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Make Another Person’s Day

Just One Smile May Make Another Person’s Day

In a world where there are so many ways to make another person’s day, why then do people tend to choose to be glum, miserable and self fulling that their worth is pitifully low. Incorporating some positive within your own day may make way for being able to spot another glum chum and pass on the positive energy.   An smile , then to ask the other person is doing today and ask for a few details might take a bit of ‘guts’ with  forethought about a few questions.

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Google has a new logo we still identify with and trust

Yes, Google has a new logo. At a massive turning point within the Google companies history, the new logo has been unveiled  September 2015.  One month after the company had major restructuring.  Google is now owned by Alphabet.  Alphabet, a holding company, created by Sergey Brin and Larry page.  The ones who are the creators for the Lego construction that encased the original computer of the Google all those years ago.

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