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unseen online strategy

Employers use many an unseen online strategy. The bottom line is not the welfare of the employee.  The stockholders are who each of the employers is accountable too.

Will Buttrose stated “People need to rethink their job prospects and relationships within traditional employment markets”. Well, employers certainly have. So why not you?

Is the employment of an  Autistic person an unseen online strategy?

rethinktraditionalemployment unseen online strategy
Employers keep you busy. But, Are you being self-productive while being busy?

In the financial times of traditional jobs giving away to e-commerce and the digital economy as a whole are these new attitudes just another unseen online strategy? Are employers forced by the shareholders bottom dollar mindset being forced to  incorporate many more low income, government subsidized employment opportunities for those considered disabled? Will these changes in attitudes be reflective of the other employees? Or have the population been gradually conditioned by the forward sight of someone years ago recognizing the need to cater for the new wave of those considered “unfit for full-time works”?

Will the bullies be there too?

What of the attitudes of other workers towards people who have this silent disability.

The tedious and mundane things are being left to people who enjoy the doing of them. At the other end though, these same employers are happy to exploit the need for a ‘focus on the work’. This may be a case of ‘give one set of instructions slowly’. Over time and the process is memorized. Harmonised. Meanwhile, the Autistic spectrum worker has now begun to defense and focus on the process.

Where do you fit in with this unseen online strategy?

Admit it! This unseen online strategy  sounds great for an employer does it not? But what about you? If there were some training gold nuggets along the way, that you could identify with would you opt for that training? Once these gold nuggets were recognized,

DEAtrainingapowerfulwirlwindeffect unseen online strategy
Online Gold Nugget training has a Silver lining at the Digital Experts Academy .

would you too want to swap your freedom for a J.O.B ‘on the cards meltdown’. The JOB income being where many are constantly JUST OVER BROKE? As a benefit perk having a few days off to recuperate…. once the job is completed. Once ‘rested’, in the employers prescribed time you start back again on that same treadmill?

Do you have any other alternative out there?

What about rethinking the job prospects and traditional employment markets from a different angle.  That of using your own upskilling and better time management skills learned and practiced through an external training system from the employment and traditional higher education’s ones?  Allowing yourself to be slowly transformed – at your own pace- from just an employee into having an alternative digital lifestyle.

Many people have been there, and although these situations would be different from yours, the end effect may be similar.

Involve your boss by sharing this unseen online strategy.

Ignore the jears. Become use to it.   What you want to personally achieve is none of their business really is it? However the development of your skills basis is.  And best for the

begin-an-alternative-digital-lifestyle unseen online strategy
Start Silver Level training with the Digital Experts Academy Right Here!


boss is that there are no trainers wages included.  Needless to say, what is good thinking for the stockholders financial bottom line may have a negative impact on the training  department. Unless, they too make it through the BootCamp and start on the Digital Experts Academy levels of training themselves.

Can you see where this previously unseen online strategy for training and upskilling of staff members could spread like wildfire too?

Y E S.!..

 < <  <   <     

Then hit this picture link  to the introductory step BootCamp. Enjoy the participatory look through the all in one video series. Every person has preconceived ideas. These seem to turn into  rabbit holes.  Eventually, you came up for air.  However gold nuggets along the way. Look for them. Where one person is ready to see one thing others will walk past until there need is or needs are triggered.

This is an unseen online strategies training procedure.

One where the student needs are recognized and those needs are then able to be explored.  Right now the basis of all further actions being up to the individual started upon accepting the BootCamp invitation. That’s right this unseen online strategy IS right for you. The

prepareme-rightnow unseen online strategy
Up for a challenge?

beginning of an alternative digital lifestyle starts right at this gold nugget recognition point.

Once through the BootCamp there was more communication and training of leadership  and management  to contemplate.

There are different levels of training able to be purchased. Some purchase only the one now and others later.  While a few purchase all at once. Should you choose the Digital Experts Academy pathway into the training the modules of the WeSkill and Digital Experts Academy  may start with the DEA Silver training.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day


contact-me-1000-x-200 unseen online strategy
Compare DEA’s Silver Platform Training as tinder that os prepared for the spark igniting the rampant desire for a change within.


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom unseen online strategy
People can measure their journey into the Alternative Digital Lifestyle one or two way’s. The best is to be up, in the front of everyone else.


  • Procrastination keeps success away! – Anon [ probably my mother though!]
  • Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure – Don Wilder
  • Use your time wisely. Build your dream . Include your family.
  • You miss 100% of the shots you do not take ~ Wayne Gretzky
  • Have a good look at your dream. Use it to visualise open your mind for such scenarios. Imaging yourself as the owner of this outcome. Earned with your own work

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The secret is

The secret is your passion for freedom.

And the proven* silver level training within this digital business system. As you design the life you love.  Of course,  using all the training, tools, and applications that are under this one roof.

This morning I saw this statement and thought about what and how Autistic are caught in a

empahtyistobeabletowalkingsomeelesesboots The secret is
Before you jump the gun think about the other person. Where they have come from, the situation they are within. Would you then do the same?

bind wondering what ‘to life the secret is….’ ” If we could look into each others hearts, and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance and care.”

As a High Functioning Autistic myself, one of the unique challenges is in communication. Either speaking or writing the same thing happens. Often sentences are half complete. The first sentence has half the sentence, and the next sentence has the second half of the phrase within. Therefore, the reader tended to get lost in whatever it was being said or read. Frequently, just leaving the reader in total puzzlement. Let’s not even comment on the spelling and grammar aspects of communications. The secret is simply an application one of the members from the Six Figure Mentors shared.

The secret is Action on the  Silver training invitation

The first step in this process was to be invited into the SFM BootCamp. The second of course is to finish the modules within BootCamp. That means to complete totally, then present everything. Some people rush through while others grapple with the overload. Whichever you do the secret is to see this process out. The Silver training comes after.

icouldnotfindasolutionthentherealisationthatwiththetoolsihavemanysmallsteppingstonesandapathismade The secret is
Need help solving what your dream actually is? Then this BootCamp may be the motivational push forward you need.

Coming out of the BootCamp blogging was a choice I chose to make. Blogging was something familiar. As I already felt raw and fragile new horizons were safely penciled in for two months time. In between those two months was the Gold training and a Platinium training starting. Plus, the Australian and New Zealand Momentum Day in Sydney one month after that period.

Why hide overwhelm?

Not only had I had an Autistic overwhelm that was building up a few months before I went into that BootCamp. There were also the several meltdowns along the way during the Bootcamp. When explained to the back office staff what was happening the extension on fulfilling the BootCamp requirements was given. Again the secret is not to hide, just to communicate effectively while you explain what happens with this invisible disability.

Still had to make my mind up was I going to in or out, though – that was no secret. Nor had I changed my mind. This platform was what I needed to train through.

Finally after nearly five months the seven-days BootCamp requirements were processed. Because they were handed in. Where I thought they were inadequate, the staff on the other end were blown away with the breath and depth of what was presented. My mindset and other things have altered dramatically since.

The secret is in moving forward actions carried on.

i-am-notgoingtolivelikethisanymore The secret is
Make your decision then work that decision until things change. Reevaluate. Reposition. Change the world you live within.

The aim of writing ten e-books every three months was interrupted with an “Oh my site is not perfect’ and practically it was taken down, redone and somehow all the posts became 404’s. [Groan]

There I learned about the value of communication between people on several fronts. Things like the information transmitted need to be of clear intent. Plus that communication once received has to be understood by the receiver. Or communications break down. The secret is as simple as that. Friendships may be damaged if this two-way process is not in clarity.

The secret is perfection is not a cure.

That lesson reinforced that ‘perfection’ is not a cure. At times of crisis, other things would pop up. The secret is to in getting out there with hands in the ‘dirt mix’ is a cure. People need to be able to find your blog posts. Therefore, researching the words and content is only part of the writing of the posts. Creating pictures and including these in the content. Adding the alternative text just in case the view has a diminished sight level – or worse the some broadbands remove the picture or the caption of the images until the reader okays the process of showing these pictures. At least the alternative text is there for them to read and make a decision view the image.

About the creating of pictures, this too has modules covered in the DEA Silver training level. As such, although the e-books have been delayed, with the process now being slower than would have been appreciated, the e-book forms of communication via visuals are being created. No sweat. The date for release of the first three has become 12 months later. Now the writing, and the visual communications, are being sorted out the  PDF ‘s

silverplatformtraining-digitalexpertsacademy The secret is
Marketing is a streamlined learning communication system. An ‘as you go process’. Is your’s up-to-date?

Marketing is a streamlined learning communication system. An ‘as you go process’. Is your’s up-to-date?>>>JOIN THROUGH HERE  <<< 

will be assembled – starting in two weeks time. The hosting of the PDF files also comes within the cost of the monthly fee

The secret is that as a 

full member of the of the DEA [digital experts academy] Silver level the expert training received has been implemented in a firmly, and yet gently, way guiding me with communication articulation of thoughts.

Streamlining these ideas into a written mode where people can read what is written without getting lost in the writing has been the biggest secret, even to myself. And this is where having completed the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp 10 year plan has come into being. Although juggled around in dates the smooth stepping stones flow though is there. The secret is in knowing that these stepping stones will be completed. Maybe not perfect but Well. Not rushed or half jumbled. Slightly on their own schedule. Already I am looking forward towards the feedback from you receiving one of the first complementary ones. It just struck me… why not place The Secret is within this e-package, a thank you to Silver members for their for pre-release order trust.

The question is will you too share what the secret is…

With the Digital Experts Silver Level, training package there are modules to complete, which include The DEA Silver communications and service, sales and marketing fundamentals as well as leadership. The secret is the sheer simplicity of your Digital Mindset Training Program being set to unleash your digital entrepreneur within.
 Have a terrifically uplifting day


contact-me-1000-x-200 The secret is
The secret is to action the link on this page!

.*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom The secret is
I’ve enjoyed sharing ‘the secret is’ with you



  •  Start today and you will achieve a goal a day earlier than if you start tomorrow’ -Anon
  •  People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well! Neither does bathing. That’s why it’s recommend daily! -Anon


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Meeting the audiences needs

Meeting the audiences needs.

Within today’s online presence meeting the audiences needs has reached a near climax crescendos. With such fierce competition out there people are in the business of knowing what effective content marketing actually performs and looks like. So when the businesses content marketing efforts fall short, there is a LOT more noise coming from all quarters.

communicate-a Meeting the audiences needs
Push yourself out of a communication comfort zone. Recognise what is here !
Push yourself out of a communication comfort zone. Recognise what is here !

Starting with meeting obstacles head-on causes brain damage and constant headaches. With a supportive community behind you meeting these same communication obstacles head on is less severe. There will still be hassles. YES. Drastically reduced as within this community the members share their knowledge and skills base willingly. The training library alone gets bigger every day. Then there is the community forum. These are just two of the well-developed areas for expert assistance from normal everyday working within the Digital Experts Academy system people. Additionally add the technical and support staff.

Getting the Point Across is imperative.That involves communications practices both learned and practiced. With the broadbands crack down and upload compliance issues how do content marketers now get the time versus information to have an adequate return on investment?

Upskilling with the Digital Experts Academy Silver platform 


Meeting the audiences needs means taking a step into new territory. As Bruce Levin stated:” Behold the turtle, he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.” Therefore it standing to reason that by becoming prepared in multilevel learning streams you, or your staff, are able to best be meeting the audiences needs through creating professional

questionnaires, making performance testing checklists, banners along with a multitude of other PDFs. Great for giveaways or simply just sharing through the developing list.

Multi-level as many people are competent on one or more levels. Bumble around, and procrastinate, at new even trying things. Hence the challengers from the Digital Experts Academy’s Six Figure Mentors community.

Having met their needs what in this for you as well?

Communication processes continue long after the Blogging or the Video challenges are finished with. Continuity within the fields chosen to be explored still needs basic training and future enhancements.  Besides your were helped, encouraged and cheered onwards, and upwards.  This tradition also contributes to carrying forward your online reputation of meeting the audience’s needs.  Practice with friends builds confidence.

Why wait until all your efforts fall short of the expected ROI mark? Having the tools set up and actioned the communications being tracked becomes a reality.

prepareme-rightnow Meeting the audiences needs
Meeting the Audiences needs means You’re Up To The Challenge?

Prepare yourself.

Hit this link>>

Coincidently, having finally found an ‘Under One Roof’ platform for all the ‘Simple digital apps and tools’ anyone marketing anything could wish for the link here is included above.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day and …

contact-me-1000-x-200 Meeting the audiences needs
When you acknowledge the need for upskilling the communications to meet the audience needs … contact me.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Meeting the audiences needs


Keep yourself up to date with what’s happening.

Know Who Is Susan

Read about Susan Lewis here

“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” – Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO Click to Tweet
“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that” Anthony Volodkin, Hype machine founder Click to Tweet.

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Life is to short not to

Life is too short not to use it to it’s fullest.

In a family care situation for most woman to find out whether they are capable of running a small business the a challenge beyond belief.

I-dont-suffer-from-dyslexia-books-form Life is to short not to
Everything in your life serves your transformation. ~ Ram Dass.  Why let the silently invisible disability deny you the right use of apps and tools may assist with creating what you want online?

Many people still believe that people living within the Autism Spectrum are not fully capable.

That limiting negative belief is then picked up and internalized on the child. Resulting in a slip sliding away effect where it now is compounded further. Life is too short not to activate a “sack the Boss Clause”.  Ever wonder at the  nonsense of having to constantly work to correct someone else’s false knowledge.

In late October 2015 the internet began to talk about employers who were now seeking out and employing the “Autistic disabled peoples”. Correct me if I am wrong here: exploitation is exploitation no matter what people want to think. For years the people working their way up in the world had a secret that they could not speak out about. To some extent knowledge of a difference between them, and the others out there, was kept a secret. A ‘guilty’ secret.

People formed groups, recognize the underlying similarities and yet not even speak about ‘it’. Life is too short not to use all the gold nuggets within your pathway so why ignore the similarities and support structures.

Understand the power of commonality as life is to short not to. 

However now times are changing. The children have gotten older. Being Autistic does not go away. Ask my mother who has nearly 80 years under her belt. Being the oldest of seven children, having had seven children herself there are definite similarities in the DNA

9y Life is to short not to
It’s time to hunt out Gold Nuggets as life is to short not to !

throughout the family.

Since the Autistic traits are silently passed through the DNA it’s when the family members grew up enough to wonder why the “outsiders’ were so strange that adoption of other procedure for life experiences had to be learned. And quickly. You either overcompensated or simply began to hide you skills and talents away just to be the same as someone else. And of course, to be kept ‘safe’ within your external chosen group. Many of us are artistic in some manner. As technology has taken over the time and the paint has been stored in the corner the creation of digital art programs are what some of this wide family are into. While most of us just like sharing things on the net. Having the upskilling to make our own visuals is complementary to each persons’ individual dream.

Life is ‘to’ short not to miss this BootCamp

After finishing the Six Figure Mentors complimentary BootCamp what started to present

itself again was the need for digital illustrations on a blog post. More specifically common thread digital art correlating with the blog post themed specific keywords. Once again life is too short not to use the gifts left hidden from school years as a career was sort. A family

prepareme-rightnow Life is to short not to
Up for a challenge? life is to short not to  HIT THE PICTURE LINK BELOW

was sort. For many people the world over this family now includes the SFM community

Prepare yourself for the ‘BootCamp’ of all BootCamps.

Having gone through the boot camp the decision to become an Elite member was beginning to pay off. There were so many tools sets and integrated applications waiting to be used.


mysusanlewismarketingthesixfigurementorsjournal Life is to short not to
Life is to short not to make a journey within a folder full of newly made memories.

Now the blog posts had tracked pictures and the YourTubePlayer was waiting to be used. Many members choose the progression to go through a continuously cycling challenge. Strangely the video one seemed most appropriate with the blog one soon following.

Just do not give up… life is to short to do that.

It took me three attempts to get there and finish the Video challenge. By the end of the 90 days though, realizing just how messed up and crumpled looking you were when you just made the video was now water under the bridge. A mindset change had occurred. Life’s to short not to show the talents you have. Life is ‘to’ short to not use all the benefits of the Elite level training. Suddenly the e-learning is carried on as the members of the Six Figure Mentors community global learner experience a broadened world view. All because they did what was asked of them through the BootCamp and found the Gold Nuggets.

Yes! Life is to short not to hunt and find the Golden Nuggets scattered along the whole of the Six Figure Mentors communications.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

contact-me-1000-x-200 Life is to short not to
Life is too short not to introduce yourself and make contact


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Life is to short not to
Gain a foothold into a great big wider world out there and challenge yourself to keep on succeeding at your success rate – while pushing your boundaries. One push at a time.



Be Bold, be free, be beautiful, be love, be true to you!  ~ David Newman in “Be true to you”



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a state of mind

A few secrets of having a state of mind change

Circumstances do not make something designed to help a state of mind calm down become stagnant. The owner of the mind does that all by themselves. That is called self-entrapment. Similar to always needing to look forward to the moment of a weekly payday. Or having to work through a series of funding issues and challenges.

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Learn Online Marketing

Why Learn online marketing on a daily basis!

To unleash your digital, creative thinking business ideas, do you really need to learn online marketing skillsets? Will reaching out, grabbing the nearest course to you, ensure you use it to the fullest capacity? What happens after you have completely finished with it?

Face it technology moves so fast what is needed is a course that keeps up to date with what is being taught. One that has the option of a flexible learning stream challenging you, your skills, talents and life skills.

onceyoumake-adecisiontheuniverseconspirestomakeithappenyes Learn Online Marketing
Believe to act. Act to believe. Just make the decision and take action today to achieve your dream. Step by step

Basic steps to start online marketing activities

Jenni Young once said to “Pause and remember – Every moment is a choice. Every thought, word, and deed are creating your future. Choose wisely and positively.” Take the time to think about what your goals are. Have these a common theme  leading to a focus?

Note down what are your business objectives that.  The stepping stones towards a the goal. Not in any great detail. Quickly overcome the idea of making some random notes to place aside and read every so often. Onstead sit down further sorting out action for self-improvement plan. Include things like to communicate effectively with your team, skills for self-improvement.

Suggesting entrepreneur how to start steps is for creating easily digested awesome mind maps leading into primary a beginners process. These later may form the basis leading into a series of checklists. Objectives and strategy outlines may even begin to develop as side notes.

When you learn online marketing effectively

Perhaps you’re aware of the process for self-improvement already. Either way the answers

focusonbeingproductive-insteadofbusy Learn Online Marketing
Be prepared to plunge into that new mental mindset as you learn online marketing.

will come. Initially, it seems hard to remember to include the research and due diligence to be carried out.  Used. Realizing the simplest ‘put into practice all the ‘learn online marketing’ system strategies that best suits you is what you are looking for s a baseline.  Now moving forward from there the journey has begun.

With this basic preparation time what is happening is a sorting out of how the chosen entrepreneur course will lead to your objectives now outlined. These may include shorter working hours, more time with your family, a family involved activity, or two.

Tapping into what each person’s key influencing skills, desires, even the reasons people choose to reskill, retain, or re-train, themselves is highly subjective and very personal to each and every one of us.

While learning to utilize the Digital Skills platform provided through the SixFigure Mentors toolkit, the e-learning benefits were not immediately seen. Six Figure Mentors community members were regularly stating that with the available resources e-learning within the 6FM would involve positive aspects of creative thinking. Encouragements to think outside of the box became an accepted normality. What e-learning entrepreneur courses elsewhere were discouraging, this business system encourages the release of your digital entrepreneur. Through introducing DEA Silver, there is no need to ask what does an entrepreneur do on a daily basis. Instead, through the 12-month transition from employee to the DEA Silver level entrepreneur course recognises the development of that talent and skills set.

When you are ready, start your own online business and be positively proactive with spreading the importance of entrepreneurs.  Now since there is one person very close to you about to begin to learn online marketing learning, and promoting, is a self-paced challenge.    Are you up to that challenge.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Learn Online Marketing


“There is a thought in your mind right now.  The longer you hold onto it, the more you dwell upon it, the more life you give to that thought.  Give it enough life, and it will become real. So make sure the thought is indeed a great one.” Ralph Marston.

contact-me-1000-x-200 Learn Online Marketing
Introduce yourself and contact me


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Susan Lewis Marketing with – Learn Online Marketing – Goes up to the Top again


4 steps to the Recovery Of URL’s

When one thing triggers another to happen so that people end up dealing with the recovery of URL’s extremely varied emotions break loose. Be ready for this unexpected eventuality with a set of premade and kept up to date instructions. Effectively action this efficiency and your back in the running quickly.

It’s when you have not caught

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Visualize Your Dream

Knowing You Already Know How To Visualize Your Dream

Will you visualize your dream now, or will you just put it off for the perfect time to do so?

It’s not necessary to be solving all the world’s problems. The combination of many people’s action comes from one small change that influences something else along the way. Gradually other things begin to shift position within the direction of a person life. Then one day someone may say something, or a quote is read or said. Maybe an email is opened – pathing the way for numerous change transitions to occur. The old mindset beings to topple as the new one is allowed by you to rise.

You see, many people are online looking for ways to make extra money. And they are always trying to sell you stuff every time you connect with them. Through their blog posts, the website, the automated responses. And very soon their emails are just entirely ignored. People just don’t even bother to open them up and unsubscribe from these emails.

What Happens When You Visualize Your Dream?

Sharing ideas about your dream will clarify what you really want. Things change.

icouldnotfindasolutionthentherealisationthatwiththetoolsihavemanysmallsteppingstonesandapathismade Visualize Your Dream
Need help solving what your dream actually is? Then this BootCamp may be the motivational push forward you need.

Large or little, they just start to turn. The rate, how far and what actually begins to change seems to be profoundly influenced with these two things. And these are up to you. Your focus and your unwavering belief in    obtaining that focus become a reality. Richard Back stated, “To bring anything into your life, Imagine that it’s already there.”

You want that dream focus enough then you will visualize your dream over and over again. A bucket list begins and becomes aligned three year plan being actioned. One stepping stone at a time. One proposed strategy. One proposed objective. Probably many unexpected things that look as though they will muck everything else up.

No worries. Maybe the primary pathway you thought was your journey, just was not the pathway you needed to be on. That path to your success was

probably just a by way leading to a rest station. A place where your X, Y and Z was worked out and through. Meanwhile, the tools and applications, the upskilling and learning needed at the time yet for the future is being provided. And then thinking you are prepared, off you to start again. Beware when your vehicle suddenly appears to join the Freeway traffic. You may find you are in the fast lane.

Action Comes From This BootCamp

If you were to register for a boot camp, that many people have tried, what would you expect? Some just were not ready. They may come back later. Others will blame what is holding

prepareme-rightnow Visualize Your Dream
Real action comes from knowing you are ready! Now are you up for a challenge?

them back within their own lives on the BootCamp. Simply by being aware that you can now visualize your dream.Yes,  to help you prepare your U this BootCamp is here. Give at least the first two modules a fair and honest go. You will know so much more about your “Y’.  And the “X” and “Z’ in your life than you realized before you started.

You might notice a series of changes occur very soon.

Your friends, family, and associates will have already sensed something has altered as youwill begin to be aware that something is different.  Some embrace the feeling.  Others run. Some may take a while to come around.

To the point where you will feel happy to share in the BootCamp’s simplicity through your social sites as well. You never know who are out there in this world – other than your our friends and acquaintances. There is a whole big community of like-minded people individuals supporting people that they may get to meet face to face one day.

Everybody has dreams. Most people have goals. When you visualize your dream are you knowing what it feels like supported along the way to achieving it?

 See you on the other side

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Visualize Your Dream


Top Of Page   – Visualize Your Dream


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Not Working Fix It

If It’s Not Working Fix It

These were the words that brought something else to a head. And that is the word marketing. Here I am watching a video of a webinar. Chris is talking about where he is positioned and what he is doing. What others have been doing that is working within this community. hearning all this the word marking kept flashing in my mind marketing brings to mind, door to door sales, or hardcore truth

cowwarrcountrykitchenowners Not Working Fix It
A couple who relocated and formed the Cowwarr Country Kitchen produce. Worth their weight in Gold Dust too.

As I use to do all those years ago. Then again there are the markets shows, fetes and fairs that myself and the family were involved in. And in part have just this year reestablished a few links and contacts. One was a promise of a good being delivered. And the other was a real product there waiting be to sold.

However now with the affiliate marketing of digital apps and tools, plus the training of other working systems things are easier. So much has been learned.

Yet it felt like it was not working. Fix it time is now.

However the tricky bit is that the market I know about is a specific niche. That of people on the Autism spectrum, like myself. And I did not want to be marketed to! Therefore there was a

disconnect with regards to my mindset and the domain name.

focusonbeingproductive-insteadofbusy Not Working Fix It
If its not working Fix IT! Focus on Being Productive Instead of BUSY” Be production proactive with your passion for freedom, rather than just busy!

There were all sorts of deferring tactics happening.

This is an extract from Chris McLean

“A lot of people won’t start because they think they have not got it right. Fear of failure is massive as well. People do not want to muck up and be seen as a failure.
You’re a marketer, and entrepreneur. Your a “Muckituper“. That’s what you do. You muck things up. That’s your job title. 
I’ve failed more times than you’ve even tried. And that’s why I‘m going to win….. if you want to succeed, or want to be a business owner. get comfortable with failure. It’s just a result. Not an end.

onceyoumake-adecisiontheuniverseconspirestomakeithappenyes Not Working Fix It
Believe to act. Act to believe. Just make the decision and take action today to achieve your dream. If it’s not working fix it…Step by step

Right here .  Right now. I know this is going to work.

My decision: I am going to make this work.  And I love the spacve I am in right this minute.

So here is the thing. With this domain name the site is talking about the development and creation of the site, what goes where, how and other bits that may make up creating a voice out there in the netisphere. is about the life I am living, the changes that are ongoing. How I see life through my eyes reflects my mindset as it is today. Reflective of way of coping, different places visited, different people, foods and basically the textures of the world through my eyes. and a camera lens. Different things that have happened and responses learned, that worked or did not. My life and my journey moving forward.

Again with the mindset: I am going to make this work. When it is at the point where it is not working Fix it is the only way through. As a part of the further learning from JJ’s wake up calls this is great advice.  Want to experience these positives  as part of the comprehensive training and further upskilling that is part of the “get  through BootCamp..

NOW Fix ‘it’.

Make your ‘it’ work for you


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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A firm believer in if it’s not broken then leave it alone. However, if it’s broken then fix it



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Introduce yourself and contact me


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