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Affiliate Marketing as a Micro-Business [ aka micro-enterprise]

Did you know that there are many different forms of Affiliate Marketing micro-business systems out there? Did you know that some are easy to enter while other provide a challenge for one and all?   That no matter what affiliate marketing strategy you choose to develop each has training and methodologies that must meet the various broadbands stringent compliance requirements?

Imagine a list of selected, tried learned from affiliate marketing as a micro-business indexed posts.  The list below is some of the ones that ‘are personally tried’ over the years.  Some I am still involved in some capacity.  Other circumstances or personal choices have meant letting them go.  However, the posts written are from my own experiences. Please do further reading and with due diligence form your own opinion.

Different people, times and affiliate marketing concepts chosen

Around the world, people are wanting different ways of adding to their home income.

Red-overlooped-arrow-pointing-downwards-from-the-right-200x200 Affiliate Marketing as a Micro-Business [ aka micro-enterprise]
The Affiliate Marketing as a Micro-Business [ aka micro-enterprise] short- listed list you are looking for is below. Scroll down to the bottom
 Some start out with using a nominal free to enter choice.  These usually mean high hours and small in comparison reward.  However what you are doing is ‘building your list’ that is an “important for all’ online marketing and real-life marketing.

When you link these together, and the experiences you are gaining, the skills and talents that are being developed, this basically becomes an experience within itself.  Frustrating yes.  Beneficiary yes in the long run.

Some are high-end ticket sales where the cookies are for the life of your membership.  Yes, there are higher membership fees in place.  What else would you expect?

That stated this is a short Affiliate Marketing as a Micro-Business

[ aka micro-enterprise] list that I am either interested in, have been in or am still currently involved with.  Use your own discretion and due diligence as to what might, or might be right for your circumstances currently.  As suggested utilise the results of one or a few to scale up your focus.  That way there are allowances for advertising and other expenses along the way should you choose to travel that pathway.

 Yes, this is a short-listed list on purpose. Spread yourself too thinly and autistic overwhelm may occur.  Remember to take time out, enjoy the sun, the air and the people you have around you.

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Can You Do Something About Your Circle Of Influence Right Now?

Asking the question “When can you do something about your circle of influence?”   Right Now is the answer.  Honestly take time out to think about where you would have to move to and from in order to get to where you need to go.

Note there is a varest difference between need and want.  The following links are supplied for your convenience..

Acceptance into the circle of influence of the micro-business..

Equilibrium balance of want versus need from an autistic person..

It Only Takes One Person To Make A Difference In Your Life.  And That Person Is You.

Watch your Circle of Influence Alter As you Define Your Purpose When Traveling To A 

Why to be an emotional bankrupt is dividing the people into three societies?..

When people of a like mind gather together the energy brought through may be so positive things get done.  The circle of people you have around you, be it in real every day life, or found speaking to others online, even the playing a virtual reality games, these this form a circle of influence within and around you.

The pull of your circle of influence may be so strong that as time marches these people may dwindle.  Slowly you realise that your trapped behind a door of your own making. Where actually it is s=easier to turn your back and walk away from the light outside.  The laughter, smiles and people full of life.  Move away from being an emotional bankrupt.  The energy around you gets sucked dry helping too many emotional bankrupt people along.  Then where are you?

Learning things online is actually more taxing than people think. Meaning that as life is happening your skills learned improve. The circle of influence will change anyways.

What I love about building out this online ‘stuff’ came as a surprise.  As I discovered how you can Live  Life full of jy and wonder.  To as questions and know that someone in the community knows the answers.  More importantly will share these with you, when you. Challenge yourself to asking the right questions.



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