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Can You Do Something About Your Circle Of Influence Right Now?

Asking the question “When can you do something about your circle of influence?”   Right Now is the answer.  Honestly take time out to think about where you would have to move to and from in order to get to where you need to go.

Note there is a varest difference between need and want.  The following links are supplied for your convenience..

Acceptance into the circle of influence of the micro-business..

Equilibrium balance of want versus need from an autistic person..

It Only Takes One Person To Make A Difference In Your Life.  And That Person Is You.

Watch your Circle of Influence Alter As you Define Your Purpose When Traveling To A 

Why to be an emotional bankrupt is dividing the people into three societies?..

When people of a like mind gather together the energy brought through may be so positive things get done.  The circle of people you have around you, be it in real every day life, or found speaking to others online, even the playing a virtual reality games, these this form a circle of influence within and around you.

The pull of your circle of influence may be so strong that as time marches these people may dwindle.  Slowly you realise that your trapped behind a door of your own making. Where actually it is s=easier to turn your back and walk away from the light outside.  The laughter, smiles and people full of life.  Move away from being an emotional bankrupt.  The energy around you gets sucked dry helping too many emotional bankrupt people along.  Then where are you?

Learning things online is actually more taxing than people think. Meaning that as life is happening your skills learned improve. The circle of influence will change anyways.

What I love about building out this online ‘stuff’ came as a surprise.  As I discovered how you can Live  Life full of jy and wonder.  To as questions and know that someone in the community knows the answers.  More importantly will share these with you, when you. Challenge yourself to asking the right questions.



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Where Leaders Go To Recharge! Attend SFM Momentum Day.

Did you know that to attend the SFM Momentum Day you need to complete the Bootcamp First? Did you know that to get through that BootCamp is a challenge to yourself that not many people complete? Did you know that this BootCamp is structured to prepare you for the rigors of building a business?

Imagine meeting up face to face with others. People, who before, have been a comment on a post, a voice in the dark or a 3D image on the other side of the screen.  Someone, or a group of people, who are there to support, guide and encourage you further out of that comfort zone you allowed life to create for you.

The Six Figure Momentum days are all over the world.

Members head into Australia from all over the world.  Attend the SFM Momentum Day. Where Leaders Go To Recharge!  And then attend the attached Platinium and

be-willing-tobe-uncomfortable Where Leaders Go To Recharge! Attend  SFM Momentum Day.
The SFM Momentum Day in Melbourne 2015 is whare to be. Action simple creative ideas, strategies and plans. Get them working for your dream to be alive.Need a second Invitation?

Black level workshops.  Always attached to wind down and catch up ties.

Yet a focused way of not letting the fire die down.  Back into complacency.  Freely given and talked about tricks and secrets are shared in relaxed times, lunch times, over a cuppa or in social times.  Oh yes and while actually attending the day’s workshops and other training events.

Is this any different from the webinars, the online workshops, the calls to other within the community, hangouts and even blog reviews.  Yes.  Definitely!. The Six Figure Mentors run these Momentum days.  The first over a series of several days. With the goal of providing training as well as each individual attendee empowerment of achieving your ultimate objectives.

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea Where Leaders Go To Recharge! Attend  SFM Momentum Day.
Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you from being where leaders go to recharge?
SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Where Leaders Go To Recharge! Attend  SFM Momentum Day.
Brilliant idea to be where leaders go to recharge.




Momentum Days of the Six Figure Mentors

Attend some of the Momentum Days of

the Six Figure Mentors

Momentum Day of the Six Figure Mentors 2014

Melbourne Momentum Day of the Six Figure Mentors 2015


These are some of the Momentum Days of the Six Figure Mentors.  That is the ones I have attended or am about to attend.