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To be congratulated

hardcoverstackme-holding-balloons1 To be congratulated
Every person needs to be congratulated .Thank you for wanting a small reminder to smile every so often.

To be congratulated is that one person .

Out in the real world struggling to understand the Autistic perceptions of the world there may be that one in a billion person who tries to understand like no other non-typical person does – they are to be congratulated. Sometimes they trip up and get confused expecting a preconceived normal action and answer!   They they wonder at stress and anxiety, probable meltdown or Autism overload trip switch  that was flicked.  Not knowing , or misunderstanding  what flicked on at what point!

Imagine if in a life time there were one, two or even a few more people prepared to walk the walk in someone else’s shoes! The following post relates to an experience told from one High Functioning Autistic person point of view. Mine.

Every person needs to be congratulated someone.

Whether they can handle that, or how they may handle the methods of congratulation, depends very much on who they are, where they feel comfortable at, what level and that thing the congratulations are for. And the big platinium one is: Are they able to recognise and accept themselves for who they actually are.  While movng forward from that point.

You see, there are as many positive responses as negative ones. What is normal for one person is not the same for another.

A to be congratulated example

Every day of my life is seen through an autistic view of life. Simply as I am autistic. I am also female and in my mid-fifties who has been online for fifteen years. Over that time, people I thought were genuine were not. So we will add that to the mix as well.

the-biggest-problem-with-dyslexia-is-self-perception To be congratulated
Constantly being in the perception deficit is a way of life you struggle to climb through and out of. When you understand your needs congratulate yourself.

Although speaking to a few of their ‘nome de plum” has helped me immensely there is a certain restrained set of reactions now in place. Behaviour management therapies are all very well and good. However, people are caught off guard at times, and that off guard phase is what makes us all different. How do you reach when something unexpected is excited stated to you?.

Needless to say, there are things that over the years I have found that both my mind and body are more and more sensitive too. Explained this another way.

Someone that I have known for a while stated they were coming to this country to visit. Well the normal ‘on me’ reaction would have been “really. fantastic. What time..” and all a rush for the details. Fine with that right. In the normal would that should have occurred.

Instead there was a pause.  No visible action to be seen.  However inside overload walls were being checked time and time again. No threat detected.

Now in the nero-typical world that someone would be jumping up and down with glee. Poles apart reactions  Overwhelm had bypassed. Yet the moment was lost.   Meanwhile, half a world away, complete puzzlement..  The messages became tangled.

To be congratulated for meeting each other half way

How amazing is it going to be congratulated when each person involved meets half way within the communication ! Like dyslexia . The dyslexia is not the biggest problem. Instead the biggest problem is the perception of themselves as worth while people.  Now go out and prove to yourself that you too can shoot for the best you can be and trust other people as you also turn towards your next stepping stones objective.  Always remembering that there is another person to be congratulated as well.

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478914101417 To be congratulated
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Platinum Level is the Best.

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Make sure your share this  surprise with your family and friends along the way.

 Have a terrific day

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