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Your Passion For Freedom

Your Passion For Freedom –  Step Into Another Comfort Zone With Your Passion For Freedom Slimplicity.

Observe that when the your passion for freedom moves forward that step into another comfort zone is taken. “When the student is ready a mentor may suggest to you what to do rather than ‘will show’ you”. There is a community where the power with the education system relies on the person needing the change to accept the responsibility for that change triggers actions to occur.

The concept is simple. That to responsible with your choose to choose means accept the change factors. This may be confusing as many people who are used to people telling them the steps. Only so that they can go about breaking the process.

Once again refer to the power behind the saying ” that when the student is ready the teacher will come”. Well within this community “when the student is ready a mentor may choose to show you.  When the thing you are looking to do finally clicks then other things tumble into place.”

The invite to check this out is open to a few people. Should your passion for freedom be annoying you now why not open the invitation you apply for at the bottom of the page.

Susanlewis10 Your Passion For Freedom

In this post Susan Lewis covers how that challenge then is to know that finding the right mentoring personal for yourself just  become one of the critical factors to moving forward. Plus Susan shows you already know that in your own way, your preparation for greatness is to remove the self-limiting beliefs that hinder the ‘drive’.People expect that, if they help you create a  ‘to do’ list, this one action will release Your Passion For Freedom

Finally, just to pinpoint an entryway into your passion for freedom is a huge step. Made easier with the family based business community on the other side of the blue, white and orange invitation.

It’s time to see when you visualize the detailed changes you build that personal quality time imagine. That the circumstances have changed and you found a community with working mentoring systems already in place and operational!  At long last to have found a community that shares a productive passion for freedom !

Entrepreneurs may share with you that a vital factor to any successful business is a great brand that stands out from the crowd.  Only a few entrepreneurs will believe otherwise. The question remains “is it?” Or is The Secret really within you!

Many business struggle to complete in the noisy online space, no matter how much is spend they throw down, because they haven’t figured out how to tap into their own resources. A brand which stands the test of time and earns consumer loyalty isn’t just about an expensive , sleek looking website either – the winning factor is to come from a place of genuine integrity that flows through your entire business.’ The genuine integrity is to find that secret within you as well as have support , and direction when the changes begin to action the work and energy you have put into the situation.  That work Susan Found to come after she answered the quiet call of the banner below.

Go find you passion for freedom 

Sounds like a big statement [I bet you’re thinking it is] and it is! I will not promise being a member of any community would be a stress-free place. That would be wrong. But, from personal experience I can say that with the right frame of mind things have a further chance to change. Now there is an awareness of having a ‘better’ mindset, the realisation that with the old beliefs within your head, the mess is too big for anyone to face alone.

focusonbeingproductive-insteadofbusy-200x133 Your Passion For Freedom
Be production proactive with your passion for freedom, rather than just busy!

That it could well be the protective isolation you have found yourself within is blocking the process of moving forward. [ or moving forward process].

Having mentoring personnel showing you how things are done. One step at a time. It’s your passion for freedom that is being developed at your own pace enabling the change within to be handled by you. The owner of that change.

Should you be on the Autistic Spectrum, as I am, the quietly supported process is both a challenge and achievable.

Yes, this system may be confusing as many people are used to people telling them the steps. Only so that they can go about breaking the process. The saying ” that when the student is ready the teacher will come”. Well within this community “when the student is ready a mentor will show you”.

The internet is a marvelous place to research points of interest.  However, what was found was there were so many answers within the internet Susan needed a recommendation.  A one stop shop where with guidance the choices of which courses would suit the occasion were best would surface.  That momentum started by answering a posts link just the same as this one.

trial-650x310 Your Passion For Freedom
If you take the time and fully experience the preparation processes, you are more likely to appreciate and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Include in your free 30-day test drive everything you want for your online marketing educational experience.

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478479631293-200x200 Your Passion For Freedom
Welcome. Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

The resulting choices may even be in the form of a well-deserved rest and rejuvenation time. A chance to ignite your passion for freedom again. As long as there is access to great internet and an internet device you will probably be enjoying creating contact time with your many followers. Don’t forget to share this secret with your family and friends.

contact-me-1000-x-200-200x40 Your Passion For Freedom
Introduce yourself and contact me


Susan Lewis Marketing with your passion for freedom.

The Internet And Networks Are

The internet and networks

Are you aware that the internet and networks are now over thirty years old? Did you know that everything that goes through the internet, is out there waiting for you to find it? Did you now that using old Search Engine Optimization processes are penalized by the broadbands?

Imagine if there was a smarter way of gaining training, simply Upskilling even while working towards the creation of an alternative lifestyle !

Become active within the internet and networks

Utilize the internet and networks. Update and implement using  transparent methods. Enable a greater time management flexibility. With more effective, and efficient, processes for the bots to read your pages, posts and articles  the things behind the scenes become more user-friendly due to compliance. Thus, more people become aware of your voice.

Is it worth it? Heck yes. After years on the internet the little things that somehow escaped

i-am-notgoingtolivelikethisanymore The Internet And Networks Are
Make your decision then work that decision. Upskill using the apps and tools from the internet and networks until things change. Reevaluate. Reposition. Change the world you live within one brick at a time.

became available to all. Peoples learning curves finally began to be actioned. Results are gained. And these people are sharing. Now differences are recorded and seen.

With the consistency of what at first appears as hard work, the creation of a list works towards the rise of people finding your pages, posts and articles. How? Consider the actual integration of how the internet and networks interconnect. Then look at the follow through on what you are doing within the internet and networks interconnection and syndication processes. Now check your mindset things.

Start with what you have!

From the brainstorming methods combined with the research and due diligence, right the way through to the step by step syndication process there are more and more people you will be reaching out too. Targeting what you are communicating with the people who are interested is part of this process.

Now the people with Autistic traits that I know, like myself, have some degree of a challenge when reaching out to people in real life. However, what appears to be simply : do three things and this process is made easier, actually involves many layers

There are education process, skills update courses enabling more free time, family and activity time. However, there is a balance trade off to reach first. Like all study there is implementation throughout the processes. A store’s assistant will be shown the rudimentary of the counting the change to the customers. The welcoming and other stor protocols. People studying dentistry are not just given a drill and a customer and told to go for it! Why then would it be any different with an online course?

Make things easier with the internet and networks

Having access to up to date, round the clock, current and straight away applicable

mysusanlewismarketingthesixfigurementorsjournal The Internet And Networks Are
Start your journey with the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp as a complimentary get started assistance pack

processes that track past just search engine optimization is has been made easier. Look the internet and networks have had to change as people have pressured the broadbands to take active action for their personal, business and the government’s information and rights of protection. Now the responsibilities of the are past through compliance measures and onto the middle people. The internet and networks user may not recognise that they see the difference straight away. Take note of the load speed in general. Especially on the mobiles.

The old methods are once again evaporating. The new rise of presenting information are coming through. Particularly those who are ‘more broadband compliant’ than others. Now the organisations behind the people presenting this information are also becoming compliant. Their members are demanding this compliance through the tools that they too use. Some companies are listening. The Six Figure Mentors is one that has been actively

prepareme-rightnow The Internet And Networks Are
Up for the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp challenge?

jumping forward with upskills, educating and training internet and network processes and tools with the internet and networks trainings as this a smarter way of gaining training or simply Upskilling than going about everything by myself ! Add the Mindset changes.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day with the internet and networks 
From time to time you may wish to contact me through these links to my Social Pages. Feel free to drop me a line or any other constructive comments regarding any of my posts or pages content. Any, and all messages or constructive comments are always gratefully accepted.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom The Internet And Networks Are
Introduce yourself as you learn a little more about Susan Lewis


 Have a great day

contact-me-1000-x-200 The Internet And Networks Are
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Susan Lewis Marketing with – the internet and networks rock!

Moving Forward when Using GraphixCreator

Did you ever find upskilling training and feel bombarded and not quite ready to implement everything being shown to you? Did you one day awaken to what you were missing out on and realize that you had been shown and unskilled enough to now feel like moving forward using the applications and tools you have at your fingertips? Did you even have a basic need and set of wants converge that want when you have used these apps and tools suddenly the world is tool small and the galaxies need to be explored?

Imagine if these positive freely flowing feelings were right there for the use?

Now there is a moving forward when Using GraphixCreator

movingforwardusinggraphixcreatorsusanlewismarketingdotcom Moving Forward when Using GraphixCreator
Moving Forward when using GraphixCreator is such a buzz of pure energy its amazing.

Yes, there are many tools out there. Some are free, and others are a try before you buy option. Many ties there is a need to use this app to go that far, and this app to do that thing. Fine, these are accepted approaches by many people.

Continuity is something that is a need throughout the internet. So is original content. Preferably of the ownership. Let’s say you pay for a pro program. Somewhere down the road you forget a payment, Or simply find another method that suits you better because of upgrades, or implementation facts. What many people do not realize is soon after this decision is made the visuals created in the previous program have disappeared. Therefore, whole campaigns become a literal blank canvas. Noted that the internet never actually forgets anything. Therefore years after the fact those original campaigns are still out there being found and looked at.

People are visual creatures.

Especially with today’s technology. Presentation is in part very visual.  therefore finding a company that is prepared to see the mutual benefits of allowing the person who has moved on, or departed, work to have threads to their apps and tools programs is a wonder within

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Moving Forward when Using GraphixCreator
Look for solutions RIGHT here as there are many integrtive apps and tools available under one roof.


That being stated, the training and upskilling while using the banner and e-creation frames has been worthwhile.  Took some time for myself to realize the aesthetic value of these tools.   Plus there is a greater amount of exploration out there with them.  And yes combining some of the free programs from other places within the final presentations is being looked forward too.

Sudden realization of the depth that has meant ‘suddenly ‘ moving forward when using GraphixCreator had a “Whippee” feeling connected to it . Literally punching the air and dancing on table tops energy.

The Sales Funnel Story for ‘some’ Autistic Affiliate Marketers

Imagine if there was an unfolding Sales Funnel Story that all autistic people could just pick up,read and understand the content and context of what has been written. Although that seems like say ” Met one Autistic person met them all” when really a person who meets and begins to understand some of that Autistic person’s traits has only met that one Autistic person.  Hence why the Title has the word “Some” within it.

thesalesfunnelstoryforautisticaffiliatemarketers The Sales Funnel Story for 'some' Autistic Affiliate Marketers

As an Autistic person myself for years I avoided the sales funnel. The tracking, codes and anything else to do with the subject. With far better understanding now, ‘The Sales Funnel Story‘ is being developed for your understanding. With Gratitude, I thank everyone who is making this understanding possible.

Over a period of time posts will be written.  These posts will go towards several PDFs.  Collectively these PDFs will the the basis of an e-book.  The title of which will be ” Thr Sales Funnel Story for ‘some’ Autistic Affiliate Marketers.”  The aim is to translate how to approach the ‘Simple Set’ of tools for tracking measures, apps and integrated systems and tools used by autistic affiliate marketers.

A decision was made by myself to Master Digital Marketing. I am also living with Autism. As a carer. An Active participant [ yes I have it as well] and as An Affiliate Marketer who just happens to be creating an alternative Digital Lifestyle.

Let ” The Sales Funnel Story ” begin to unfold

The ‘Sales Funnel Story‘  is one that countless generations of people have mastered and achieved. Counter balancing this statement are the myriads of people who get stuck, become disenchanted and literally just fall by the wayside.  Somewhere in there, maybe a little to the side, is the person with an invisible learning  or comprehension challenge.

Some may think that challenge is classed as a disability. Believe me, that is not the challenge.  Giving up on a fundamental linking of one thing to another is the issue.

Time has a value that often gets misplaced  learning the Sales Funnel Story

Even if you have not spent your life savings, the time that has gone into understanding and really working the Sales Funnel Story out, one piece at a time, is the challenge.

Argue with me if you want to, but even time has a value besides time. That may be the only thing we agree upon as everyone of us here today are different.  So too are the views and understanding of what may, or may not be considered hard, at that time. That is  Automation as well as Lead Generation.

That is where the Sales Funnel Story begins to come into play. The try before you buy approach has been incorporated into the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp. Like everything we choose to do today there are lifestyle options and informed choices to make.

Once the basic pieces are taken apart, analyzed and put back together the virtual reality of using an analytical program such as involves the Six Figure Mentors ‘Simple System’ begins to form.

Apps and tools that SimplyTrakk everything and show the data!

Look at just writing a post for instance. Everything from the words you use, the setting out of the posts structure, the savings of the picture and other visuals formats, the links within and those that are driven back to the site and particular post are tracked, analyzed and later split tested with.   For this to occur the skills of driving traffic through that campaigns series of sales funnels needs another skill of reading the gathering date sheets.  Much as a restauranteur knows the most favorite meal of the night by the comments given forth.  However ,the cook will know by the dishes garnished, the pot-boy by the number, height and breadth of the dishes and the garbage person by the tin cans or kitchen scraps that go out.

one-piece-at-a-time The Sales Funnel Story for 'some' Autistic Affiliate Marketers

Behind the sweat, the tears of frustration, the need and want to understand how affiliate markets were progressing forward time after time was the I AM going to do this one piece at a time. From that jigsaw puzzle is ‘The Sales Funnel Story’ concept.

Yet those in the restaurant know nothing of these marvels.  Why should they?  They have come for a beautiful meal, lovely company and efficient service.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 The Sales Funnel Story for 'some' Autistic Affiliate Marketers

Susan Lewis enjoys using all the pro Simple System analytical tools and training’s  provided.

In part, what the customers of the restaurant is little different  from their online counterparts.   Both have some deep seated need to be appeased.  Maybe it is as simple as eating at this restaurant tonight and the other ones over the next year.

Dare to be different while you track and create with these tools.

Cheers for now


A Choice To Choose Arriving Back From Taking the #PopCorn4U to Market

Did you ever begin to question where your choice to choose went too?  Did you know that many people combine two or more commitments in order to keep the family peace while still working towards their own dreams?  Did you know that the long hard hours require more than just require more than drive and determination?

What if there was a way to combine all of these things and fully believe, to know that your dream is progressing forward? Step by step!

The choice to choose is magnified when included and actioned on

You see results begin to come in.

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea A Choice To Choose  Arriving Back From Taking the #PopCorn4U to Market
Once YOU action the choice to choose the desire and the dream collide is there really any stopping you achieve a laptop lifestyle?

When the day at a market draws to an end, the packing up will have already begun. The pattern of cleaning down, sorting out and saying your good-byes is similar on every market. Agree with me there is not much chance to have a choice to choose here.

The day has not necessarily finished as the advertised time specifies. Sometimes running over and not often closing earlier.When there is a lull, an experienced marketer will have noted the feel of the crowd’s mood. Slowly the packing will begin to intensify. With the #PopCorn4U, there are times when the end product will simply be given away and other times the bags will be kept back.

The time taken to pack mainly depends on the systems of packing for the market has dictated. Large 50-liter plastic boxes are utilized well.  Big pink ones for the sweets, Blue ones for the equipment and general inside tailer gear that has been washed and dried. Put back

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand A Choice To Choose  Arriving Back From Taking the #PopCorn4U to Market
Actioning that laptop lifestyle needs an internet connection. A device. And determination. Bring those into everyday life and what happens then is then your choice to choose!

again.  The table clothes and bowls and just all sorts of things.

When the large generator has been required some of the packing boxes then are placed in the towing vehicle.

Safety issues are always paramount. Consider simple things like the:

  • cleaning down of cooking equipment,
  • securing the popcorn machines cooking tub,
  • placing the very sharp knives within their own contain,
  • the height of the trailers contents and
  • where the actual Items are weight distributed
  • No doubt about it, every marketer’s list will be different. As you share your packing from markets and traveling to home ideas in the comment box below, take the time to read other peoples thoughts as well.

    Going home for a well earned nap!

Heading home is part of the wind-down process. Initially, it’s a time when:

The day’s happenings tend to be told in full.

    1. Catch up lists and to-dos are noted.
    1. Aggravating topics for later discussion are noted on a to bring up later list
    1. Something substantial to eat and time to have a drink is done

    2. Although the trailer now carries both a refreshment and a hot food maker the times to actually eat or drink are busy, interrupted and just time out, off the feet while sitting on the trailers checked plate surface over the drawbar
    3. The last thing on the to-do list is to have that quick drink. Usually either a glass of water of a fruit box that is cold and from the esky.
    4. There are places along the way where a meal is served to two hungry, weary travelers.

And each time I help in the trailer I would rather be living that laptop lifestyle.  There is a lot of work to go into both these ventures.  One challenge though is placing the marketing things on-line.  Since the operation is not mine and the owner does not want to operate things inline there is little to do other than bringing up updates through blogs.

Except that there is a choice to choose be actioned

However that laptop lifestyle.  There are things that have had to occur to accommodate this.  The first was learning to type while a passenger in the car during the dark hours of the morning.  Then having to keep typing as the winter hours would drag people inside to keep arm.  Well, popcorn is not something most people want in the winter rain.  So the small laptop came in very handy.

Now the tablet, a few years old, though, will be having internet connection in November. That Momentum day is getting closer.  Travel again means train.  That means a squishy time in public rush hour traffic.

WowIhavetwitterfollowersfromallovertheworld A Choice To Choose  Arriving Back From Taking the #PopCorn4U to Market
Marketing and training allow practice time a must. Now share in real time or automate before hand. Reach out with gratitude for so many things in your life- especially for having followers know where you are today and what specials are on.

New=d a fresh approach t your marketing drive.  Then join into actioning the syndication of posts then what is happening is the constant need to fo just that.  At least with all the extra training and the challenges within this community sharing these posts out has become easier.

By giving a commitment to both the popcorn and now jumping castle weekend activities and the 90 days of syndication challenge, this little laptop is proving a point to me. Firstly that friends and family commitments get a bit ‘thin’ at times.

Can you imagine what would happen with the Internet and a device to place content on the internet combined with progressive action … oh wonder of wonders this is beginning to happen.  And Yes it also, means moving from a job behind a counter into the freedom of once again having that choice to choose.  And am I looking forward to that choice?  Then moving on.

Action this link to

choose to have the choice to move on. Or stay. It is your life.  Your choice after all.

Keep on with that choice to chose for a very long while. Your life time!


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom A Choice To Choose  Arriving Back From Taking the #PopCorn4U to Market
Susan Lewis


 Have a terrific day


Share this Magical Metamorphosis Factor Found


In the world filled with sweet scents and blue sky.
Loves the gentle, uplifting butterfly.
Whose metamorphosis has this truth to teach:
Our Aspirations are within our reach.
For this fluttering flyer of scoring worth
Was at one time a creature of the earth.

When she climbed a plant and learned of the sky,
She looked down at the heart and wondered why
Her destiny was to live on the land.
Something inside of her did not understand.
‘The sky is my home’ every part of her felt
‘How could crawling be the lot I’ve been dealt?’

Keeping those thoughts safe, where they could be found
Slowly she descended back to the ground.
When she found the right plant on which to rest.
‘She brilliantly wove a cocoon for her nest.
Inside the chrysalis, she went to sleep.
Tucked in with those thoughts that she wanted to keep….

… One sunny day, The cocoon came unsealed.
Magically, a butterfly was revealed.
Seeing this miracle with my own eyes;
Of caterpillars becoming butterflies,
Bring real hope of the possibility
Of total transformation of me!

Like the caterpillar, that crawls the Earth
We are destined for a divine rebirth.

( A poem titled: Metamorphosis” from the website called “Metamorphasis: Poems to inspire Transformation Written by M. Butterflies Katz [


Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have. Find out how right here.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Share this Magical Metamorphosis Factor Found
Susan Lewis


 Have a nice day

Enjoy reading about a metamorphosis from within this post

Did you now that sometimes life throws you both curveballs and soft sponges at the same time? Did you know that in learning to juggle between the two a metamorphosis from within catches you by surprise? Did you know that rather than just taking a step acrooss the kind that others are waiting impatiently for you to take makes you even more cautious?

Imagine if you just took that leap of faith what would happen?  When the teachers and mentors words are remembered and a great big clarity shines through opening the way for more of the upside down jigsaw pieces to fall into place.  Somehow flipping over and tumbling around in the process.  You turn on your computer answer an email and suddenly find yourself listening intently to a brand new challenge.  As though it is laid there just for you to be ready for. Today of all today’s.

While searching for keyword phrases reading this poem .

Reading the poem called metamorphosis the awareness of just how right this was to find it today was huge.  This I share with you as it was just after I stated that affirmation.  One that simply stated “I am”.  Meaning that after years of learning the social media side the internet and a year and a half learning about myself while sorting out the affiliate marketing thing I am ready to move through the next phase.

The realisation a few evenings ago was that for years there I was sharing on other people’s tracked comments, pies, pictures and blog posts.  Tweets, Plurks, facebook and google, line, unnoticed content and integration  And I did not even know that  Not even a skerrick of a link within my head did occur.  Possibly like many of you readers out there have no idea either.  And yet I was curious.  What was it that my sharing was making other people so happy for?

The difference: they had marketing know-how, a link and a code.

Well, now the boot is on the other foot.  I know and have the challenge of putting everything into action within in the next thirty-six hours.  Give or take sleep or two. Why: I know that I have the knowledge.  I know that I can do this.  Why I am doing in the competition as I was the one that lost the page, hunted furiously until I could find it and state “I am’ –thereby placing myself in the competition.  A force that is like a vortex to prove that what I have been shown works.  So yes I took up the match and reignited the flame.  The tinder is the information that has turned into knowledge.  The match that ignited the tinder was the want to prove to myself the need to know has been outgrown. Replaced by a curious want to get out there and get going.

And, like yesterday, returning home with a vehice once again on the road, that need to get out and assist others throughout the world expanded a thousand fold.  So welcome to a community that is here. Welcome to a way of knowing that once you open that door and let yourself feel hope, know there is this what of just moving forward, one step, or one giant leap of faith.  Close your eyes, open them whatever it takes. Just do the work. Stick at it and keep on going forward.

Look forward to hearing from yoy as you move through the BootCamp.  Onwards using to tools. Knowledge and applications this education will place you within reach of.

Show me where!


What’s the difference between the two?  For myself, there is the development of transitional community spirit.  The grant of a repository of a smile, a well done my friend.  With a warm thank you at the end.

Read the Metamorphasis

Typically any change brings a series of domino effect. That of a paradigm shift connecting from with a metamorphosis from within.

Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have. Find out how right here.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Enjoy reading about a metamorphosis from within this post
Susan Lewis


 Have a nice day

equilibrium balance of want verses need from an autistic person

Did you know that the way a neurotypical person sees the world is entirely different from want verses need from an autistic person view of the world?  Did you know that at times this chasm causes one, or the other, to withdraw and lick  ‘tend to their wounds.” Did you know that even adults are no different from children when trying to understand their reactions to what is said, done or shown them?

What would happen if there ever came a time where the two could meet and actually act like a counter-balance for the other?

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