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Beta testing of TweetLead now in the hands of everyone – you included

Yes, this is excitement plus as this little TweetLead tool is definitely growing bigger in users.   This morning the link looked interesting, so it was shared it on with a few friends.  TweetLand is new. With Google search, it was noted that there are  83,700 results for Google search [ Sept 29th, 2015] at 21:00

Those links that were sent out,  one immediately has connected to Tweetland.  Notification is in the email back via an email and the time back was five minutes after the first one went out.  Talk about instant results.

To be able to contribute to the development of TweetLead while its still in the Beta testing

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea Beta testing of TweetLead now in the hands of everyone - you included
Creative LeadGeneration through Twitter. Brilliant idea. See the difference. Try the difference. It’s your choice.

Mode is going to be fun.

Have you ever heard of lead generation?

LeadGeneration is what TweetLeadis. A new Link generating product.  You get sent a link.  You gain free access through this link. At that point, your emails address is placed on hold.  Once the person who sent you that link has just five opt-ins they are now granted access to free training and a life time membership.  Like many foundation memberships, your time commitment is payment plus.  Here is how TweetLeads basically works.


An email is sent to you with your personal and Unique link. This you share with family and friends. And more friends as well.

Now you have those five emails confirming your access to TweetLeads.

There is more happening as well

The leads you have are going through to your autoresponder.  You know that tweets with pictures have three to four times more clicks than just test clicks.   However, your text words are extended [ bigger]

That’s right.  A terrific little resource tool where the forms are so simplified that engagements with follow-up offers have been seen to spike up to 200%.

Follow through on the hashtag of #tweetlead and see what the conversation is all about

The email address is connected to your autoresponder.  So Aweber is used. [ Mailchimp, GetResponse, Ontraport, ConstantContact are others used as well] and send each.  Now simply publish on Twitter.

Works on every account and device.  Yes,  On all devices No matter whether you’re on a

nosweataboutit Beta testing of TweetLead now in the hands of everyone - you included
Direct correlation between tools and actions when it comes to building your list!

Desktop, mobile or tablet.

With all the compliance bits on the broadbands, Twitter allows TweetLand to use its system as a TweetLeads is an official feature from Twitter Ads.  As Twitter is currently working in conjunction with Google that’s a big uplift right there for anyone generating leads through organically targeted traffic.  Still, a great idea to be as specific much as possible.

Overall what is it about TweetLeads

Firstly let’s recap: the simplicity of having an automatic Download here button is a terrific idea.  Now the call to Action is right there.  Someone hits the button, and their email address will be collected without ever leaving Twitter.  If you after targeted lead generation for a specific marketing list then this tool is not for you!

Get started in 60 seconds and help out with the Beta testing.  The offer on Beta is why they are giving away lifetime access to anyone who wants it while they are in beta mode.

Hit this link

Check TweetLead out for yourself. Love to hear back from you as well



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SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Beta testing of TweetLead now in the hands of everyone - you included