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Life is to short not to

Life is too short not to use it to it’s fullest.

In a family care situation for most woman to find out whether they are capable of running a small business the a challenge beyond belief.

I-dont-suffer-from-dyslexia-books-form Life is to short not to
Everything in your life serves your transformation. ~ Ram Dass.  Why let the silently invisible disability deny you the right use of apps and tools may assist with creating what you want online?

Many people still believe that people living within the Autism Spectrum are not fully capable.

That limiting negative belief is then picked up and internalized on the child. Resulting in a slip sliding away effect where it now is compounded further. Life is too short not to activate a “sack the Boss Clause”.  Ever wonder at the  nonsense of having to constantly work to correct someone else’s false knowledge.

In late October 2015 the internet began to talk about employers who were now seeking out and employing the “Autistic disabled peoples”. Correct me if I am wrong here: exploitation is exploitation no matter what people want to think. For years the people working their way up in the world had a secret that they could not speak out about. To some extent knowledge of a difference between them, and the others out there, was kept a secret. A ‘guilty’ secret.

People formed groups, recognize the underlying similarities and yet not even speak about ‘it’. Life is too short not to use all the gold nuggets within your pathway so why ignore the similarities and support structures.

Understand the power of commonality as life is to short not to. 

However now times are changing. The children have gotten older. Being Autistic does not go away. Ask my mother who has nearly 80 years under her belt. Being the oldest of seven children, having had seven children herself there are definite similarities in the DNA

9y Life is to short not to
It’s time to hunt out Gold Nuggets as life is to short not to !

throughout the family.

Since the Autistic traits are silently passed through the DNA it’s when the family members grew up enough to wonder why the “outsiders’ were so strange that adoption of other procedure for life experiences had to be learned. And quickly. You either overcompensated or simply began to hide you skills and talents away just to be the same as someone else. And of course, to be kept ‘safe’ within your external chosen group. Many of us are artistic in some manner. As technology has taken over the time and the paint has been stored in the corner the creation of digital art programs are what some of this wide family are into. While most of us just like sharing things on the net. Having the upskilling to make our own visuals is complementary to each persons’ individual dream.

Life is ‘to’ short not to miss this BootCamp

After finishing the Six Figure Mentors complimentary BootCamp what started to present

itself again was the need for digital illustrations on a blog post. More specifically common thread digital art correlating with the blog post themed specific keywords. Once again life is too short not to use the gifts left hidden from school years as a career was sort. A family

prepareme-rightnow Life is to short not to
Up for a challenge? life is to short not to  HIT THE PICTURE LINK BELOW

was sort. For many people the world over this family now includes the SFM community

Prepare yourself for the ‘BootCamp’ of all BootCamps.

Having gone through the boot camp the decision to become an Elite member was beginning to pay off. There were so many tools sets and integrated applications waiting to be used.


mysusanlewismarketingthesixfigurementorsjournal Life is to short not to
Life is to short not to make a journey within a folder full of newly made memories.

Now the blog posts had tracked pictures and the YourTubePlayer was waiting to be used. Many members choose the progression to go through a continuously cycling challenge. Strangely the video one seemed most appropriate with the blog one soon following.

Just do not give up… life is to short to do that.

It took me three attempts to get there and finish the Video challenge. By the end of the 90 days though, realizing just how messed up and crumpled looking you were when you just made the video was now water under the bridge. A mindset change had occurred. Life’s to short not to show the talents you have. Life is ‘to’ short to not use all the benefits of the Elite level training. Suddenly the e-learning is carried on as the members of the Six Figure Mentors community global learner experience a broadened world view. All because they did what was asked of them through the BootCamp and found the Gold Nuggets.

Yes! Life is to short not to hunt and find the Golden Nuggets scattered along the whole of the Six Figure Mentors communications.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

contact-me-1000-x-200 Life is to short not to
Life is too short not to introduce yourself and make contact


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Life is to short not to
Gain a foothold into a great big wider world out there and challenge yourself to keep on succeeding at your success rate – while pushing your boundaries. One push at a time.



Be Bold, be free, be beautiful, be love, be true to you!  ~ David Newman in “Be true to you”



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