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What to Do When You Find You’re ‘Already Going Here Mate’

Did you know that the organization of small teams with set small tasks early on in the planning process engages community members to spread the word about “Already Going here Mate?”   Did you know that there are many community members whose life experiences are too good to miss out on? Did you know that there are so many community things to do where people are looking out to help with in a small way?

Imagine when organising an even how far, fast and freely the word would travel if you could tap into the “Already Going Here Mate” slogan before the day has begun!

Including people in “Already Going Here Mate” starts very early 

The essence of the day, event, or whatever is to be planned begins in the very, very early stages. Then in carried on past the event.  This is one strategy often overlooked with  community development activities.  Yes, even a birthday is in itself a community

Itstimetowhattellme What to Do When You Find You're 'Already Going Here Mate'
What it was time to do. That is to find self, my X, Y and Z and come up with who your ‘I’ is. When the student is ready the teacher is found. ‘Already Going Here Mate

development process.  Usually a family community.  Therefore from the early stages right into on the day, and post activities, celebrations and reviews be openly inclusive of everyone.

So many people with skills, connections and talents, education and family members who have a hidden need to be a part of something bigger than them. Sir Ken Robinson stated “Talents are often buried.  You have to go looking for them.”

People want to engage, have a small warm feeling of ownership.  Where they put that idea in.  maybe that idea did not win the bouquet of flowers or the 4 liters of oil for the car, however the idea was recognized, they recieved a written thank you, and see there is the idea included.

Reach out to the inner child and watch what happens

In the rush to get things done many small suggestions are absorbed.  The organisers taking credit. Now if that whole process was similar to the writing of a book the absorption

of other people’s ideas without recognition would be called plagiarism.  In community development, the giving of an idea is a fantastic thing to happen. A win / win/ win situation.

The community as a whole becomes involved.  The original ideas people are acknowledged

Agree-Hands-Up-susanlewismarketingdotcom What to Do When You Find You're 'Already Going Here Mate'
All Agree Hands up to letting that inner child come up

in their ownership of that idea. The possibility of positive word of mouth may be spread.

Look at a child whose birthday is coming up.  Or whose interest is piqued in something that is fascinating to them. Then tell me how many ties that child will go out and tell everyone what is happening as just the idea is a very new one for them.  No one else has ever had their fifth birthday. The same goes for their interest idea.

As the child gets older, recognition that people may not want to know becomes apparent.  The child’s acknowledgement of incremental steps in completion of something is dampened and eventually covered up.

Acknowledge that inner child’s voice.  The idea has come through the herd instinct barriers that state do not bring attention to yourself.    Acknowledge these steps and watch the

word of mouth grow.  Ownership is either met with ridicule or competition.  Help people get through the first and watch the second occur.  Word of mouth is effective and free publicity.

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet What to Do When You Find You're 'Already Going Here Mate'
Look for solutions within the people of your community.

Just make sure it is as much as possible publically-positive publicity

Transformational Changes Occur all the way through

Be aware that you may not have ended up with what you thought was possible happening at all if the initial core concepts are not developed into one focus.  That focus has its own values, strategies, vision and mission statements.  This is a tricky one to achieve?

Not necessarily.  You see what is happening is a holocaustic development of an event. The ownership belongs to the participants.  Yes there is a core structure.  That too is developed through the people.

All those extra idea along the way will either confuse the pathway, become over-burdensome or be simply included as recognitions of achievement points.  This people’s ideas are still gaining recognition. Word of mouth about “Are You Going Here Mate” is still spreading and the inclusiveness of this community event will be becoming apparent to many more.


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