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Be Calm! Get over the FEAR that you let hold you back

Be Careful of the FEAR that you let hold you back

Did you know that so many people get stuck on the ‘littlest of things’ when they are online the FEAR  that you let hold you back? Experience when the bumps and the brick walls give way to learning. With a progressive stick to your guns attitude, something strange happens?  One person achieves something personally huge to them they are more likely to recognise a need within someone else. Brining bring the conversation around to the other person while recognising the answer that is being shown to them?

focusonbeingproductive-insteadofbusy-200x133 Be Calm! Get over the FEAR  that you let hold you back
Be production proactive with your passion for freedom, rather than just busy!

Imagine having the skills, the knowledge and the empathy with which to recognise, and do something about these situations.

Let’s look at a few interlinking examples. When I first had an online bank account the fear was there.  That fear literally made me into jelly.  Seems strange that a few cents being deposited into a bank account seems like such an invasions.   Being so ‘busy’ that getting online to register the receiving of these few cents became a major hurdle.  Then ‘of course’ a time delay caused further difficulties. However, ten years later the process of applying was again done. And this time the memories of  words and actions were there.  Until this point I had not realised how a simple little vehicle accident had caused so much unknown fear.  That that underlying fear permeated all that was done. So to say I was stuck for years in a Ground Hog day cycle is quite true.  Nearly twenty years to be truthful about it. The another five years placing pieces together.

The unknown: another of the FEAR that you let hold you back

I am not sure if you realize how wonderful this feels to me to have seen the process all the notification process all the way through.

Yes! There were a couple of hic-cups. One was the fact that I knew what to do just as in such as rush to finalise the process that the waiting period was seeming longer than what it should be.  So I made an inquiry back to the authority. Opened the email reply. Followed the steps and achieved what is to many people a simple task.

When you overcome the FEAR that you let hold you back ‘Feel’ the calm effect

The calm I feel about everything I have only felt three other times in twenty-five years. I seem strange that this calm is also what I feel now as well having sorted out the account stuff. This calm is a quiet calm. There are no other things interfering. There are many possibilities happening. Things are allowed to go forward now. My decision is made and that will allow things to go forward.

Relating this to the token money exchange above.  These actions were actually a tool being used to make me notice something. A forward motion with life. Could be the allowance of the Universal energies. There is definitely something happening of major significance.

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Welcome to “Get over the FEAR that you let hold you back”

It seems that as one experience of FEAR is overcome another may be getting ready to jump out and greet you.  The difference is that  when you apply what has been positively learned the fear itself becomes a ‘For Ever At Rest ‘ past experience.

The next round of challenge facing was to begin.

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