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The Sales Funnel Story for ‘some’ Autistic Affiliate Marketers

Imagine if there was an unfolding Sales Funnel Story that all autistic people could just pick up,read and understand the content and context of what has been written. Although that seems like say ” Met one Autistic person met them all” when really a person who meets and begins to understand some of that Autistic person’s traits has only met that one Autistic person.  Hence why the Title has the word “Some” within it.

thesalesfunnelstoryforautisticaffiliatemarketers The Sales Funnel Story for 'some' Autistic Affiliate Marketers

As an Autistic person myself for years I avoided the sales funnel. The tracking, codes and anything else to do with the subject. With far better understanding now, ‘The Sales Funnel Story‘ is being developed for your understanding. With Gratitude, I thank everyone who is making this understanding possible.

Over a period of time posts will be written.  These posts will go towards several PDFs.  Collectively these PDFs will the the basis of an e-book.  The title of which will be ” Thr Sales Funnel Story for ‘some’ Autistic Affiliate Marketers.”  The aim is to translate how to approach the ‘Simple Set’ of tools for tracking measures, apps and integrated systems and tools used by autistic affiliate marketers.

A decision was made by myself to Master Digital Marketing. I am also living with Autism. As a carer. An Active participant [ yes I have it as well] and as An Affiliate Marketer who just happens to be creating an alternative Digital Lifestyle.

Let ” The Sales Funnel Story ” begin to unfold

The ‘Sales Funnel Story‘  is one that countless generations of people have mastered and achieved. Counter balancing this statement are the myriads of people who get stuck, become disenchanted and literally just fall by the wayside.  Somewhere in there, maybe a little to the side, is the person with an invisible learning  or comprehension challenge.

Some may think that challenge is classed as a disability. Believe me, that is not the challenge.  Giving up on a fundamental linking of one thing to another is the issue.

Time has a value that often gets misplaced  learning the Sales Funnel Story

Even if you have not spent your life savings, the time that has gone into understanding and really working the Sales Funnel Story out, one piece at a time, is the challenge.

Argue with me if you want to, but even time has a value besides time. That may be the only thing we agree upon as everyone of us here today are different.  So too are the views and understanding of what may, or may not be considered hard, at that time. That is  Automation as well as Lead Generation.

That is where the Sales Funnel Story begins to come into play. The try before you buy approach has been incorporated into the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp. Like everything we choose to do today there are lifestyle options and informed choices to make.

Once the basic pieces are taken apart, analyzed and put back together the virtual reality of using an analytical program such as involves the Six Figure Mentors ‘Simple System’ begins to form.

Apps and tools that SimplyTrakk everything and show the data!

Look at just writing a post for instance. Everything from the words you use, the setting out of the posts structure, the savings of the picture and other visuals formats, the links within and those that are driven back to the site and particular post are tracked, analyzed and later split tested with.   For this to occur the skills of driving traffic through that campaigns series of sales funnels needs another skill of reading the gathering date sheets.  Much as a restauranteur knows the most favorite meal of the night by the comments given forth.  However ,the cook will know by the dishes garnished, the pot-boy by the number, height and breadth of the dishes and the garbage person by the tin cans or kitchen scraps that go out.

one-piece-at-a-time The Sales Funnel Story for 'some' Autistic Affiliate Marketers

Behind the sweat, the tears of frustration, the need and want to understand how affiliate markets were progressing forward time after time was the I AM going to do this one piece at a time. From that jigsaw puzzle is ‘The Sales Funnel Story’ concept.

Yet those in the restaurant know nothing of these marvels.  Why should they?  They have come for a beautiful meal, lovely company and efficient service.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 The Sales Funnel Story for 'some' Autistic Affiliate Marketers

Susan Lewis enjoys using all the pro Simple System analytical tools and training’s  provided.

In part, what the customers of the restaurant is little different  from their online counterparts.   Both have some deep seated need to be appeased.  Maybe it is as simple as eating at this restaurant tonight and the other ones over the next year.

Dare to be different while you track and create with these tools.

Cheers for now