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Watch your Circle of Influence Alter As you Define Your Purpose When Traveling To A Market

Did you know that to break into the ‘Market stall holders” circle of influences you need to actually have a terrific repore with the people within? Did you know that there are so many people looking to make extra cash during recessions and market falling price times that markets being to flourish and then the cliental falls away?  Did you know that trust is a safety issue that carries your through  many challenges along the way?

Imagine a system of upfront marketing in real life that goes beyond one circle of influence.  Of that influence the small to large assets within your life are supported as you take your idea to market..

Untitled Watch your Circle of Influence Alter As you Define Your Purpose When Traveling To A Market
Fresh produce is as important as the cleanliness an=md presentation of both yourself, your stall and the area around you.

Travel to Market

Define your purpose for each overall ‘action segment’ involved in taking your product to market.  Every team member has a responsibility to the whole project.  Even in taking the popcorn to a physical marketplace each member has their personal as well as business reasons for joining in.

There are several must-dos whatever method is involved in taking in idea to market. With technology so readily available, today, the ways of creating a voice in the market place, are many and varied. This post is speaking about the team taking a physical product to a real world market stall. In this case in Heyfield. Inclusive is also a spin off the outcome.

Checking and repacking the equipment

Gradually as time goes on the products being taken to market begin to alter. Maybe the basic product remains the same while additions are made. Or a whole different line is brought on board.

Whatever happens planning, altering stock, replacing items and stock, and many other little things will occur.

With the #PopCorn4U, the basic popcorn remained the same. The packaging changed.The additions to the packaging were reflective to the festivals, celebrations and when possible the International and Nationa “days or weeks”.

The week between the markets allows time to top up on little things. Place an order with a wholesaler and travel distances if need be. If necessary, the day before the market, show, festival or eventuating the trailer begins.

The lonely travelling starts early

Heyfield is approximately seventy kilometers away from home. Since the official starting time is eight in the morning, many stall holders begin arriving between five to six o’clock.

cowwarrcountrykitchenowners Watch your Circle of Influence Alter As you Define Your Purpose When Traveling To A Market
A couple who relocated and formed the Cowwarr Country Kitchen produce. The circle of influence s change over time and yet the Cowwarr Country Kitchens couple are Worth their weight in Gold Dust.

This early arrival time allows for:

  • the hazards of travel to be negotiated.
  • setting up
  • socialization
  • last minute checks on appliances
  • the transportation maintenance
  • Traveling between towns.
  • The above is very general in its approach. Something that is not mentioned is what does the occupants of the vehicle do between towns?

The assistance to the driver depends on the hazards as they occur. Think about it. The driver is looking for them outside and is concentrating on the car nd trailer sounds. Who then is keeping an eye on the driver?  When traveling in tandem from one show ground to another, One stage to another, each driver is in constant contact with another via radio.  Awareness call and pull aside are rife.  particularly now there are better rest areas and the freeways and times destination places.  Vehicle log books are checked. At best a community helping it fellow members keep on going safely, without injury and allow enough time for the incidents that may happen along the way.

Travelling to and from markets has the same effect.  Other vendors get to know you.  They know when they past you.  Keep an eye out for your arrival.  People miss you and your clients miss you.

The spin off outcome

Another job is to get today’s post typed out.

The hardest thing is to see the keys. Especially during the dark house of travel. Having worked out the angle the screen sits at reflecting on the keypad things are doing well.

Stall holders are getting used to seeing us arrive with this solitary pink strange shaped trailer.  What will they think when the Jumping Castle and Fairy Foss trailer turn up as well?

It’s not that the money is rolling in. Like other marketers, you have to stick to it. All ‘spare’ money is taken up with just living, while building into the next projects.

The marketers are a community unto themselves.  Often providing a social value that little out of the circle of influence appreciate.

Keep on with that smile for a long while.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Watch your Circle of Influence Alter As you Define Your Purpose When Traveling To A Market
Susan Lewis

 Have a terrific day