Using this systemativc approach you now work from the bottom up for strategies that will have a community utilizing them.
Added information look for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or some such current external souce of possuble recognition suggestion is to incorporate one of these at least within the underlying target
With the United Nations page scroll down and  choose another  [ choose also the Development of Africa and one more].  Then keep scrolling and  go to the Issues / Campaigns area [ bottom right]

Utilize other peoples skills, gifts and desires to assist.

Know that you will not be doing any of this alone.  Many organisations and institutes are heirachial imnn management.   Orders from top down nreports from the bottom up to the nexrt person who collabrates those reporets and makes their own report.
So I will introduce holacratic management where a distrbuted authority  works along side of a hierachial management.  Although many will tell you it will be one or the other so what.  Ignore them.  Holacratic management is something similar to small clusters of self activated people get things done.  You start with one group and these people have the choice of which of their ideas to aim for.  Then the stepping stones which get completed along the timeline get worked on.  Sometimes the group may divide and find other peoples.  Say a garden project may start with gathering of coke bottles and then making a glass house from these bottles being strung together. Others may gather wood for a communal cook up.  Mind you since the overall focus is to have sustainable community eating areas the funding is done in small bite sized steps.

Again its a case of working backwards to go forwards.

At some point in the project there will be a need for financing  to be sort. Therein lies a major issue.  backers want to know where their resources are going too. The need to prove you don’t need to go cap in hand is important. So many people and so little to go around

Use what you have and what the people you are working with understand

Therefore the gathering of lawn mover engines to run the wind generator that pumps the water pump connected to the rain barrels that have collected water off the roof down the roof gutters.  Or pumps the water from the ground.   Then collecting the coca cola tin cans and creating a hot water solar until for washing of dishes or hands.  These are just ideas off the top of my head.  Turn the waste into something a) Usable b) Sellable and c) reportable.
Turn the skills into a viable sellable ongoing asset.    Now you have the ability to have solar power recharges all around the area and communication has been made easier.
The fuel used for the recharging of a main battery supply suddenly will start lasting longer.  Less money on fuel.  More power to the people in a way that they know they helped make something out of rubbish.
As of now you had better keep your camera charged as that is what you are going to be needing… lots of photos and videos.  And office staff.  And places where computers are able to keep things up to date.
There are organizations where qualified teachers come through on a voluntary basis.  Stay three months and move back to their own country.  Most countries now have imposed time restriction or these older people lose their pension.

When people ask for project help

Over the last couple of years there have been different people asking for help.  What was learned were two major things.  Communities need ideas people.  People to help them recognise a need, create a pathway, assist in training the management and community around the project.  What these communities do not need is someone to come in and do this all for them, then move on.  Leaving people to flounder and projects to go bottom up.
Throughout any project there are people with ideas that suit the occasions. Encourage these people.  They are the glue that holds the starting rope in place. Each little project encourage these leaders to put their thoughts together to start a project from the target and work backwards filling in the gaps.  You may even be amazed who has what skills, gifts and talents that they know of.  And suddenly the project may be slightly different ,m may have different people within, and the project will be accomplished.  Not bu the ideas person but by the community as a whole.   Include, recognise and thank all the participants and the ideas people.
Once again starting backwards to move forwards… recognition is never a backwards move.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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Working backwards to move forwards is a systematic creative outlook on life


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

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strategies learning disabilities

There are many strategies learning disabilities are able to be worked around.  That is right. The thing is that people with learning challenges tend to have a low opinion of their own capabilities as when learning new skills they get lost somewhere and have to constantly be catching up.

When one set of outcomes have a focus to gather under and another set of desired outcomes has another focus, there are now two sets of learning to work towards.  With little structure confusion may occur.

With basic structure strategies learning disabilities what may happen?

All a strategy is a particular way of organising the resources.  You previously learned things, the skills and gifts you have.Next, work out what you are going to do. Work backwards from that point. Now, what do you need to have gained that make what you are going to do achievable in incremental steps.  Where several ideas come together, there are the stepping stones.

As each stepping stone is being worked on, outcomes are happening. That’s fine.  But what about consistency.
Learning is a relationship between two things. Two ideas making one concept. Thinking like Tony Robbins the linking of something known to something unknown.  Now you know what you did not know.  You understand what you did not understand.In other words, when you want to learn how to affiliate market something having never done this before, expect things to take a while longer than someone who already has a list of people, knows how to write a blog, create a video and even email market.

Teaching strategies to do all these things needs some form of basic understanding.  Which is why joining what you already know with what is there, means you have the stability of prior knowledge.  For myself, it was blogging basics.  Then moving into the creation of quotes on virtual paper.  After that, Graphix Creator became a really handy tool.  Now there are files of different quotes based around photos that I have had on file.  Or happy go places and take photos of.


Before I chose to go through the BootCamp [ cost is $29,00 [US]] these were just disjointed words that were know of before. Known and not understood.

Learning skills still had no timeline.  BootCamp helped with the focusing. Yes, Autistic people [ of which I am] have great focus times.  Once they know what they are doing. One of mine is a drive for knowledge.  And I would get lost in the pulling apart to find out how things worked. This has delayed any money making activities that ‘affiliate marketing focused people’ who have the drive to get out there need.


Hang on I forgot the challenges.  Group challengers or ones that you create yourself.  Because now you know how to plan your next five years sorted out.  Something learned in BootCamp and presented to the business manager before you may move on through last of the modules.  Talk about motivation, drive and determination coming out.

Back to the top strategies learning disabilities

to people’s needs

What started as an interest in creating visuals that speak through to people’s needs.  Ones that people wanted to see, taste, feel and breath the life of started years ago.  Actually nearly forty years ago.  A friend took us to the Blind gardens in wellington , New Zealand.  Here people could see, touch, taste and smell the energy of the plants,the textures and the hardness of the surrounds.

This is une potent memory in my life that even without the memory there [ truck impacting into my vehicle took many memories away in 1991].  Yet intuitively this day lay there and it’s presence seeped to people’s needs through into their daily life .

hay I can play with things in beta testing mode….

recoveryandlossovercompeterchallengers to people's needs

In 2014 the introduction of the GraohixCreator amount a tool set  came into my learning.  GraphixCreator was in beta mode.  And what fun there was to be had. h And so started a love afair with colours and textures. They bring things together.  Like the desire to always go that one step further.  Once one level has been achieved and the next one has already had some success.  It is time to strat with a third level.  These ideas individaully begin to load up and form concepts.

For a person with Autism learning may well be a challenge.

However I learn years ago with my own children growing up that education takes on many forms.  Fun is the biggest one of all.  Fun and learning went into the Girl Guide Leadership as we were about to reach in to people’s needs this way.

So you see the Beta testing was not a challenge.  It was unexplored territory that had no bounds.  Now I have seen large corporations going out and hiring Autistic people.  Once the neurotypicals have finished testing the games the special groups just see the pieces forgotten about and the developers now eliminate these flaws within their product as well

Thing is since I created the ” Helping out Autism as a Gift” page I am blind to the flaws.  Even though I have gone over and over the page myself.

So I am asking  you would you please help me with the finer details –> Before the official launch in a few days time.

This is one post that was put together asking for help

Done it [finally] and feeling great about this too.

+Would you do me a terrific favour and just check the page out as there is bound to be something I have forgotten.

Much appreciated and thank you for the comments



 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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See to people’s needs and experience working towards your alternative lifestyle in a vastly improved journey.


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

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Is it a gift to see to other people’s needs on a daily basis



Susan Lewis Marketing with – To People’s needs

the website type

Choose the website type before your theme.

Within the Digital Business Lounge dashboard you choose the website tool that you want.  Essentially your choice boils down to what you need to do and what you would like to achieve.  Posting on the Authority site choice will assist you get your work out  here as you are utilising the collective energy of other peoples.

However when you want the design to be unique and something more akin to your personality type, writing style or just to set you apart from others… then choose your unique ‘you’s’ theme for the blank theme selection.

nosweataboutit the website type
Absolutely No Sweat About It. Will Not Forget It.

 Two overriding things with the website choice system. 

The first being that the collective ‘oomph’ behind the Authority site ia  golden nugget in itself.  While you are new to blogging use this site.   Especially should you be just new into the affiliate marketing blog write ups when sharing these the high-end ticket items around and creating an autoresponder list.

But I already have the website type on another platform

Oh do many people know the decision you face right now. Here then is the truth.

onceyoumake-adecisiontheuniverseconspirestomakeithappenyes the website type
Believe to act. Act to believe. Just make the decision and take action today to achieve your dream. Step by step

Yes, you may export to your computer the old theme.  Then import  to the dashboard where there is a possibly a new domain name.  Some domain hosts do not like releasing your domain name though.

You purchase the domain name.  Wait.  Then go through to the Installer and click through ion the installer you want to have. Choice is yours. Please note the size capacity of that authority site. Crudely put: where will you create the most return on investment [ ROI] with this golden nugget?

Choosing to have a newer theme or a new platform be aware of this side step. 

However, when the search engine bots read through this there are a lot of ‘external links’ happening backwards and forwards between the old and the new theme. This is because people click through on the new theme and are somehow being redirected through to the older posts.

What needs to be occurring is a systematic , on your new theme.

Complete links  that are  as ‘fresh’ as you can recreate then.  Consider uploading widgets that will assist in the direction of 404 from these broken links.  They will seem like they go on for years.  And some possibly will as what goes on the internet stays on the internet.. until you can change it.

So if your recording of comments and such has not been as up to date and methodical as you would now wish it had been [ yip another learning curve experienced] then there is initially a hand full of frustrations to work through.  Believe me though you will become

organisation-1000-x-200 the website type
Organisation and just more organisation

very proficient very quickly. And even start feeling glad that you chose to extend your practical learning capacities this way.

Knowing what I know now the website type I would choose ?

That is still a prerogative of yours.  It’s your decision, your time management and stick-ability to the task. Should you choose to go this way just get the transfer completed, the site updated and work forward at full speed.

A lot rides on your management decision. there be any inkling of a hassle then go for the authority site.  Late being in other.  Your proficiency skill range will be a lot larger than when you started out.

What needs to be happening would be the slow reconstruction of what could become your primary blog.  Once you have fixed ‘every’ detail up that is. Or used a service that provides  a third party to do the work for you.

As you may have gathered for another person to suggest they know which the website type is just right for your needs..  Well how can another person make the decision on the website type best for your needs.  What is am further sharing is the link to  a selection of WordPress101 themes.  These have been modified to make this a lot easier for the many people without coding experience.

prepareme-rightnow the website type
feel up for a nominal trial period of one month for a Dollar.  Or twenty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents per month per months after. At the time of print.

For more information, or for an informal chat please get in touch through this contact page here

 Have a terrifically uplifting day


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Introduce yourself and contact me


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

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Welcome the me I had forgotten about


Susan Lewis Marketing with – the website type.

which of the installers to install

which of the installers to install is coming up.

Looking into the your Digital Business Lounge dashboard there are a number of installers to install.

Have  good look at these  as the choice does impact on what type of theme you will be wanting. At this point the domain name has been researched, chosen. Payment has been made and the domain name registered. When the choice was to register this domain name so that it is ‘pointing to ‘ the Digital Experts Academy then the hosting to DEA was completed.  The webpage and blogs are now able to begin to be put together.  One piece at a time.

Now you are looking at which of the three installers to install.

Literally one of the promises the Six Figure Mentors modules make are the presence of golden nuggets.  All you have to be is open to receiving them, then acting upon them. Yes there will be things placed in front of you where people make a decision.  One where they dive in and see how far they float.  Or one where they wait until there is a little bit more understanding  Both may be a quagmire and lead anyone through into overwhelm situation.

Anything can do this.  It may be seeing others on the leaders board, or a video or a blog challenge.  Maybe you go into the up skilling area in the main dash board and learn all you can.

Other people swear by blogs and others swear at them. Others have success through the adrenalin pumping advertising that does get results. Others have placed all their finances on a DEA level and have  little budget left for advertising.

Any reasonable person will know that there will be a steep learning curve going on which ever pathway is chosen.

As of the new levels of broadband compliance total transparency is expected. So whether affiliate marketers want to or not, many are now starting to blog as well.  Therefore there is a selection of three installers to install.  This is an introduction to each of them.

The Website that is a Blank WordPress one

Where you are start off with a default ready to rock and roll WordPress Theme.  Selecting a new theme from the theme library or just uploading a theme yourself from WordPress.  Even a fair while into using a theme there is still the ability of changing your theme around to another.  Or upgrading the one you have into a paid version.  Now it will be time nearly to create you own content. .  Then create your own content.

Alternatively there is the SFM Authority Site

A website that is pre-populated with SFM content. The theme is installed, including widgets and layouts.  Use this selection if you wish to use this as you SFM authority site.  By choosing this one there are banners you may choose to have added.  A very good site to choose for your SFM  marketing site.  One that because of a the shear number of users behind the intra-connected label you are now part of.

Thirdly there is the TidyURL shortner. 

This tool shortens links utilizing your websites domain name.  For instance you may see the Tidy URL at times read…. /  and then a post name following. The URL is now effectively masking the link allowing the human eye to read the now human readable link instead of the Bot readable link.

Talents In Mass

Talents in mass effect.

People have talents. In mass and working together there are amazing objectives achieved. not matter what the age of the participants, the skills levels and even if the participants have a wide gap of knowledge, skills and talents in mass pooling of sometimes superhuman efforts new avenues may appear. Right, where no one else has thought to go.

Recognising the outcomes as they are developing may be missed. However, this is a middle step.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Think of the talents you possess. Take ‘pen to paper’ and begin to lists these talents out .  Try using a brainstorming method.

The love of drawing are what Eddie and Mike possess in abundance. Yet even with these talents, the unemployment rate for people within the Autism Spectrum is about ninety percent. Yes there are companies out there such as Microsoft, are finally working out the focus and the eye for analytic and other details are what many Autistic people have in abundance. So new employment schemes are getting underway.

Meeting challenges are a change factor that learning relies on. With the positive recognition of these talents, then the upward support of family and community members, Eddie and Mike’s parents saw a gap to be filled. The opportunity to have their sons gainfully employed. As it turned out they began a business. Now the playful festive artistic creations are printed onto wrapping paper. Sold at ten dollars a roll and posted from their local post office this small business venture is having an abundance flow on effect throughout their community..

Each roll of wrapping paper is sold at ten dollars a roll and posted from their local post office this small business venture. Thus there is an abundance flow on effect throughout their community.

roll Talents In Mass

Having seen this video doing the background hard work beings to make things make sense.  The following questions have answers when it comes to bring forth people’s talents on mass.

The steps it would take to make that dream even have a lift off.  

i-am-notgoingtolivelikethisanymore Talents In Mass
Make your decision then work that decision until things change. Reevaluate. Reposition. Change the world you live within one brick at a time.

Bookmark  [ or favorte] this page. as you travel through the BootCamp  go back to that bookmarked page and wrote out your progress, frustrations.  Thoughts and feelings.

A) What is one preparation for greatness step you have  the need to prepare for?

B) Amazing what going through these as a preliminary training field.

C) Now check into the self-limiting beliefs that are around you.
D) Circle of influence definitely have tap-in-able talents in mass.
E) If it not working then what has been prepared for steps.

F) How could the business incorporate the education and on the spot skills updates into the ‘Tuckerboys ‘business framework?

What could online communities offer with extra business support and knowledge as this business grows and a larger skills ranges beings to develop. And all these have to be available on a 24/7/365 days a year basis. Formated to be bite sized and doable within minutes. In the future these talents in mass needing to be

It is not a futuristic view of continued training. The future these talents in mass needing to be upskilled  is right HERE and now.

>Find-Out Here<

As goals that turned into realities use the Tuckerboys Novelties journey to help you too to be moving forward. These questions have answers. But the most important one right no w could be “What is the purpose of the talents you possess?”

Have a terrifically uplifting day

.Focusanddreamonthebeach Talents In Mass

*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

susanlewiswiththestars Talents In Mass
When you marry your talents and passions , you can find your path to a purposeful life. ~Senora ROy


“When you face a new challenge, remember the skills, talent, gifts and resources that go uo through before.”  ~ Lynn A R Tobinson

“I came.  I saw.  I conquered. ~ Julius Caesar

Why let what you cannot yet do interfere with what you can do – Susan lewis

Resource Takeaway

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Know when is a family a family?

 How did a BootCamp tie in with needing a family?

What I did not know when I signed into the BootCamp was I needed a family. My own had grown up and left home. Some would say ours had become a dysfunctional family unit.   The into dynamics of any family within a community begins to revolve around the circle of influence that community has on the family unit.  For a family of six people to all be somewhere on the Autism Spectrum the family unit needed to have a different regime from others where we lived in Australia.

2helppeopletransitionu Know when is a family a family?
Helping you over the threshold of accepting yourself
In New Zealand the culture is totally different in that people are inclusive of you into their family circles.  Communities helped shape the child.  Well, that sure did happen!  As a mother who had no memories of the first thirty-one years being conceptual and converting there were a further set of unseen disconnections happening. Actually, people who could assist shunned me as apparently, I was on illicit drugs. All they had to do was ask.  Those that did have become firm friends.

It took until the children had become young adults and one had a diagnosis finally that with a lot of research concepts began to connect.  The ‘what if’ and ‘how did this happen’ began to appear.

Yet there was something still not complete.  Even after I finally obtained the second diagnosis on myself, I still did not know what the impact being  a High Functioning Autistic person had had on my life.  Nor would continue to have.

Actual my concept of a family had become shattered.

The need was going to be fulfilled in another way. People offered to marry me… if I would become the mother of their children and raise a family again.  How little do people understand of the mire life situations sometimes create?

The feeling that my mind had been wasting away for years had overtaken me.  Yet I could not afford to get once again into the higher education system. When most needed the usual route was denied.

And then came a BootCamp invitation.

Once started the BootCamp took me from the end of May until the end of October to complete what it was that I needed to complete.  Mind you I was struggling with Post Traumatic Shock experiences cause through a truck impacting into the vehicle I was driving.  There was very nearly a twenty-five-year gap of totally locked down memories. I wanted those memories back.  Not just the odd glimpse here and there.  I needed to piece who it was that I had been. Couple these up with the last twenty-five years. And eventually

susanlewiswiththestars Know when is a family a family?
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

Work through to ‘I am Susan’ I have now moved on.  The unknown factors of being within the Autism Spectrum were just and other dimensional thing to co-experience.  As the Post-Traumatic lockdown of the memories receded the Autism went into full alert.

As the Post-traumatic lockdown of the memories receded the Autism went into full alert. These moments within my own life had been spasmodically been experienced.  Yet there was ‘nothing within me for me to knowingly hold’ onto.  Nore did I consciously know that this was what was needed. Yet under all the layers was a part of me that had started life needing a hug. In New Zealand, the culture even fifty-five years on is that of a welcoming hug. A hug is part of the whanau [family] and brings through the Mana [ strength and being].  The Six Figure Members community reunited me with the interwoven concept of family. Even though for the last thirty years I lived in Australia to become a family member was precious and achievable.

What I found was I was not alone.  A different type of a family existed

Maybe no one had lived these experiences themselves as these were my experiences. [* Straight Talk Alert]  What I did find though were people within this community may have had grandchildren with Autism.  These people I could help explain what was happening within that child’s life.  As they appear to be seeing their world in their eyes.

angelwithboroniaflowerssittingontheframe Know when is a family a family?
Dreaming of a family and I became a member of the Six Figure Mentors – just as good in my experience  !

People, who had had near death experiences… or like myself were considered dead on arrival of the authority. Or personally and similarly experienced in another earlier part of their life were unobtrusively there. To have come through all this the family that adopted me needed to be diverse, universal and transparently transformation. Stephaine Perkins stated something similar.  Alter the words a bit and this concept will still apply. “For the two of us, home isn’t a place.  It is a person. And we are finally home.”  Welcome to my family. Oh, and by the way… family members wash the dishes and put them away as well.

For a lot more information contact me through  Ask questions of what you want to know.  Receive this complimentary video series.

It’s funny to think that I now have a family all over the world

The co-founders are just as they appear.  I mean who else would go up to complete strangers and hug the co-founders [ but me].  Stuart and Jay are people that I had just seen on video or through webinars.  There was an opportunity to change the world within this community. So I took it.  One year later at another SFM Downunder Momentum Day,  the question was ‘Wheres my hug”  To a family member the answer was “One hug or two.”

 Have a terrifically uplifting day


looking-out-for-you-1000-x-200 Know when is a family a family?
A Family who is looking out for you has a special Unity

*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

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“You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean an as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel you have known the person for forever…. connections are made with the heart, not the tongue. ” ~C. JoyBell C.

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A Simple Stepping Stone Success – Host The Webpage

 Stepping Stone Success Simple Strategy Started

Moving forward a few days ago, I purchased a Domain name through the Digital Business Lounge. This was another simple stepping stone success strategy done.

Today I realised I forgot one very important step. Looking at it this is a really a simple one. That is to direct the login page towards either the SFM area or the DBL area. Effectively this means one I write on via a blog and the other is used for affiliate marketing of educational training and upskilling services.

Right, the steps to be able to build a web page and associated blogs are these. First decide what the use is going to be. Second purchase a domain name. Third host the domain in the correct area. [ SFM or DBL]. The fourth step is to choose a theme. And fifth is to connect

icouldnotfindasolutionthentherealisationthatwiththetoolsihavemanysmallsteppingstonesandapathismade A Simple Stepping Stone Success - Host The Webpage
Need help solving what your dream actually is? Then this BootCamp may be the motivational push forward you need.

the theme to the hosted Domain name.

There are several simple steps thereafter to have this webpage site up and available for people to read what you are writing about.

Let’s just deal with the hosting area in this post.

When you come into the DBL to the right is a Notifications box. Bright orange in color! Inside that is a manage domains button that is green. Hit the button and you are in the System set up.  Then move to the Domains area. The same place where originally you filed out the ‘Purchase a domain actions.

Taking note the status of the domains currently. All’s terrific as all are Hosted and registered within the Digital Business Lounge. Now to direct the domain to the attention of the chosen server. Very beneficial having the domains just ‘there’. All lined up at the click of a switch on the same page. No clicking out and scrolling around, up and down in a juggled out of alphabetical order mess.

Next success ‘step‘ to do

Click through to “My Websites area” this is in the left column on that page.
The first step is to go to the green button that is under the Website title box. This simply states… “Add Website”. Hit this button.
This instantly opens the area at the top of the page. Nearly there.

one-piece-at-a-time A Simple Stepping Stone Success - Host The Webpage
You’re on your way with Several Simple Stepping Stone Success’s completed one piece at a time.

In the right column are boxes. Click on the arrow to the right of the: “Framework” box. Choose between WordPress or The SFM Back office. You want to a website and / or a blog right, so choose WordPress.

Following the order of the boxes fill in the spaces. Hit the “Save the Details” Box and … nothing happens but a blip.

Hang on a minute. Let your eyes lower down the screen a little. There in its entirety is your little ‘baby’ looking at you. WAIT twenty-four hours as this URL now needs to go through connection checks.

One more Stepping Stone Success completed.

How do you feel with these Small Success Steps near completion? Now that you can see those columns there with what could well be the start of your alternative digital lifestyle. Your WebSite Title – the one you just created. The associate URL and next column along is the Dashboard access. The other column is the option of edit or delete. The edit is for a change of title or new password.

What my suggestion is for you to go and have a breather. Take a pen and paper to tell the world of your progress. Simply write something about this stepping stone success. You deserve too simply write something about this stepping stone success.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day

your-journey-1000-x-200 A Simple Stepping Stone Success - Host The Webpage
Do your realise how far along Your Journey you have just come?


.*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

susanlewiswiththestars A Simple Stepping Stone Success - Host The Webpage
Bring the energy into what you do through blogging



“Have Quality Over Quantity”

“Be Consistent”

“Be Selective”

“Create a Campfire”

“Build A relevant Audience”.

“We are what we share”

“We become what we put forth or we put forth what we become.”


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this on one site

What do I mean by host this on one site?

In today’s world, many people are looking to write a blog, incorporate apps and tools, while creating an Alternative Digital Lifestyle – and to have all this on one site.

Either a free one that is connected into some other server. One you have no control over as you are effectively a guest on their site. And of course, these  servers own your content as this you’ve swapped for the privilege of writing for free for the push power behind the server.

Or you want independence. So you purchase a domain. Now that is where the fun starts.

To get independence on one site what are the steps that I do?

Now you need to go and find somewhere to purchase the domain. This Domain name you have the rights to for a minimum of one year. Everywhere that I know of is the same. No worries there.

neverbeafraidtitry-remember-285x400 this on one site
It’s all on this site… just ask your parents

Start to look for a virtual private server and a dedicated web hosting place for your domain to be ‘housed’. Well! You wanted your independence from the other place where you were a guest did you not. That means that to have this on one site there will be costs associated. Besides the hosting and server, there are the ones like protection costs.

At about now you have choices of levels two hundred for this and three for that level.

What other considerations to having this on one site is there?

This all depends on the space you intend to take up. Start adding pictures and that involves more space. What about Podcasts and Videos. These require so much more space. And suddenly that independence is looking very like blowing out the budget. Oh! and there are the monthly drips feeds fees and the ones that come every few years as well. Are you already like I was when I realised that to have this on one site, one hosted site with the storage capacity I could see being used had costs escalating. Things were getting harder to do by the minute.To have this on one site started to make me get hot under the collar [perspire].

The advantage was that there were training sessions and tutorials about on how to create and host with all the tools a beautifully functioning web page. Just contact the personal and they will assist. Of the places I did this with yes they did help.

Until I asked questions that took them out of the area of their expertise. For instance, how did I achieve this with their visuals? Marketing questions not directly associated to what these hosts were encouraging you to affiliate market their products.

Are you telling me I cannot have this on one site?

Could still be cost effective right? Yes… it could. What would the tracking capacities be? Would a tool for the creation of graphix be included? What about lead capture pages?

Well for a simple ninety-seven dollars [ 97.00 USD] a month these were and are included. [* Smart Talk Alert]. Add more apps and tools as well. And a heap of training. Plus one fantastic community backing behind you.

Oh and the hosting of as many active working  websites as you need, or want, on this on one site is up to you. The cost is all inclusive in that monthly fee.

There is no hard sell.  You either want to or not.  It’s your needs you need to look after.

>>> Check it out <<<

Just a couple of thoughts.

Bookmark this page and come back later.  Or place your email address in the box and  as there is so much information on the net today why not read a little every few days.  That way you will have a space to chek out the information as you see fit.
 Have a terrifically uplifting day


contact-me-1000-x-200 this on one site
For more information re having as many sites as you need for the one cost …


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

susanlewiswiththestars this on one site
What started as all this on one site… morphed into several sites over time. All within the same cost framework.



“Mistakes are the proof that you are trying”

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand!”.

“Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open.  So too does ‘having’  a website.”

“Follow your heart…. but take your brain with you”!

“Return with honor!”


Susan Lewis Marketing with – this on one site